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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tor Secrecy Network/ More about my campaign

It can be used by intel agencies to provide cover for covert ops including trolling or baiting Targets in forums.

There is also an article from WIRED Danger Room that has the head of all 16 US intelligence agencies being reasonable about the threat of Wiki Leaks not being a disaster as the FBI had put it. No one likes it when the truth comes out about corruption so as usual it has to be a National Security risk.
It also mentions that the CIA is not on the same computer network as the military.
16 intelligence agencies. SIXTEEN.

In a world so tech savvy as today when the authority figures have all the power through technology and access and resources for one person like a TI to have any chance at winning or surviving is not likely. The public do NOT care as they have decided that sacrifices to these gods are worth the security net to protect them and their country. So whatever corrupt power wants in a few expendable lives is nothing in order to squelch its hunger and that includes soldier's lives.
So to hell with me, and every other expendable nobody that is in the way of global greatness of the US and its allies is the general attitude. The system runs everything nowadays and only very sophisticated methods can gain access to free up information and then yer targeted world wide anyway.

Its over. Its done and over with. This new modern age now brought in totally with Bush's administration shows us outright that we either live under the rule of these powers or we die outside the dome. That is the way its GOING to be according to them. This is why no one hides talking about the NWO. This is why they can now be overt about just how much power to spy and control they have now.
Think about it for a moment. The capacity for control and power and abuse of that power- the systems of tech and psych warfare and spying that are in place now that have been revealed to us during Bush, due to they being needed now for anti terror- those systems were in place all along and slowly growing. Why was this not revealed or focused on before? Becuz it had to come out in a way that made it look good for us and a non threat. Something we needed something positive. If they had revealed this tech and this overall capacity before 9-11 there would have been public outcry and revolt.

Also, the tech and methods that Reagan had suggested to use mind control tech in prisons and mental institutions seems to have been put in place covertly against the public's wishes. For when he suggested such programs overtly the public outcry was so great that the ideas were quickly pulled from public view.
It appears that the various powers that be in our world are working together to create a world wide prison. A great way to do this is to create war, chaos strife terrorism. CREATE these conditions and you have a situation to make order out of chaos. I have always theorized that this is a false order just as much as its falsely created chaos. Its chaos that has been induced by covert influence.
I dont think any of these powers denies covert activity or warfare. They dont deny the systems and abilities to create order. What they are in total denial about, which is the secret they guard so carefully is the mechanisms- the ability to create chaos to begin with.

I have experienced this system first hand and it does exist. There is a faction present, from my experience- nationally, that creates situations that are chaotic, violent, insane, torturous, cruel, sadistic- total psychological warfare in public spaces and the media scape. This is what people dont want to believe exists. And this is the secret they so jealously guard, the system that if you have seen it- you must be labeled as mentally ill.

Its very akin to descriptions of Satanic activity or if we go further back, Seth's people. There are world wide and time long descriptions of such activities and factions. Strangely, in a predominantly Judeo-Christian society, people who take part in such belief systems refuse to believe in such things. Going to church for many people are social rituals one takes part in with a peer group. Only Jesus freaks and religious wack jobs believe in such extreme negative entities or activities due to believing so vehemently in its opposites. This is how childish and irresponsible, and CONTROLLED people are at least in America and I suspect in democracies in general.
I still do not understand why one would believe in a system of religion if one was not going to really believe. God just seems like some vague entity hanging in the background of life. I see people use thier Christian god frequently to gain the confidence of others or to be socially acceptable when in fact thier actions are very differently motivated. This of course makes me sick. Its becuz thier god no longer doles out any sort of real consequences for thier actions. If he did, covert factions would probably stop them anyway. In fact it seems that covert factions are acting out spiritual warfare. One doubts the existence of any entity after experiencing powerful covert factions playing out both Christian and Satanic parts as if in some nation wide psycho drama. This explains why when a TI doesnt respond to Satanists being behind thier harassment, the system seems to start pushing for Christian content. Anything to get the Target to believe in a higher power, as long as THIS SYSTEM OF COVERT CONTROL invents and presents that higher power. You will continue to be targeted if you do not submit to some sort of entity they present to you.

This fits in very well with the definition of psy ops. Get to thier minds and thier hearts and souls will follow. SOULS. I actually read a definition today that included the word soul.
Actually I was feeling very bad about the whole situation and again being pounded away at with a subtle mixture of ideation and emotional feelings of "no one is going to believe you, no one is going to believe you" just all that negativity over and over and over cyclically all day long. This is pretty much the norm in the geographical area I am in. I looked up psychological warfare on my phone and how quickly those feelings and ideations seemed to lift. Especially when I saw the word 'soul' in the description of the booty they would win if successful in thier psy ops campaigns. Suddenly, my situation was very real and very credible once again. It pays to keep doing activism while communications are monitored.

So Targets around the world are still being held prisoner by these psy ops campaigns that seem to have an ultimate objective of so destroying the mind of the person that they will stop at nothing and keep the person imprisoned, which can be done even if they travel around the world.

THIS is the full capacity of your blessed technology, military, FBI and various other agencies. What protects you only exists due to the complimentary system of what causes harm and 'chaos' to begin with. And as usual the potential for abuse is never addressed, especially with a system with such potential for powerful abuses of citizens- all becuz you have to kiss up to the authorities who protect you. For most citizens its worth it. For Targeted Individuals its having to live a life of constant persecution usually due to no fault of thier own.

