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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, February 14, 2011

More Fun Stuff From Europe During vid included!

Is there anytime soon that you f*ckers want to grow up? This is one piece of manipulative bullsh*t.

Nuclear Blast (again).

(Gimme Burgers has a few good songs if only the synthesizers wud get lost. There is one guy in the band that is scary as hell. Actually they might be the most frightening black metal band due to seeming to know a hell of alot about the metaphysical realities of things.)

No matter what anyone says anywhere in this world during BUSH or now even, its not about good or evil dumbasses. Its about Man's right to chose. When you have the advantage of mind control technologies along with society's normal means of social control and an agenda as has been pushed through for decades now but most obviously during BUSH, MAN CANNOT POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO CHOOSE ACCORDING TO HIS OWN WILL.

Let people know what is out there that has the power to influence thier decision making and THEN the game will be fair again as it was. Well its never FAIR but making it so Man has no ability to think for himself at such intimate levels is just way to one sided.

Bush won the second election by the use of mind control technologies. End of story. There are more witnesses than just myself. Many people felt that they didnt vote on that day becuz they were FORCED and COMPELLED to vote Republican. And now they're flaunting Romney (Gov of MA during BUSH) as if its just going to happen anyway. He's going to get into office. He seems to have the approval of old man Bush which of course makes him dangerous as a candidate for anything. Another administration of this crap.

Mind control tech is what altered time and reality to get us into these messes we are in right now plain and simple. You can bury the truth, you can ignore it and you can try to destroy the messengers but it doesnt change the truth. Keep going for it.
And Hermes will keep delivering.

Do I really look that fat? (4:27) Eww.


Anonymous said...

Interesting you mention Oregon. I saw a number of years ago where Portland was named the most livable city, or Metro area. Something like that. I suppose they want to lull us all into a Reverie, like when you wake up, and have this lazy, Euphoric feeling, and don't want to go to work. That way, we'd be easier to control. If we are Euphoric and complacent, we are less likely to think.

Had some harassers again. Looked like rats. Fat bitches in SUV's smirking and looking overconfident. That's about it: people that look like rats, and fat overconfident bitches. That's our dominant faction. That and kids riding around looking for trouble. And parents teaching their kids how to act around targets (to make them feel like pedos). And they say we are the dumb ones.

Anonymous said...

They are desperate to regain control over us, that's all. That's all they can do -- have fat stupid smirking goons, rats, trouble-making truant kids harassing targets. And, don't forget about the all-time Classic -- kids who are taught by their perp moms and dads how to act around targets to make them feel like Pedos.

Tonight while on my way home, I got the sense that someone somewhere was very nervous that I was able to ignore and deflect the harassment, like their boss isn't going to be pleased for not getting the level of torment they were "supposed to" in me.

I try to maintain an isolation between me and my vehicle. By that I mean I like to walk everywhere whenever possible, as though I don't have a car. Have a car I am paying $300 a month for, and there is a possibility I will be giving it up. Struggling to break even making the payments.