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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oppression and Gender Preference- A Main Mechanism of GS Is Denial Of Oppression And Eventual Brainwashing

"Oppression is commonly defined as the cruel or unjust exercise of authority or power. Oppression occurs when those in authority “press down” their power on those who lack it; thus limiting their opportunities, growth, and ability to live out their human potential." Well that certainly is a description of a targeted person's situation. Its also the exact accurate description quite opposite to what the handlers and gang stalking perpetrators want the Target to perceive of thier situation. This is how a person is kept quiet and kept alive during being tortured with either psychological warfare or the use of technologies or both. It is very important that a Target of organized stalking and harassment be hypnotized and brainwashed- convinced that they are not being oppressed. This is done by various methods such as making the person believe they deserved it, minimizing the circumstances like making it seem like a joke or humorous and systematically denying that they are experiencing oppression to begin with.
Another method as used in shelters often is to treat the TI with a quiet, yet consistent disrespect or to make them feel very UNspecial. This is used at many day programs I have gone to and it is a part of systematic ignoring as well as a bit of pretending to go along with the vilification of the TI. Most of the shelters work with the gang stalking system unfortunately.

Its also a very important part of the long term behavior modification for the victim to stop feeling anything really about what is and has been done to them. This is the purpose of minimizing thier situation. They must be drained of anger, feelings of injustice, sorrow, fear. This is why many Targets, especially survivors of mind control programming, find that there are perps who's job it is specifically to condition us to NOT react such as discouraging crying etc. Totally invalidating the Target's legit feelings about what has occurred coupled with total denial from those who do know what is going on, is a way of, over time, forcing the TI to 'forget' or to forever have the feeling that what has happened to them is as in a dream. Maybe it didnt really happen. Even if the TI knows this is true, the systematic ignoring coupled with invalidation of feelings, along with conditioning to not react, as well as a healthy dose from the beginning of the campaign of threats of labeling or no one is going to believe you etc, creates in the person a state in which they hardly can believe what occured did happen at all. This of course is based in being terrorized for years.

"When you consider the injustices of the world, you will see that most of them are the result of oppressors using their power (or perceived power) to take advantage of the weak. One of the common truths about oppression found around the world is that women are often the victim. In the context of oppression, power wins. Therefore, more often than not, those who may be physically weaker will lose out. Whether it’s human trafficking, domestic violence, or even subtle forms of discrimination in some corporations, women will often find themselves on the wrong side of the fence."
"Unfortunately, oppression against women, especially the kind that hides behind cultural perceptions, presuppositions, and theological paradigms, can often feel justified. The sad truth is that these kinds of justifications often lead to the crushing of dreams and passions of too many women."

This is exactly what occurs when you are targeted. They never want you to fully realize this is the truth of your situation. That your dreams have been crushed. This is why its so important to use guilt, blame and intimidation to convince the Target that they deserved this and/or to minimize the abuse by making a joke out of it (if no one seems to take this seriously why should you?) or systematic denial of reality along with gentle, slightly mocking smiles. Its ALL brainwashing and over time these handling techniques along with torturing the target and basically blowing thier minds will render the person easily dominated and guided right into being fully neutralized. Permanent intimidation is what occurs.

To allow you to realize that you are indeed experiencing oppression is thier worst nightmare. The one very important thing is to make sure you get no validation from authority only abuse (policemen, fire, social workers, family etc) or any faction of society that could influence the outcome.

I also want to point out that I am wearing a mask while writing this due to people being sick where I am staying. I have found that the effect is I feel I have more power due to a feeling of privacy from the mask on my face. A feeling of silence and power. The focus and attention I have received solely from the smear campaign that pushes the cover story is the gs method of using shame, guilt and immorality to validate the severe abuse and human/civil rights violations. The very fact that I still have a somewhat pretty face as well as attention I may receive I can never be sure isnt from something that was exposed about my life using video or photos, and this may also be a total con from the perps making me think that is the case or it could be something spread among just them. In any case not having an open face to the world is empowering in a situation like this where exploitation and lack of privacy are very important to destroy a target.

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