After all they have done to me they actually want a Target's silence and denial. That is the price of re-admission to a normal peaceful life.
The abuses during Bush were just far too over the top to be written off into history with no mention. The capacities that exist with technologies now are so powerful and intrusive that the public needs to know the extent to which thier protectors could be thier jailers. And for many of us its the only satisfaction or revenge we will ever have.

Its not like anyone in this society especially the USA is going to actually stand up to authority. Those that did dfuring Bush were used to bring in Obama anyway. Or they were gassed or ignored by the media and that was just for the overt war crimes. Its gone way way too far now. I suspect since Reagan's time was the beginning of it getting how ridiculous it is now.

To be able to monitor thoughts, to have flash mob type gang stalking groups who actually have that information (though it seems a day late), to have the talent or technology to be able to follow a target in a car and work right on time with an event- all of these show that they have the capacity to see through time somehow either through human forces (good old fashioned oracles or psychics) or through enhancing human abilities with technologies. To be able to interface with the human mind, to create the illusion that the Target is being watched at all times, the Truman Show Syndrome is the most often created illusion by this system it seems and many TI's suffer from this. I myself suffer from this but only in certain geographical locations and of course this follows the rules of it being induced by technologies, such as it ceasing once I go underground or into any Faraday Cage like environment where there is simply no cell or wifi reception available. This is why tin foil hats dont work as proven at MIT. Becuz the 'cage' is not fully enveloping the possibly interfaced object- the human brain. Youd have to be in a room of tin foil I assume, which was fully enclosing. THEN it would actually work to a point. I know this becuz it is documented that if you want to stop the reading of an RFID card (an electronic bus pass is often RFID) you just wrap it in tin foil. Ha ha ha. And MIT knows that too, so they didnt do an experiment where a human being was totally enveloped in tin foil. You wouldnt have to, youd just reference the Faraday Cage or the RFID card as example- like I did. But then I dont have military contracts to protect I am out to expose the system not deny its critics and victims justice.

I am not afraid of being labeled. Mostly due to the circumstances under which I was targeted are shady and everyone knows it. A federal investigation of the cops, the FBI and various career criminals in Boston some of which were mere aquantances and others were people I knew for a long time but were never let in on their business dealings in depth. Still I could have been a problem. Instead of trying to gain useable information it seems that the means of investigation were used to smear me and destroy my life. Which of course is the real motivation for my being targeted which is my mother being a documented survivor of radiation experimentation at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland while her parents were both US Marines. She was harassed out of going to the Presidents Advisory Committee which was Clinton's idea of a joke by not putting those responsible on trial for war crimes or in a military tribunal. These things have connections to mind control slavery, sex industry, spying, drug running, pedophile rings. All the vices you could imagine that exist to make a nation great.

I am also smart enough to have done research on top of what other TI's put out there on the internet and can now map out nationwide the effects of what has to be technolgy NOT mental illness due to the way in which such phenomena behaves in varying circumstances. No matter how chaotic my actions are or my patterns of travel, THE PATTERN OF THE COVERT ACTIVITY STAYS THE SAME. Not only does what has to be tech stay the same but the entire system stays steadfast to a strict rule of thumb- a pattern that never breaks or changes and is inconsistent with any sort of mental illness or anything that could be caused from the Target themselves. By all logic it is coming from outside forces, they are simply readily unseen, thus covert in nature.

The style and content of what is caused by technologies changes with geographic location and has a particular flavor according to region. Which tells us something else: its created by human beings. Creative, imaginative human beings who are impressing thier patterns upon the content of the material received by the Targeted person. Its expressed as thier tastes, beliefs, style and basically reflects thier overall personality as a group. If it were coming from the Target themselves it would not change according to geographical location or traveling through differing populations nationwide.
Also rules of thumb can be used to predict the behaviors of this system. One such rule is when there is no organized stalking and harassment from in person human forces there is always strong control of the Target via interface with technologies. And the opposite is true in any area with strong in person contact from 'gang stalking' human forces that engage the TI directly in real time in the physical plane. There will be little or no remote influence from technologies.

Conditions that would ordinarily stop technologies from being effective always stop a TI's experiences from occuring such as going underground, being in a solid old building, a concrete and steel structure especially with metal roofing or any place with no cell phone or wi fi reception. The tech influence also seems to be on a schedule from approx 6am to midnight across the USA with variances of a half hour in the am start time to one hour before and after midnight in the time it ceases. This rule has held steadfast since early 2000's when I understood what I was experiencing as such.

As a Target I also experience consistently the pattern of the tech not being in use during US holidays and Christian holidays. Ive also experienced mini patterns in places like Harvard Sq Cambridge where there is alot of in person gang stalking until school gets into session where I then experience heavy use of tech to manage me as a target. Which makes sense as Harvard U is a place that one would want managed if one was going to try to control the world. Institutions of higher education especially ones which houses children of wealth and power would especially have to be managed. Also Harvard gets the biggest grant ( I forget what the proper name is right now) in the world and I am sure they want to keep it that way.

To be fair each academic institution has been positive at some point in assisting me. MIT I note thier public use computers are managed so a TI is under threat of constant remote influence or what seems to be a cyber handler while online. I experienced no such phenomena when using computers not for public use. (yes, without stealing passwords). This is not the first time I have experienced that public use computers had 'people management' on them and student/faculty use ones did not there are other universities where that has occurred. Its America- free isnt every really free you know and human experimentation is usually done on the poorest and the most unprotected. While BU has presented some real horrid gang stalking over the years, when I am near the campus physically I get much support for my intentions to write my book and tell my story or even get a lawyer. I dont know if this is trickery or if it remains that though BU sucks throughout all of this oppression, they are still a school of Law on campus somewhere and that may still actually mean something.

