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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Gang Stalking News Report/ How MC Survivors Campaigns Differ

Its difficult for Targets like myself that are very much aware of thier mind control/programming/RA Survivorship to relate to Targets who dont know why they are targeted. I guess I never realized that they might resent us or even disbelieve us as perps or disinformation agents. This world we live in now is so full of mistrust and rightly so. The perps are covert activity experts. As well as there are operatives in the TI community that make it hard to know who is who.

Its true that I am often off balance. This is becuz its harder to be a Survivor of high level programming AND also be gang stalked then just to have had a normal life and then be targeted by gang stalking. Its much much more confusing and difficult. Your dealing with an oppressive system in your internal world and then when you become overtly targeted, from the outside world as well. I guess its an effective system in order to discredit mind control Survivors as in high level programming as well as ritual abuse.

I never thought about it, that other Targets would disbelieve people like myself that have much more complicated storylines. It just never occured to me. I suppose if you only know your targeted and nothing else, some of the deeper stuff that goes on would be hard to believe or the person making those claims would seem like they were a disinfo agent of some kind.

Believe me, gang stalking is used for the simplest of reasons and its used on the most complicated subjects as well. The one thing that is held in common is that its always used to discredit a victim witness. After you are targeted or drugged/raped you are then a victim witness, and so it goes on.

There were people who tried to freak me out with that drug/rape bs, but with my mind control history, especially ritual abuse and working in the adult entertainment world, that was tit compared to the other sh*t I have dealt with. Growing up in my family being so violent and crime connected primed me to handle this as jaded as I am about it I guess.

But my kind of campaign is much more damaging than your simple target. You have to understand that mind control Survivors have no sense of Self and what vague sense they do have this system ensures it gets destroyed in the process.
Its not like we had lives we can go back to or points of reference to use to rebuild.

I think I understand now why many people wonder why I havent moved on or why I am still so messed up. Its an issue of deep spiritual nature as well as much MK Ultra related material as in wiping the mind and trying to reformat the personality. Hard core behavior modification, really sick twisted psychiatric abuses. My mother being a documented radiation experimentee connected to the MK Ultra human experiments which are rooted in Nazi experimentation is clue that my situation is not just regular gang stalking. No target has a normal life but when people say you're being a martyr by still being homeless or "that girl needs to get a life" I should have known this would be indicative of people who just do NOT understand the deeper darker sides of organized stalking and harassment.

These run of the mill gang stalking campaigns are only the tip of the iceburg for targeted Survivors of mind control/ RA.

These people might even be MC Survivors and not even know it but that is hard to say without them having some indication themselves.


  1. Back in 2006, I had suspected that perps were breaking into my house and vandalizing it, in ways described here. Nothing was stolen, but I noticed anomalies, like it appeared shoes were moved into a V-shape, along with everything else. So I put out a video camera outside, which I could view from inside the house. What I noticed was, cars driving past would slow down, and apply the brakes as they passed the cam, so I could see brakelights the entire duration of their drive past. Again, they would not break in, but they were engaging in conditioning tactics with the brake lights and slowdowns. So they got something out of it, despite not being able to break in. And the newspaper guy refused to deliver newspapers when the cam was out there. But the perps, they have all kinds of hidden surveillance toys to play with, like for example, on Google maps, where you can get a satellite image. I've noticed they've restricted the zoom level, whereas before, when I tried Google maps, I could see in much greater detail. Imagine that certain "customers" can pay to have access to even greater levels of zoom with the satellite toys. So that's how the perps can watch each others' backs. They can see us trying to arm ourselves with our cheap webcams, whereas they have access to military-grade spy toys. That's one of many examples of how they are able to watch their backs against us TI's, who have no access.

    Imagine if these crooks did get caught using such surveillance toys. It would be a felony, and they could get into serious trouble for messing with govt. toys. That's why I believe these programs are secretly contracted out on a govt. level before they begin targeting people, to protect their asses from federal prosecution. They could say, well, we have this secret program that nobody knows about, but it is still legal, because we have it on paper.

    Or maybe not. That must be why they require so many hordes of cooperating shills, perps, and operatives: so that the target is at a clear disadvantage. The people involved know this, and that's why they are so smug about it. When people are smirking, smiling, or minimalizing the abuse, you can bet it's a sign they are getting away with something they shouldn't, and are reveling in it.

  2. U decide wether or not it is gangstalking!!!!

    Private company may have way too much power over the government AND PEOPLE.




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