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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Full Package of Effects On Targets Could Be Recorded and Played Back Like Emotional Signatures

Called someone I know in a far western state. When I called I noted that the reaction I got was one of waking from the state of mind control that is here in MA , to finding myself feeling things I had felt in that western location when I resided there.

This is not the first time I have experienced this phenomena. I am going to tell of my other experience during Bush as I believe its an important illustration of how the effects of this tech work.

I was in MI with a total psycho who got me up to live with her. I was naive and tired and terrified to the core (when I still had a core) and new at being heavily targeted. I saw red flags but was still so much in denial as any US citizen would normally be about this system actually being real.
While I was there I called my maternal grandmother's house as my mother lived there once again. This is the family I grew up with they are not strangers to me. I hadnt talked to them in many months. I gave it one more try and the conversation was pleasant enough until out of NOWHERE, I mean like nothing we were talking about would give way to, segway into, or relate to the subject of gang stalking or anything about my situation. I was revealing no information to anyone as it was the only way to gauge what was going on around me. Let the perps tell it is my motto. Let them give info for once. Me doing this is why they reverted to being overt and rude about it as it was the only way to get to me and use my being targeted as manipulation becuz I wasnt falling for going to the cops or being open about it at all.

Her next statement as I just said was out of nowhere, totally unrelated: "We miss you. When are you coming back? (odd silence)
Not to be perfect about some medication?" All I said in return was that I was dealing with organized crime and that was it. I said goodbye and as I hung up the phone I realized that I was now totally alone in this and my family was no longer an option ever again.

This is a woman who told me during the height of the harassment in that Brighton apartment: "Dont go to Cambridge or Brookline or it will just be a war back and forth". She said this to me in the living room of our family home. My mother was in the same room, at the same time and talked of "They are afraid of you".
So I knew that they were aware of the truth and they had finally both turned for some reason.

As I hung up I realized that my state of mind and of being had changed. I felt some physical effects come over me that were exactly like I was experiencing in the Waltham/Brighton area. Specifically my bladder acting up and this had only in Waltham actually when I resided at my family's home. The doctor said I had interstycial cystitis. He offered for me to take Elmiron a blood thinner that had a side effect of coating the bladder and protecting it from being irritated further. I was so trained to go through surgery to find the problem, I wanted another laparoscopy and for them to look into my bladder which now looking back was ridiculous. You have to understand that my family are trained to be obsessed with western medicine and being sick. Its due to their emotional and mental mind set that thier health effects them so drastically, that and as we will soon see, most likely due to being targeted.

I dont recall what the gyn said about his bit looking for endometriosis but I didnt have alot of symptoms this time but the urologist showed me photos of my bladder and it looked like the planet Mars. It was bright, deep red not pink. This is what makes it so painful.

I took that Elmiron for years until stopping it while realizing that suddenly many of my health problems went away upon traveling to other states, especially if I kept moving. I also realized that years ago, when I went to live in Las Vegas for a few years. I noted some health issues disappeared but then returned upon my coming back to Boston area. I also stopped taking Elmiron due to the fact it got spiked with something when I was in St Louis and got my script in Illinois just over the border. After taking it I started to think of nothing but saying the words "I want to conform, I want to obey" and actually feeling forced to say this out loud. I experimented and found that this occurred only when the (corrupt) Elmiron was taken. One can assume that 'they' have made large progress and great strides in their mind control drugs. It may also simply contain properties or chemicals that compliment or assist in being receptive to whatever tech is used. I couldnt tell.

I also developed an anxiety disorder in Waltham, complete with panic attacks. The first one ever led me right into the ER thinking it was a heart attack and of course they put me right in with a psychiatrist, becuz hey- this is a panic attack, not a physical ailment.

Once you realize the role of tech, chemicals and psych warfare used on TI's in spaces public and private as well as the general public you start to see how illogical and un reasonable it is to have a doc claim that something so similar to a heart attack is something caused by the mind. If that were the case, why not treat the mind or the psyche? Psychiatry makes up this mysterious place within us where 'disorders' hail from. OK so I am having physical symptoms- but you see nothing when I am examined to show any signs of physical illness or defect. So...then it must be caused by an anxiety 'disorder'? All right then: where does this disorder hail from? What is its cause? What is the mechanism behind its coming to be within the body, as it is expressed physically? If it is of the mind, then one needs to desperately treat the mind or they whole person. And also why the sudden onset when ho problems existed prior?