UMass is probably the least helpful and with the worst perps ever as well as the most overt and damaging attacks by tech such as headaches there were very damaging. Also their police force has been the only one other than Harvard to be overt in harassment while engaging me as TI. Unlike Harvard U police they did not have the sense to stop a few years after 2003 when I left town and were still engaging me directly up until 2009. Probably this university is poor so needs to play along even moreso with the oppressor's games.

All of this, in total is a campaign of psychological warfare on a Targeted person. There is no doubt about that. Its meant to drive the person to suicide or to get them to surrender thier 'hearts and minds' (and souls it seems in some psy ops descriptions) to the designs of the oppressor, who sees themselves as the protector of "national interests" and thier methods are described as part of "non lethal weapons" systems. Uh, people are suiciding. How is this non lethal?

Its old school torture plain and simple and thier niceties in description are bullshit outright. This is the same methods as the Inquisitions to gain and keep power over populations as well as problem individuals. Its happening now and the only difference is that its done in ways you cant detect- covert warfare. And in ways you cant prove supposedly. Charles Schlund claimed to have sued Bush for this and some other entity in Canada and won a civil suit. Anyone for setting a precedent? It should have been done but it wasnt in the US. He also said that the tech harassment and affects are much less outside the US.

Something else suspect is written in the book the Hidden Evil by Mark M Rich. He claims that many Targets report having gastro intestinal problems eventually throughout being targeted. Its not pleasant but there have been reports of in the past certain factions experimenting with infectious disease as bio warfare or at least its affects. Imagine if you could get someone sick with parasitic disease as well as expose them to other chemical warfare and tech. Imagine if you exposed or infected a Target with infectious disease like parasitic disease and then make sure they cannot get treatment and in the US its not that hard to deny not only treatment but to deny the person's claims. Its also then easy for psychiatry to claim that the person has paranoid ideations about sensations in thier body or some such disorder.
Big pharma makes a mint off of parasitic disease doing damage to the human brain and other organs. Especially when it comes to mental illness. Its been documented that in certain anti psychotics there is the same chemical that kill certain kinds of parasites in the brain, and its suspected this is what makes it so effective. Medicine itself I suspect makes money off of many afflictions that are really due to the presence of parasitic disease.

It would be easy to create mental illness in a person by not only gas lighting them and then isolating them from society but doing so by exposing them to parasitic diseases that would assist over time in the goal of inducing mental illness. I have theorized that if this is true, perhaps only those in a sickly condition are so very sensitive to the effects of technologies. Literally one is losing one's mind- to physical disease. To organic brain diseases. It wouldnt be hard to introduce a parasite into the body either by contaminated food or during a surgery, when many TI's suspect that micro chips or nano tech are put into the body. Implants are totally possible. Remote sexual stimulation devices have been documented to exist and of course they are marketed overtly as to assist humans in a positive way for healing of some disorder but one must consider this could be abused.

This country and others have a history of unethical human experimentation. None of the perpetrators have ever faced consequences on US soil as has been the case with Nazi war criminals etc. It seems the doctor's attage "first do no harm" is used to cloud the reality of thier crimes by acting as if they did no harm when in fact they committed war crimes. The public see scientists and doctors as priests or healers existing for something good in thier world. They cannot bring themselves to face that these people are just human like anyone else and not everyone has what it takes to Do No Harm as a Hospitaller might be honorable to such an oath. Many doctors do not have the spirit for medicine but they have the mind. So many serial killers have hidden under the profession of nurse or doctor. There are evil people in medicine just as there are evil people in science, and then there are just greedy desperate people as well. Especially since the mystique has been taken away from medicine- its no longer just a craft its a business. An industry. And in industry nothing must get in the way of the machine, the mechanisms, the conveyer belts. Even the wealthy know that doctors are dangerous as their wallets often suffer from money removal procedures often.

This entire scam is based on money and power bullying usually just one Target at a time. And the rest of society either not believing it or not wanting to deal with it or just not caring. The US is a big country, big enough to forget about expendable peoples often enough to make it a crass, uncaring place to live. America supports the agenda, now more than ever.

As you can see the nationwide system of brainwashing and control and surviellence I have illustrated nationwide makes the actions of dissidence and revolt in the past quite impossible nowadays. Its not that America 'sucks' or its people are that bad its simply a nation under mind control who have somehow lost thier ability to see through that and to fight. This place is so totally controlled that rebellion is simply not possible. Resistance is not even possible. Those that do so are targeted, simple as that. The US has been dumbed down, traumatized, overwhelmed then had thier economy drained, thier lives disturbed or destroyed their jobs moved to other countries, the latest wave of immigrants brings back everything that is hated about black ghetto America and sexism as many are from Africa, India or Haiti and it seems the men do not plan to bend to our culture. They are also terribly good house slaves to the Man. I have caught many store owners of this description looking me over as homeless or perhaps poor and then considering mistreating me, interrogating me or even antagonizing me to gain a reaction. I once noted this and I had a blanket from the Harvard Sq Shelter with me that had a Harvard insignia on it, when the immigrant store owner saw this, he stopped his considering attacking me with the afore mentioned tactics.

