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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Social Networks Being Monitored as Part of Mind Control and Behavior Modification

I have known for some time this is happening. Through common sense and other things. When my my mother set me up during Bush one of her sick comments was "I am very interested in the way your mind works". It was obvious even then that it was going to be a process of getting information out of me.

This is needed by perps for them to use against a TI in the campaign. Its definitely a control over the person.

I realized long ago that I was being baited and treated basically like a serial killer or some other form of criminal that FBI types play psych games with to get information or manipulate them. The reason this bothers me only minimally, as far as it really hurts my feelings on top of being the victim in all this I have to deal with being made to feel like a common criminal. But the only way for them to validate what they are doing is to either keep up the charade that the TI is really a dangerous mind that needs to be controlled or to at least make the TI think this constantly while being monitored to keep strict control over them.

Its obvious that my own narcissistic tendencies were going to be tapped into in order to get info out of me but that also does not bother me so much. Why? Becuz I know that the system is corrupt, that THEY are at fault, that if I had not been so oppressed my artistic tendency towards narcissism would have had a healthy outlet by now in the arts even as a side project to a more sensible career like counselling. Remember what Romney's brat spawn said about Eric Clapton with a snide attitude: "He's such an talented arrogant artist". These f*ckers know what they are doing to people and they know the cracks in the psyches of every TI. They are not in the right however they are, like Laura, just the most selfish, self absorbed, pieces of sh*t on the face of the earth. They arent talented or special enough to be arrogant. Arrogance only comes with true power, its just a very bad expression of true power. Throwing your weight around would require you having some weight to begin with. Perps have no real power as individuals and I have yet to see one that does.

Its interesting that they resent arrogance from certain people but their eye popping selfishness is never an issue. It sucks not to stand out doesnt it? At least most arrogant artists have something to give. Perps give nothing they only take.

To try to tame any artist is akin to murder and should be treated as such. All I can think of is the speech I posted by that British speaker yesterday. The destruction and absorbing into the whole (EU) of individual nation-states IS very much like destroying individuals with gs and absorbing them into the mass, via forced conformity through the methods of brainwashing and torture.

Why do I keep getting the impression that this is all being done for the ultimate survival of mankind in space? Why does that keep coming up, ever time I try to counter what this system is doing to individuals and the world? It really is a good way to ultimately force people to go along with the program. No one can deny the survival of an entire species from total destruction. But does it have to be done THIS way? They got cards they are not showing and I am sick of looking at the play, counting and knowing what they are holding but not being sure or knowing what the exact end to the game will be.

Its been very important part of thier experimentation for people like myself to blog incessantly to the exclusion of basic survival. First of all its proves I am nuts or can be used for that and second it has given them years of free information from thier subject to make thier job easier. Its important to them I beg the system for my life all the time by complaining about what is going on here on this blog.

These are extra curricular corrections programs but the only reason someone like me is in one is becuz they need to cover thier asses from the beginning for what THEY created. They also dont want to pay my mother and myself or admit to damages from radiation exposure. The whole thing is just to cover thier own asses. And if I can show my mother was a documented experimentee and then start describing high level programming and being an expendable via going through suicide programming that pretty much would fill in the blanks as to what was in those files that Helms destroyed.

I have to be villified and monitored and then 'corrected'. Also, I get the feeling that human subjects for experimentation are hard to come by as it is highly illegal but this faction does not seem to lack funds for thier activities. I also sense that someone very influential and wealthy is into the idea of keeping a pet or a prisoner and those that want me silenced are just too happy to comply. This system is very good at being dual or multi purpose. Why not make money off someone while having them controlled and silenced?

Imagine if you had the legal ability to constantly monitor someone. And being totally corrupt you might then make a few bucks by selling that monitoring off to very rich people as a sort of ultimate Truman Show or reality show.

Either that or its a good trick of the mind control tech that a TI should feel monitored all the time as if strangers were peering into thier world as entertainment while the whole operation is being done under some cover story like the person being on some bogus national security list or something.

I recall this man Mark from Florida who was in Watertown NA made allusions to the idea that Jake had something to do with me being monitored in my apartment but it was ongoing and being used as entertainment. His response was "Well, its not hurting you". Which of course is a bold faced lie becuz its helped drive me crazy and destroy my life. Of course this is a man who was nicknamed Hugger Mark due to the way he forced hugs onto all the females in that meeting. And those of us who just knew it was connected to his being a child molester, just becuz its struck us that way, those of us who had his number and didnt like the coercion and control he would target as a group and individually. This is the connection to kiddie rings that is ALWAYS eventually found with drugs and money laundering which was the focus on the federal investigation.

The TI must be persecuted as he/she is usually a good victim witness with alot of information that ties things together in ways that other victims had not previously been able to do.

I feel monitored on social networking sites just the way I feel monitored on blogger but I feel that on the social network sight its a bit more friendly and its geared more towards some party who is mostly sympathetic towards me. Blogger feels like its pure call and return mind control part of behavior modification.

Its like a bad trip that ends on a schedule and isnt present on Sundays (Boston area only) and holidays or underground in buildings. But that is what the remote influence is like a constant trip.

Take Susan Atkins for example or anyone who either commits creepy senseless murders or goes postal. My wanting to become a counselor is a far cry from slicing up some actress for the Church of...oops I mean Manson. Ahem.. You know a few of his peeps were from COS. And that Tate was the wife of Polanski who just happened to make Rosemary's Baby right? Duh, hello ritual murder. Get a clue. And putting pigs on the walls I have seen that in pics of Satanic churches or areas. Cutting a fetus out of its mother? Pretty violent for a random murder right? Violent and symbolic. Either he pissed someone off or it was his contribution sacrifice to the cult. The first born..or unborn. And a very pretty woman as well.
All mind control related all brainwashing and programming. I would like to see an honest detectives opinion of the crime scene. Most likely a foreign detective. American authorities lie consistently about how 'random' these extremely violent criminal acts really are. No one does such a thing that is so violent without reason or provocation and if someone is that mentally ill then it wud have been seen by people before that point. And I dont mean the person is kept an eye on due to being dangerous while that same system drives them nuts so they go postal.

The entire system that works silently to cause chaos and violence in our country is covered up completely by deceptions. Why would any human being take part in such violent actions as the Tate murders or lone shootings. The common perception is that its simply due to America being that way by chance or by nature or that its a defect of its design. It sounds reactionary and we have to wonder to WHAT exactly then. Many of these crimes have suspect circumstances and if looked at one can see there is a motive that goes beyond random.

Monitoring is what the system has to do to further conduct unethical human experimentation. Its also what it has to do to victim witnesses that have its number.


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    And look how stoned everyone looks, as well as the strange expressions by Clapton. Doesn't really look like him at all.

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