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My prior disclaimer stated that I'm often sleep deprived when posting due to my lifestyle as a houseless Traveler (and my age as well as health issues). This should be taken into consideration when viewing my posts and vids on the connected YouTube channel. I am a writer who lives a challenging alternative lifestyle and it is MY RIGHT to do so. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why We Should Not Give In Now or Give Into Thier New Soft Sell Intimidations

We are the resistance that must stay standing. We have no counter moves publicly. THEY create the perceptions for the public and we just ignore them knowing they dont have all the information or couldnt perceive of a warlike condition of living anyway considering they are civilians. The only people who understand us are police, criminals and military. They at least have an understanding of the starting points of where we are at. Civilians do NOT usually think in terms of crime being around them at any given moment or how covert activities work.
The day that we get weak and slowly stop working on these issues and constantly banging out on typewriters wherever we can, that is the moment when psychiatrists will then push the wall down fully and begin to take territory. They broke through the front lines and they will proceed with thier takeover. They will win gains in trying to say this is a disorder like that one little English snot tried to some years ago. I notice he is silent publicly now at least as there were so many responses. Also people pointed out that stalking and harassment were present along with supposed delusions of being hit with weapons and tech. He got lost real fast then.

Imagine if we stopped working. If any of us decided to stop constantly making noise. Stop trying to be heard. They will advance just like enemies on map of wartime and they will take, overpower and occupy. We will have to surrender and all of this will have been for nothing. We could have saved time and heart ache by suiciding during Bush. If you give in now you give into Bush THEN. Only if we win can we beat that era and finally point out that this time line is total bullshit and it was induced by covertly influencing events.
Yer killing yourself anyway by wasting yer life trying to fight this as well as get the word out so why not just keep on it? If you refuse to go away and stay balanced something has to come of it someday. Granted I am horrible at self promotion and much of my efforts are wasted as they go unheard. But the people who are great at getting heard are horrid at research, attention to detail and staying balanced. This is all due to the counter efforts of the gs system such as infiltrators, disinfo agents, operatives etc. I dont think any of us could be doing any better than we are anyway considering the circumstances.
Some of us live in hopes of a normal live someday the ones we wanted to begin with. Some live just for revenge now as suiciding is too good for the enemy. Some of us oscillate between the two.

Much of our work is going to be disbelieved for years to come until its safe for the system to admit it was all true. And that is what the public expects. If history is accurate, if we are finally set free or gain a permanent presence that is not explained away by some group of elitist a-hole psychiatrists, it will become obvious that history had yet again repeated itself with Nazi Germany or Stasi East Germany or the USSR or other similar situations. And the public will in recorded history have behaved the same exact way they always have in such situations, as in those mentioned above and throughout history.
Just becuz we have advances in medicine, science and specifically technology we believe foolishly that humans are somehow evolved at this point and so above such behavior as in history.

However, the mechanisms that run such games are not based in any of those advances to civilization. They are created by mind control, brainwashing, deceptions, artfulness, stealth and psychology, classic social control methods. These are things that have not changed. People may believe the 60's changed all of that and perhaps it put a dent in it but that does not mean it was permanent. Obviously, something has occurred to change that being so as well. And THAT is what people have not wanted to face, probably since Reagan definitely since the late years of Clinton.

It seems technology has not made man less impervious to brainwashing actually in a Target's experience it has only made it easier for the oppressor to do such things to humans. And humans are being very stubborn in admitting this to be even remotely possible. True enough the technology is being hidden from them. But since when has any mechanism of control been obvious to you? Never.

Technology only amplifies or takes the place of humans in putting forth thier plans and plots. People still are high from coming into the information age and being able to live globally.

I dont think that for us anything will change. I believe that now. Which means we must keep fighting to create a niche within the reality they insist on keeping in place. If they want to occupy and not acknowledge us and still insist on breaking us down to 'forget' gross injustice and move on to conformity then we must continue to insist on NOT doing so. This isnt childish rebellion this is the reactions of people who have been severely abused and had thier rights as citizens never respected, while the perpetrtors doing so have convinced the great majority of society that these people are mentally ill somehow and imaging it all.
I know in my case, the timing is amazing. Who would have thought I would lose my mind after years of being the same person during a federal investigation that threatened a very powerful madam as well as risked cops who got payoffs. Obviously they were working off what they had earned in thier actions against me. And that does not even include what part my ex Jake played in this, the company that didnt want to pay me for the damage from that moldy apartment as well as my mother not wanting me to recall anything in therapy and writing an expose. For one's mother to scream at you in the car that she will NOT be condemned by you and then to try to convince you that you may be mildly mentally ill due to talking about being harassed is awful suspect dontcha think?

That is why I am so heavily targeted. Not only do I have documentation of injustices my story illustrates nothing short of an ACTUAL consipracy, a real one with politicians and govt employees. All of it. And then I can say my mother is a survivor of the radiation experiments in the 50's from the Naval Hospital where so much MK Ultra took place? Who was harassed out of going to the Pres Advisory Committee in 95? And I will tell of my going through suicide programming which of course then starts to fill in the blanks concerning just what might have been in those files that Helms destroyed.