Thats another thing going on in the USA. There is an active covert war on the homeless, the traveler and the transient. Its under the guise of anti terror most likely but its done to clear the cities of the poor or to drive them from certain areas into ghetto areas. Many of them are also informants and instigators for the system. Upon asking about the country of origin of the north African looking staff behind the counter at MIT's convenience store, the woman told me Ethiopia, and somewhere after I spoke about her culture she asked very slyly "Oh, you dont LIKE America?" And believe me it WAS interrogation. It was soley for the cameras and it was really obvious. These people exist all over Cambridge and Boston. The place is totally saturated with covert forces most intensly around Fenway, BU, Brookline and Cambridge. It seems that the covert campaign to drive out the homeless or the poor most likely began during the end of Clinton's second term when so much was happening to make gentrification of cities possible.

I also note that homeless shelter employees are not only in on gang stalking but are total tools of the oppressive system. This was not the case before in the early 90's. I was much worse off as a person then and I was treated with kindness, respect and helped by a staff member at Woods Mullen here in Boston. (Boston Public Health Commission). During my being targeted when Bush got in and the war took off when I became homeless I was so intensley mistreated and gang stalked in Woods Mullen that it was obviously a hot bed of corruption, gang activity and a place where the Man was very much in charge covertly. Shelter workers are also now very bad tempered or callous people, very much not what I recall in human services in the early 90's. Many of them are very religious which makes them prime for being Cause Stalking type 'gang stalkers'.
I know I am not imagining this due to being told outright by an older black woman, about 60's civil rights age who probably still had some true conscience left in her: "They drove everyone out who DIDNT have". And so I am correct in what I think I see.

A total conspiracy to not only gentrify cities but to install means of total social control over the masses within the USA to ensure that no one resists what many of us have dubbed the 'New World Order' and we get this from the right from the agents of oppression themselves- Bush, his son and Obama. All can be shown through documented video footage using the phrase NWO in either very creepy speeches concerning its total take over of the world (old man Bush), or in short comments showing that this candidate will do what he is told for the agenda and not make waves and end up like Kennedy (Obama).

So if these tactics are realities and we are told so by others, who have knowledge of them. If many of us are correct in our assessment that there is a covert system of people management in existence that utilizes the principals of covert warfare, psy ops, intimindation, brainwashing etc-- then why would one even consider that such an overbearing, oppressive power structure would simply stop there? Why WOULDNT they be using tech? Its much easier and probably less costly as well as avoids detection.

Once you realize that what began decades ago rooted in Nazi human experimentation and occult ritual- obsession really, and is documented as such through project Paperclip and MK Ultra, has now given the authorities the ability to control society to such a degree, people claiming to be victims of such abuses at close range or with a specific focus on them by said authorities is not to be taken as mental illness.

Do you realize that paranoid schizophrenia is the only schizophrenia type of its kind that does not have the same symptoms as other types? You can be totally coherent, NOT be speaking in word salad, NOT be acting strangely with odd physical movements or presenting with disordered thinking at all, which are the usual symptoms under that disorder heading in variations. THIS particular type of schizophrenia magically has none of those symptoms but now has created a whole different criteria such as the belief that people are following you, that your friends and family are plotting against you or have betrayed you or other claims such as mind control, experimentation and other claims of very illegal, very nasty dirty pool/dirty tricks dept activities. And the fun of this irony is that in order to make such claims, you would HAVE to be coherent to begin with and NOT disordered or speaking in word salad. Which of course the perpetrators get a great laugh out of, believe me. They LOVE bending logic totally to belief. For the public to not see through that using common sense is totally ridiculous and shows extreme sheepishness and weakness of mind and character- all of which these bastards love to mock by using it to thier advantage.

Again just becuz an authority figure claims something its true. By the sounds of your 'symptoms' you'd be better off with a detective or private investigator opposed to a psychiatrist. And how DO such people with such claims end up in a psych office to begin with? Becuz they are directed there by the jerks who work with this system. Just like someone such as myself was hit with technologies at my family's house causing panic attacks that felt like heart attacks- what felt like a physical malady not a mental or emotional one- and due to going to the hospital with what I thought was a heart attack I was then 'directed' to a psychiatrist's office. Done. They got the TI into the system. And if things get hectic of if you start to realize more about your case than they want you too all of a sudden the gang stalking becomes very overt, your hit hard with tech to the point of it being like a damn possession in the Excorsist, and of course then friends and family dont tolerate or support you they look scared and start to desert you, they begin to find ways to betray you for a favor or a fee or they get put into circumstances where they are forced to betray you. The psychiatrist I mentioned, told me that "They" needed to know someone was advocating for me. Thanks to her arrogance in thinking she had any power, her not arming me with information but gas lighting me with only mentioning 'They', ended up in her totally turning on me after I left town with a reference letter that was very mean and nasty that was basically a math formula that spelled out 'this-person-is-going-to-snap', which i suspect she wrote in math form due to knowing I would catch it due to her knowing me for 8 years. Which means that she still wanted to help but that this system is very nasty and was especially so during Bush. By the way that letter contained outright lies such as I had PTSD which was never documented in my files and that I had paranoid ideations which again was never mentioned by her and never documented in my files. I also was never given any psych meds for psychosis. Of course during the federal investigation frenzy some blonde bitch at McCleans tried to get me to take anti psychotics by claiming they were used for anxiety which of course I knew was the cops and all my criminal associates buddies trying to get me labeled so that my testimony was null and void. By now they have enough footage of me being irrational and behaving strangely even screaming at people to be able to totally discredit anything I say.