The other, much more logical explaination is: its the use of technologies on Targeted Individuals. This would fit in with the circumstances and be a much more logical explanation opposed to the ever mysterious 'disorder' model. If tech was used to cause such physical pain and symptoms it would NOT show up when examined at the hospital for physical causes of such pain, also the quick onset of such an occurence without warning.
There were other things happening in that house as well, all go hand and hand with a residence being targeted or having electromagnetic disturbances.

In MI as well as throughout my travels I left behind in MA among other things, my interstitial cystitis and my severe anxiety. One could say that perhaps I am geared through DNA to travel naturally so I was anxiety ridden when caged in one place, thus now having found my natural level of excersise, etc. If I ever thought that was the only explanation then hanging up that phone calling my grandmother changed my theory.
I immediately got the same effects as back home. My bladder started to hurt, I got the same anxiety levels- it was like replaying an emotional signature, which I have posted about but with physical changes as well.

I told the woman I was staying with (a criminal opportunist posing as a TI) about this. She left the room, went upstairs, made a phone call and came back down minutes later, then asked me "Is that better?" and it was. Whatever she had done upstairs I no longer had those effects.

This occured one other time. When I returned back to Boston in perhaps 2008 or so I wud have to look it up. It was well into my learning about this system and being hip to the tech and druggings but not smart enough yet about gang stalking. I was in Kenmore Sq panhandling and I got slammed by a huge perp group that seemed to be there for months that summer. I mean they covered the entire Kenmore area and were really overt about being a group. It was in front of 7-11 that I saw a woman from NA, she tried to talk to me but I dont recall how I reacted- probably ignored her. Her name was Linda I believe and she was close to the crowd of rich jerks I was stupid enough to hang out with in NA. She passed by turned to her male friend and said "You know who that used to be?" and I didnt hear the rest. USED to be? Talk about psychological warfare.

Ignoring the brain dead brunette cultie from NA (she was in a cult before being in NA) I sat back down the business of making some money for expenses. The same effects then hit me as had in MI after that phone call. And I could tell this time it was tech induced due to how quickly it came about as well as it was the same exact things, anxiety and my bladder acting up in a severe way. After experiencing being targeted with close range weapons, like the ones that are used to make you nauseous, and it was done from just outside where I was from perps in a car (AZ) I now knew what tech felt like- it comes on far to quickly for it to be a manifestation of the body..or thier mysterious disorder. (Perps will read this. They will now make sure that thier tech does not come on too quickly. Dangers of the enemy using your findings to improve thier systems of attack. For all I know that is what this is all about. If that is the case I am owed a hell of a consulting fee).
I immediately started documenting this and calling other TI's and it went away real fast. Just left as fast as it came.

So the effects a TI experiences within one area, say thier home area especially when they begin to get targeted in earnest, are perhaps similar to emotional signatures being recorded and replayed.
Dont steal my research or else

I am being kept here against my Will at this point and slowly brainwashed daily. being made afraid of things, afraid of leaving.
This is not the first time I have noted the effects of one state I have resided in returning once I leave and call someone fromt that other state.


Anonymous said...

You still can't escape the psy-ops in the media, though. Those are the ones that are killers for me.

Anonymous said...

Can you be clearer on what you mean by different mind control in MA as opposed to the other states? Each place has a different vibe I know but I've read your blog long enough and I don't see a bit of difference in your mind set or writings than when you were out west. You are saying the same things and seems like nothing has changed since I started reading your blog. What is so different about MA and why is that you're so consciously AWARE yet you cannot ACT to leave? Maybe if you explain that it can explain a lot cause see ALL the RA survivors I've known were never AWARE of this stuff and if they were it would have been different. The RA people I know had to be deprogrammed before awareness like what you display came out.

Anonymous said...

Amsoldierofchrist Go to the link below , just type it in as below this is the truth you seek .
Your friend Mark .