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Saturday, February 5, 2011

what gs does to a target

This is what organized stalking and harassment does to a person over time.

This was me back in 2006. If you knew me youd know that I was already showing signs of aging, damage and wear from Scott's abuse, being betrayed by family and my ex Jake as well as Julie- everyone intimate to me. I am showing signs of not keeping up grooming as my hair isnt styled and I have gained weight ( I look bloated).

I did not know it was a system called gang stalking yet. I thought it was some part of the federal investigation around friends of associates of mine as well as Jake's drug bust. And OLNICK harassing me so I would sign out of court which of course I did.

I was also still very much living in my internal programming structures and oblivious to how everything worked together and tied in. I was doing what I knew how to do- compartmentalize everything and keep fighting. I was more focused on evading multiple attempts at entrapment from police and other sources at this point which was a full time job- and was about to get more intense after leaving MA.

This is what I look like today. Perps want new pics? Fine here they are. GO for it.

This is what gs does to a person. No drugs. no drinking no partying. Just non stop evasion and survival as well as constant activism. No life no nothing


Anonymous said...

I was so creeped out tonight. I was waiting in line to get food, and outside, I get this feeling of darkness, blackness or "dread" when a perp in a car drives up. It's like instinct, you know when you can actually "feel" when a perp is about to strike. This young kid who looked like me as a child got out of his mom's car, and he starts dancing. That was the creepy part. I was creeped out the entire time the were in the place ordering food beside me. That's what they do, all the time: have some creepy-ass perp pull up, timed to my arrival, so they they wind up waiting in line beside me. Ewwww, and they do it so much, too. First, getting off on what I looked like as a kid, and this time the theme was they were getting off on me, as a child, at that point in life, getting institutionalized. The kid had white pants on, like it was suggesting this fantasy they had where I was in a mental health facility as a young boy, presumable so I could get violated. They have all these fantasies of us in 'helpless' situations like this. And to think they are now getting off to what I looked like at age 7 or so. Really creepy. And they are so obvious about it, too, which was the deal with the kid dancing outside.

And this goes on every night, and they have women stalkers out there doing the "ignoring" and "smiling" thing as they drive past. What creeps.

And this weirdo emails me and tells me he was "studying" me as I am "aging", so he must be masturbating or fantasizing about me as a young boy and as an aging adult. They must get off on these types of things. Sick "professionals", like maybe it could be a doctor with lots of money doing this, who is fascinated with aging and whom is also obviously a pedo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a woman who gets off on young boys doing this in my case. But there is a clear isolation tactic going on with me and women here, having women ignore me as a general tactic. It's almost never guys, but the one guy who did perp me, like these women were doing, was a gay man who they say used to have sex with little boys a while ago. The one woman who perped me while I was walking down the street said: "Hey little boy... want some caaannndyyy?" This tells me that's why the System has all kinds of data on us. They have all kinds of pictures of us as young kids through adulthood, and they can use their tech to pull images of us as kids from our memories, or they can get them from pictures of us via compromised family members. I'll bet that woman (fat old and ugly) had pictures of me as a young kid, and wanted to have sex with me as an adult so she could "relive" the images of me as a child. That could be doctors with unimaginable wealth who are fascinated with "human anatomy" as well as mental and physical makeup of us as young through adult doing this, funding this. That's why they are so persistent: because they have this sick stalker love for us, that is pedo based. Now they are fucking with my heart, making it hard to pump, as I wrote this. Must be some truth to what I'm writing. They are suppressing the truth I am writing.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, it looks like the harassment fucked you up real bad. Had you not been gangstalked, you would likely have looked like these photos, in your early 50's instead of approaching 40. If I weren't for my system of support, I would have looked 10 years older, too. My asshole perps love to pretend like they've aged me, because of my system of support had still kept me looking relatively young, despite the ongoing harassment via humans and tech. Since they couldn't get the results they wanted, why of course they had to live in denial, in their alternate reality, and just pretend like they aged me 10 or more years. See, when perps fail, they love to harass the target by pretending they've succeeded anyways. Real failures, these dickheads. So now my perps are celebrating a moral victory. Well, for real winners, there is no such thing as a moral victory. You either win or lose. And I think it's odd that a bunch of criminals who pride themselves on never losing are settling for a moral victory on their part. Maybe it's more psych. warfare on their part, because these fuckers doing this are ruthless, and I can never see those types settling for anything other than a huge win over their "enemy".

They're just a bunch of jackoffs pretending to be hard, is all they are. Probably you could reverse this, if you found a nice home or system of support. You'd still have perps and harassers on your ass, until the day you died, though. That's what they're doing with me. They probably would love to get me on the run, on the streets, and into shelters, so they can fuck me up real bad.

When I was out walking last night, I was just rehearsing in my head how creepy all of this is, how I am being stalked by an invisible, faceless entity, having my life intruded into ruthlessly, and being expected to conform to the expectations and standards of faceless, nameless, anonymous, invisible covert entities who are basically stalking and objectifying me to no end. How creepy and unreasonable is that?

And why do I even have enemies in the first place? I'm the type who always made friends, not enemies. I had no bullies at one point in my life. All of sudden, I have enemies and stalkers (and stalker-enemies). So that says a lot about my oppressors, if they have made an enemy of me. Tells me they are up to something that is very fishy and suspect as well as criminal.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how many fuckwits and stupid people I run into on a nightly basis. I think how fucked up are these people, pledging allegiance to a faceless invisible entity (who is not even God by the way). The way they don't even think twice about doing skits and other bullshit to me. All because some invisible entity wants them too. What pussies they are. That'll be the day when I give up my will to an invisible well-connected bunch of stalker networks targeting me. That makes no sense to me at all, but the perps however, think it's so wonderful, engaging in these shady, sneaky activities. And it's all because some faction (Nazi govt.) is powerful and thinks they're God. It's like they've created this Tower of Babbel like you said.

Anonymous said... in less than 5 years they age you 10. Basically you could call that vampirism, by definition they sucked the life out of ya.

Rachael O. said...

YUP. Microwave and electromagnetic torture as well as a massive man powered campaign of psychological warfare will do that to ya. Not to mention the harsh betrayals of those closest to you,which would crush most normal people (non programmed) under normal circumstances. YUP.