And these actions are being marketed as being done to spare me from taking the possible risk of getting killed being called to testify, which is again total bullshit as I was never given a subpeona I was never approached or questioned. It was all done to cover up for my starting to remember things before the age of 6 and to realize that my family are victims of mind control experimentation if not programming. When I talked to a psychologist and wanted to get hypnotized this system came out of the woodwork and came after me with all its force. I also was trying to change my life and go to college and had been working on those changes as well as vocational testing at Mass Rehab all documented. That also pissed off who ever is behind handling and controlling mind control slaves. During this time period I began to refuse to engage in certain harmful if not illegal behaviors tied to profit from the adult entertainment industry. And the system of harassment, stalking and psy ops came down on me harder and more overtly than it ever had in the past- all under the guise of anti terror and a federal investigation of local cops, career criminals and even the Boston FBI.

Everything that was done to me was indicative of Ritual Abuse connected to Satanic military activity such as Michael Aquino is involved in as well as he being a master of psychological warfare within the US military. It was also very obviously trying to dumb me down and destroy my intelligence becuz no one wants people to start asking questions about why a woman who is 32 years old all of a sudden appears with such a high IQ. Where was she for years?
And the things that occurred were dead on for being MK Ultra's methods of interrogating foreign agents which just means people who are mind controlled slaves- high level programming.

Due to brain damage from mold in my apartment (that appeared under very suspicious circumstances) I started to decompartmentalize. I started to recall taking pictures with merely my mind. My eyes were like a camera. I had the ability to record conversations word for word and visuals as well- a video camera effect. I started to realize that I had been used to use my photo mem to take pics of documents and at a very high rate of speed. There were indications of this before such as when I tried to work a normal job at a super market around this time of trying to change my life, a bagger showed me a book he was reading. I opened it up glanced at the page in a second or less and had taken in at least a good chunk of the page. I then told him what it seemed to be about etc. He was shocked at being able to do this.

I found from getting medical treatment just how athletic I was compared to average patients. I had always had above average eyesight, and had this almost it seemed psychic ability to see things very close up and very far away.

Through the process of 'deprogramming' or the programming internal structure starting to unravel due to brain damage from mold in my apartment, I started to realize that I could get into these ablities and control them. I had always written journals but realized that I could not write poetry, edit it mentally and then file it away and store it, then later regergitate it word for word. I had always been able to paint and draw very well. I was multi talented, creative, highly intelligent, very attractive, strong and athletic but very much built for sexual attraction but here I was a nobody living in squaller. Never understanding what the world was about and always trapped. That is becuz no prison is as effective as a mental or psychological one and an emotional one. With mind controlled slaves we are actually trapped with DID or an alter system to be able to perform tasks that a normal human being could not stand up to emotionally or mentally. Sadly, according to the scale of mind control 'models' my social standing at that time as well as what my life had been like prior indicated that I was most likely an Expendable model of mind control slave which means that I was programmed to suicide at a certain age if not from drugs before then.
The other day I saw an ad for recovery on the side of a bus, a photo of a little girl and a caption:" when you were little you didnt dream of becoming an addict". For a mind controlled slave who's programmed thats not a true statement. Oddly enough when we are little children we pretty much already have what is in store for us programmed into us. When I was younger I was obsessed with heroin and often had fantasies about being an addict. When I tried to quit a small experimentation with cocaine at 19, I stayed clean only to be terrorized by this system, terrifying dreams, more experimentation, prophetic visions, the typical rude and 'weird people' and perverts who start stalking you or coming to talk to you in every job you ever had, and then of course 'drug dreams' that drove me right back to that way of life, of course with help from a pervert who married into the family as my aunt's handler it seems.

Every single time you try to have a normal life this system will haunt you, terrorize you and mess with you until you give up trying to be Willful and go right back to old behaviors. However at this point later on I had Hep C by that time from the early 90's when there was no 'harm reduction' for addicts only zero tolerance, and I think that made the system see me as expendable. I do recall that more attempts at trying to get rid of me were more strong and frequent after it was on paper I had Hep C. The system seemed more out to destroy me then than to force me to live a lifestyle I did not want. Through NA I avoided dying of drug use but the danger of NA is that it wakes up slaves out of programming to a certain point, reconditions them and gives them healing. Naturally a programmed person being a determined and strong, intelligent creature wants more of this, growth and most likely power. The beauty of NA is that it basically outpours into a cult mentality once you have become reconditioned to not react to emotions or crisis with drug use. Once that cycle is broken I notice that NA is very careful to NOT have any other growth available to its members. It simply tells you to go round the mouse maze again which to any normal powerhouse like a high level programmed person is going to seem like another prison, another cult, another programming system of control. Now that you have tasted freedom you are going to rebel against this intensely.