Other TI's have got to support those of us with the goods that will finally put a dent in enemy lines. Without you, I fall and I and people like me am the ones they want to fall. If I can prove that due to much dirty dirty pool and foul play there IS a such thing as organized stalking and harassment it will have to set a precedent, perhaps not a legal one (wouldn't that be nice) but it will be another story that stands up to anyone trying any bullshit to knock it down. Every psychiatrist should be shut up promptly by an criminal sciences investigator.

In fact I would love to have such a person in criminal sciences investigate psychiatry itself. Wouldnt that be fun. Just to see what thier pro opinion is as criminal investigators as to the ways and means of such a field. Strangely, paranoid schizophrenia does not follow the same symptoms as other schizophrenias. I can be as word salad free as possible and normal, articulate and intelligent. The moment I speak of anything paranormal, psychological warfare in both public and private spaces as well as being blacklisted and betrayed by those closest to me or attempts at harm in other stealthful ways the psychiatry field has a ready made diagnosis for me when in fact any 'reasonable person' would think I needed a criminal investigator or a lawyer, especially after I were to put forth the circumstances I have mentioned above.

Its easy to go after a mind control survivor as the person is not supposed to exist to begin with. But while that subject matter might be controversial or discrediting, such things as I mentioned above are NOT. Its interesting that our society insists on ignoring the whole issue altogether.
This is becuz its called a cover up and most of humanity is going to wimp out. If you are an activst right now you have not wimped out. Probably due to being pushed to within an inch of your life with torture, intimidation and basically things much worse than death by a seemingly large portion of the American population.

This would be quite a motivator to certain individuals, which is why the system at that point must suspect us of being terrorists or dangerous etc. It created us and now doesnt want to deal with us or perhaps it created us in order to prove we could be created or some other motive. Perhaps they just like games and that is all. Stronger gladiators will live to play some more so they keep the games going. It might be that simple.

But whatever the case it is far from within our imaginations. And the worst crime of all is the lack of help, respect and validation from society. Thier sympathy or pity is really useless unless it brings assistance. Everything in our society is set up so that we can survive but not excel or win.

Its the ultimate definition of American human rights. If you cant really help people at least keep them alive. And this is supposed to be enough for us.

In my experience I have been removed from my own life in society in the USA taken to what seems like another seperate place, tortured and other horrors for years on end and then now there is this mission it seems to return me to society and place me just so that I may have some sort of life for myself.

And through brainwashing and behavior modification and lots of mind fucking they will hope that this becomes your reality.

What is going on today in the 21st century is there exists the capacity for certain factions, very powerful factions with unlimited funds and access across the USA, to abduct people as they do with people off the streets in physical locations, take us to a reality that is very much resembling Gitmo or other such physical places in specific geographical locations, and subject us to the same treatments that prisoners and detainees in these physical locations have endured usually for the same ends of interrigation, human experimentation, then attempted behavior modification and it seems a sneaky set of ritual abuses.
Then it seems the Target or detainee in this covert system of 'gang stalking' if you will, its attempted to return them to some familiar reality of normalcy, resembling the one they were abducted from years ago.

This is what many Targeted Individuals have experienced but what is more damaging is unlike physical detainees in traceable geographical locations we are mostly ignored for what we have endured or we are perceived as mentally ill or just crazy somehow and this is usually due to a cover story.

This is necessary I believe in order to pull off the entire program from abduction to return. If reality, true reality were to be admitted to, the realities created by the factions involved would be dissolved thus rendering them non existent.

So we face a much worse situation as ours is very much set up to exist sort of virtually but within real space, we never physically leave the USA which is problematic for claiming abduction and living through such conditions.

For now anyway, remember that the 21st century is just emerging. If we can withstand long enough or experiences will most likely become by our continued force and presence, part of history. If we give in to their constant presssure and manipulations we will fade into the 20th century and into history as one of those annoying CIA books about some exploits of thiers in some far away land that the public doesnt know about and doenst care about. Becuz that is what they are trying to do with this I can tell. And it seems that covert military actions are even less recorded in such a way.

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Anonymous said...

They had a lame street theater skit set up, where some little girl, around 12 or so, was saying insulting trigger words to get me provoked. They tried this before, back in August. I suppose it's a goal of the hidden cowards to get me to assault a young female in front of everyone. I figured it out... these provocations are to cause a spike in evoked potentials, so the perps can get a nice big read on the remote scans.

When this becomes illegal, I say we push for 3 consecutive life sentences for the perps involved. But that's just the leniency part of it. I say give them the death penalty, as they are committing a federal crime. That is the worst crime of all... abusing the authority of the US govt. It should be treated as a first degree Treason against the nation. And my perps tell me they are official US govt. employees.

There is no way the govt. should be doing any kind of experimentation away from the view of the public eye. Everything they do should be released to the public. Ah, but they would argue they can't, because hostile foreign nations would get a hold of this info, and use it to wage war against the US. And then it would be our connected criminals against theirs, and we'd be right back where we started from. And that's probably where it all began. Places like Ollie North and his arms deals with Iran in exchange for surveillance.