As you approach leaving your 20's it becomes more and more obvious that you are being thrown out of favor due to age. Remember this is all based on pedophilia. At age 29 even if you look like a model and even if you look 17 or much younger than 29, to THIER eyes, you are old, worn out and useless. ONE wrinkle will get you killed. One indication that you are not a soft, young child anymore who looks 20 even in her late 20's and yer dead. Usually along with this comes the circumstances I have mentioned. Lots of chaos, circumstances becoming more and more severe, the system starting to set you up to get rid of you with a good cover story of course. Its no coincidence that my deprogramming as well as going through three layers of suicide programming (post hypnotic suggestions from childhood usually much of it before age 6) occured during the chaos going on in my outside world of a federal investigation and a war on terror here in the states. As far as I am concerned, George HW Bush and all of his cronies in relation to CIA activity and other corruption as well as the activity of much military connected to Satanic factions, these people knew that many programmed people from Gen X, which might as well be labeled the MK Ultra generation, would become a problem. This was no more than a mere clean up crew for the messes they made during sloppy human experimentaiton programs in everything from NASA to the military/CIA MK Ultra experiments during the 60's and early 70's. I think later on when the world become more sophisticated the people from the old guard who seemed to enjoy thier cover ups greatly in times past, saw that with the internet and how close this came to coming out in full during the Satanic Panic at the same time in the 90's as the Presidents Advisory Committee on MK Ultra and radiation war crimes/human experimentation- they knew that not only would programming break down but that more and more people would become informed and give testimony. They are VERY lucky that no one put together the connections between Aquino, Satanic Ritual Abuse cases, he being military and then his interest in Nazism, especially thier occult rituals, and then connect that to the Nazi roots of MK Ultra/ radiation etc which also involved the military. They handled it very cleverly by smoking out and baiting victims just to see who would turn out and then handled the fallout, did damage control, kept it under the legal wires by having an advisory committee when in fact they deserved a military trial or a real court room battle, paid off the few that did come forward, and obviously from my mother's experience there were many more victims, documented ones who were intimidated out of testifying or getting official settlements. So they manipulated the situation to handle the damage so it was controlled by THIER people and not THE people. They made sure that RA cases were overexposed and surrounded by outrageous claims, panic and hysteria then of course all of this was written off by the Recovered Memory Syndrome organization and therapists were told not to even try to help victims. As you can see by my case as example, they know who the Survivors are now, most likely by smoking them out during Clinton, as thats when the overt gang stalking started, they keep an eye on you and handle the whole situation to control the outcome. Which they have done without fail. And by now the whole world is so controlled by circumstances, mass mind control technolgies, manipulations as well as creating chaos and hard times so the people will turn on each other or be obedient to authority no matter how abusive- that someone like me just exists now as a stateless person. Forever targeted unless I choose to finally give into behavior modification, forget who I am, forget any memories of programming or childhood, forget the terror and gang stalking and accept the reformatting that Dr Cameron of MK Ultra fame was so fond of, go to UMass and become a new person.

Of course this involves a great perversion of not only the spirit but the mind as well. The ways and means they have now are able to literally cut a 'person', your person you are inside, into pieces. Its psycho surgery but its done with MK Ultra and it has been streamlined to be done using public spaces no matter where the Target goes. Of course there had to be extreme torture involved and even brain damage.

The only reason I am able to write ANY of this down at this point is becuz I found a computer system that is not for public access nor is it something purchased under my name BOTH of which will get you so heavily targeted with technologies meant to manage you as a Target that you will never be able to produce any work at all. I look at my blog with disgust and disbelief often. For years I have been focusing on alot of diversions and bs instead of just writing my story. I am also obsessed with making a book out of it instead of just putting it out there and getting on with my life. Mind control that is now controlling much of our public spaces, especially in cities keeps me focused on a suicide bomber type mentality where I am to write this big epic book and then suicide. Of course the entire time I am being constantly interfaced with in a behavior modification program to cause me to NOT write that book and to GET A JOB AND CONFORM and forget about the past. The interface is so constant that one could not possibly fight it or use one's mind for anything else. It IS torture and should constitute as such. Constant shame and humiliation are still used and there are perps in this area everywhere in Cambridge around Central Sq at least. To a lesser extent in Harvard but still. And the harassment now is very subtle. Over the years I have been beaten down and abused and tortured so now and made aware of much of the smear campaign (that may or may not even be part of the public perception of me I dont know. How does a prisoner in a cell really know what is going on outside? I cant know. I can only try to use sonar like a whale to deduct what might be out there, I am never allowed to KNOW for sure.) that all that has to be done to control me now is to continue to keep at me constantly but subtley with methods of control to make me feel bad about my status, my looking aged, fat, unhealthy- taking full advantage of my weakened state. As well as my long term isolation from friends and family. The contents of the smear campaign is really pushed daily for shame value. I am often disregarded and treated without affection or respect in many places I go and its constantly intimdated that its due to the contents of the smear campaign. Strangely I recall my grandfather being subjected to this. The only difference is that he was actually a pedophile and my mother is evidence enough to prove that. I believe that my place in the adult entertainment industry has been made to be not only my total identity but its been used to convince the public that its not only the sole reason for my being persecuted, its the reason I deserve such treatment. Again this system has full control. It foresaw the consequences of my actions in changing my life and acted cleverly to control the outcome.
Its hoped that now I will feel so shamed, as if I am the perpetrator somehow that I will sheepishly finally go to school as a way of proving myself and gaining respect. Well if that were truly this systems goal then why was I not assisted in doing so in 2004 when I was working with Mass Rehab to go to University of Mass Boston? These are the things one must keep close to one's heart daily. Dont forget who you are and dont let them convince you of thier cheap insinuations that you are the perp here. Most of the public that goes along with this knows damn well that I am being forced into this behavior modification program to protect the real perps such as my former madame friend, my family who is mind controlling and was abusive as well as any and all people who helped destroy my life during Bush. And they simply go along with it becuz still the world of adult entertainment is kept secret and mysterious so that people will not understand what is really going on. That business is nothing but a bunch of human and civil rights abuses yet the workers are always portrayed in media as perpetrators of crime. And let me tell you why. More mind controlled slaves exist in prostitution and more shit goes on behind that industry than you can imagine. The intelligence agencies and thier scum crime friends that they have done business with and through for years now couldnt make as much as they do black market/tax free and the dirty tricks dept wouldnt be able to pull of half the shit it does to give the average citizen 'the good life' here in America without an industry of mind controlled slave labor. Drug running, black male, kiddie prostitution hiding behind some of the regular services, gun running, money laundering. For Christs sake, my old associate used to get drunk and tell me her dad did work for the CIA, and seemed depressed all his life but would get drunk like a good WASP as depression was a sign of bad manners in thier culture, and at 40 he suffered from an Alzheimers like condition that she was very VERY suspect of. At Halloween this woman with a spine of steel was afraid of people in masks to refused to dress up or go to parties with such costumes. She never wanted to go anywhere alone and often sent me into certain markets as she claimed the cashier was mean to her. She is surrounded by handlers, always ended up with golddigging a-holes that would take her money and seemed to drown out life with a book in one hand, a cigarette in the ashtray, half drunk, a few lines, the tv on, and a phone in each ear. Her only freedom in this world seemed when she was in the water swimming or at a concert. She ended up marrying a cab driver with a mother I was very suspect of, with peircing green eyes who reminded me of how strong, frightening and manipulative a mother in law Barbara Bush must have been. She was extremely sneaky and nasty and would have J. pay for basically her whole families bills different bills etc etc and then talk about her like a dog behind her back. This woman was such a bitch that I just could not stand to think of her being brainwashed by this scumbag clan for the rest of her life and then of course she had kids so now she's stuck. She got very fat, and turned into the worst beast I have ever known in my life. Her old personality of the nasty, bitch that I knew but tolerated turned into something much more frightening: a crafty,lying scumbag who ditched all her old friends for a life of domestic bliss with this gold digging piece of garbage and his whole drunk family. Of course this is a great front for her business. When I got targeted much of her activity was not overseen by a strange older man named Paul who owned a bar and seemed to have a stable of young girls. She spoke of having to work with the Russian mafia now as they were infiltrating everything in the USA anyway and for a few years she had begun to thouroughly disappoint me by cowtowing to working with black pimps and thier scummy girls. No matter what Jeanette Angell says about 'Peaches' in her book Call Girl, I was there before Jeanette and shes a lying sack of shit. WE established Julie not her. Perhaps her connections and her French backround. But she was older and ugly compared to the usual beauties, college looking girls that J had on her staff. THAT is what 'established' her in Boston. That and stealing a bunch of Lynsdey's clients when she spit off from her in the early 90's. And J did have actual college students working for her as well as a few heiresses to fortunes from Texas and a wealthy Jewish family, due to they liking to party but being denied money until they were 30. THAT as well as J's unique personality, drive and very big talent at being good at sales, manipulation and shrewd in business. I used to say that my mother was a joke for trying to be a schmoozer- that I had now learned from the best becuz my mother may have been able to talk a dog off a meat truck but J. could talk a wolf off a meat truck. For all her evil, bitchiness, being a user of people and basically a sociopath in some ways, I learned from her how to behave socially, how to go to Lancolme and not the drug store and I learned about what the forces are behind closed doors that run the world. The world of powerful men. My mother from that point on would never again be able to control me or crush me. My family paled in comparison to the people I met in my 20's. They were compartive peasants. I believe that whoever is behind this campaign against me, wether it be people associated with J.and now control her empire for her and control her of course, or if it is in fact my mother and her family who are so jealous of my having such life experiences that they did NOT ever want me to use this knowledge to create a better life for myself probably gaining a higher status due to this harsh schooling in how to exist in upper echoelons of society. I notice that through the years I faded mentally and emotionally when in fact I should have moved on.

I credit this to the system that was part of my life in infancy that has more to do with my mother's family and is connected to MK Ultra and the radiation experimentation my mother was documented to be a survivor of.

I always recalled that at age 26 I was pretty much a mature woman now with a mind of my own, still young, still beautiful and now very capable of moving up in the world. I recall at a train station, realizing this while at the turnstyle. I had gotten clean now, I could do anything. But something always came after me and eventually through those years, caused me to not only regress into a child like state but to eventually destroy my looks, my talent, my intelligence and my inner Will that was so plain and strong to me at that moment of self realization waiting for that train. Something connected to my childhood, to my mother's family or my father's even seemed insert itself in my private reality repeatedly. And that reality no longer included my mother or her family.

I find it very suspect that my harassment and the gang stalking seem to revolve around my mother, her family, her now being on speaking terms with my father's family and the constant presence of the police or what seemed like civilian gang stalking perps. My mother always would brag like the psycho she is about always knowing where I was. I have been told in AZ that my family has 'police connections'. An informant told me that my mother was "sick" as of her behavior during the federal investigation years and some other faction had stopped some plot she had against me to do me extreme harm. For years now people keep trying to refer to child abuse in relation to the way I have been treated. My mother began heavy contact with the US Marines during the war in Iraq and bragged of having a military credit card. She became obssessed with the US Marines.
In 2003 she seemed to be distant and over the years of what seems like her own being targeted, seemed to degenerate into someone that was driven insane. She was always very brutish due to her being abused by her family and most likely by this system. I think they came after her in a big way in the 90's and she just snapped and lost it to intimidation and modification when Bush got in. After my grandfather, the main perp in the family died in 2002 she seemed to be unleashed as a totally evil entity. This is where understanding the ritual abuse and occult connections comes in. True RA cases connected to programming and mind control are very subtle happenings in the backround that accompany what seems like normal events. Like a shadow world that one can see into as one views the normal occurances of life here on this plane. There was something very very evil about what my mother became after my grandfather died. I say she was programmed for this years ago and it was just trigger time thats all. It was also during Bush when alot of Satanic activity took place, more than you will believe or ever even want to know. But it did happen and I dare say by some miracle or interference in events much worse time lines have been avoided- believe me when I say that. And there is at least a resistance to the one we are in now but it is a very screwed up reality thats been created. I feel if only the truth came out people might be able to see that its false- induced by trickery. By technologies and covert influence of events- its brainwashing all around. If the public has that information then let those that do not want to exist as slaves in this time line then attempt to exert their Will and free themselves. Those that do not can go to Hell. Literally.

There is a powerful cabal of people who want this to be a Satanic Age. And of course considering this is all based on human belief systems and not reality, they have to push thier Will's forward by using technologies to create their chosen realties. Its the age of Aquarius, not Satan. And that entire sentence, both concepts, astrological as well as metaphysical have such cracks in thier theories its ridiculous. But if you brainwash people enough, if you gain the means of mind control, you can create any reality you want.
Which of course means you can counter this reality considering its not a product of true random chaos but bullshit smoke and mirror interference. I was not supposed to be homeless and this unhealthy just like Jake should not be in Hollywood, Stephen Tyler should not be a judge on American Idol, and Bush never should have been president nor Obama- not under these circumstances. Everything I mentioned is just another totally bizarre indicator of how warped this time line is. How much more unpredictable, nonsensical or unbelievable can this get? Its probably going to just get more and more surreal unless we either tear down the f*cking towers or at least try to let people know that the feeling they get of living in an 'unreality' or down the rabbit hole is just that- its the truth. Always trust your gut instinct and perceptions people.

Alot of people are now living out time lines in thier lives that are totally not in line with a logical outcome of obvious circumstances. There is much mystery and monkeying with the machinery that we suspect but cant put our fingers on. Trust me, its been monkeyed with. Only a system of extreme oppression keeps me where I am today. There is no possible way that by logic or by right I should be living this way or unable to produce work at all. It just does NOT make sense. Something is arye but the problem is most people dont know what it is. And yes, I enjoy making fun of Aerosmith due to them giving my ex who helped destroy my life golden opportunities. And I will continue to enjoy doing so due to the fact that I have little else left now do I and really, anyone who assists my mortal enemies deserves nothing less.
If you dont think J-Lo and Tyler on Idol isnt the sign of a totally bizarre reality, then you tell me what is.
Perps used to use the story line from The Cell to mess with me so I am no J-Lo fan either.

I am sure that its been attempted to make me seem dangerous enough to stalk people but as you can read I am no Diana Napolis. I dont believe Diana Napolis is an MK Ultra baby is she? Becuz if she was programmed she would have navigated through this bs alot better than she did. You may have gotten rid of many a programmed expendable or a nosy therapist or two along the way in the 80's and 90's but its all out wartime now and I aint no lone shooter. Cut the shit with the typical games on me. They dont work becuz I am not that stupid.

Trying to frame me up for bank robbery as was told to me by an informant in St Louis in 2007 or so was not appreciated. Keep on trying to destroy me though you pricks. Its what you do anyway isnt it? Just keep trying to destroy people who simply want to get information through. Thats your nature, and this is mine. War, end of story. Until its finished. Simple.

Like I said its creepy when I think back to how my life has been interfered repeatedly by what seems like strange outside forces. My Will and sense of self always being interfered with. And all the evidence points directly to my mother and her connections. Its pretty obsessive for your own mother to never really help you get out of your circumstances but to then tell you that she has had you watched the whole time. She was never so nice to me as when I was strung out on drugs and she became mean and impossible when I was newly clean. Of course I used this to motivate me to go to two meetings a day for three years straight.

I have no idea if she was a perp or if she only knew that she was targeted in some vague way and was trying to get me into her mothers house with her to protect me. My mother is big on protection that isnt necessarily what the person needs to grow or grow in power. She's obsessed with the idea of family and security and being protected. In many ways family makes my stomach turn, the American idea of it and 'security' would only truly by attained by me if I was an untouchable, connected and wealthy as the elite who are behind this sh*t seem to be. My dreams of security include armed guards that cant be bought and important connections opposed to just money. Americans think that mere money will get you what you need in life. Its just a tool. Its like saying that the paint on the palet is the finished art work. I dont get it.

No one could ever provide me with enough wealth or security in this body in this lifetime which is probably why its safer just to have wanted to be a councilor using my life experience to help people and do art work in the side. It seemed like a balanced life and a fair exchange with society for what one needs to survive physically.

But that was just too much for whoever is behind this to deal with. It seems to me that in order to leave nothing to chance, whatever forces are behind this have to ensure that I am driven to the same ends as my father. Now THAT is going to piss me off to no end. That is really not a good life is it? Being targeted around the globe and being labeled.

What is it about my father and myself that makes this system really feel the need to wipe us out completely? Is it the rebellious nature? Is he the DNA link to being able to produce so much orgone or psychic ability? Eastern Europe, still so mysterious in so many ways. I think its very odd that the people of Eastern Europe have to be controlled so tightly so consistently.

Do you realize that there are countries that we dont hear about here that do NOT have religious freedom or where church and state or not seperated? Americans are not told this really. I only recently found out that Poland is Catholic and that the government can actually get people on blasphemy charges. Are kidding me in this day and age? Its obviously just another alternative to keep a very short and tight tether on yet another Eastern European country. Why must this always be part of Russia's nature or Eastern Europe's nature in governance? What is it about Eastern Europe that requires such control and destruction?

Isnt there a theory connected to the Vril society or the like that there is a 'race' or strain of DNA in a tribe from Eastern Europe exclusively that are capable of producing mass amounts of energy or 'vril'? I think I read that somewhere. If this has any truth to it, then it would be a good reason to keep much of that population down.

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