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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Once Again Science Proves My Theories/ We Are Guinea Pigs 24/7

Did I or did I not write in one of those horrid posts a few days ago, the one I wrote about Carmen the black girl I fight with often, that I tend to chose the people in my life as friends or foe depending on DNA and that I can sense this? I did indeed.

And I also wrote that about my black friend who just had a baby in So Cal. That I felt a kinship with her due to her mannerisms being exactly like my own mother's so this indicated to me that we must be related somewhere DNA wise. Her voice was also a bit like my mother's. And my reactions to her having to be homeless while pregnant were all about this primitive urge to protect her and even kill animals for her if she was hungry! In modern day SD here I am having an urge to kill an animal for my pregnant black friend who reminds me of my mother! Also my reaction to her after giving birth was to leave her out of my life. This has alot to do with RA and my own inablility to have children but it was much more pronounced due to her reminding me of my own mother and giving birth. Something was too close and I needed to get away from her. I still only speak to her occasionally.
In other words it made my reactions from RA and programming more intense. I have friends that have given birth and I have not abandoned them. This might also be due to my mother abandoning me during BUSH at the height of the harassment. It could also be some strange affinity with my tapping into a male familial conshusness in our DNA family line and when she gave birth, since it wasnt mine in some male part of my familial mind and her husband didnt seem like kin I just left her to her 'new' kin. It was all very primitive.

I have known for some years that DNA plays a large role in who we choose as friends enemies etc.
Now science is once again telling us that we know what we already KNOW we know. Confused? The deception of modern science is that for some reason we dont realize that scientists are telling us intellectually what we already seem to know on other levels. They are spelling it out for us. The problem with this is that we do not need it spelled out for us as, obviously Nature's system in place works fine (as usual). So what is thier motivation?
It would make sense that if you were planning one of two things you would be taking this action:
You are either going to take in all this information so you can replicate it and re create humanity in another location
you are going to start messing with that already perfect system in place and start to play god, which is what they seem to do anyway as a pattern of behavior.

Why doesnt any one do a DNA testing of scientists and see why they are they way they are? Why they reject common people with intuition and common sense and bundle together among thier own brainy, nerdy kind to the exclusion of others. I bet you in their genes there is also a marker that shows a group of people that think they know best for everyone they percieve as beneath them and will stop at nothing, including considering the feelings of others in changing the entire world for 'the better'. Becuz I have seen this behavior and this attitude among the Harvard kids who run the shelter in Harvard Sq. As well meaning as they are and as nice and they are to us, once you get close enough, you get the sense that you are a child in thier eyes, a class of people that dont know how to run thier own lives. They are smarter and understand the world moreso than we do. And I bet you this is a DNA component as they also look like each other alot of the time as well.

Found this article googling 'science is a business'. Did that by viewing vids from MIT homepage that show different alumni. Nice and they seem and as smart as they are, I know that they clan together. I have peeked in on meetings of post grad or older working MIT types in the building and they are intimidating as hell to just look at. I imagine myself in the room and how outnumbered I would be, how totally intimidated. These are not people who are going to consider my class's opinions as valid. Yet through my constant research and blogging I have shown that I am smart, and that I seem to know things about life, my environment and myself through a combo of intelligence and intuition. This is where science fails. It has not really learned to work with Nature, and 'Nature' is intuition. You can analyze intuition now if you want and map out genes for it or psychic phenomena all you want. NATURE still exists like god or some other higher, unexplainable entity, that guides humans through their daily lives.
Do we really need scientists to explain away with methods and numbers what we seem to already know?

Let me tell you something. Theories and collections of DNA evidence and labs are not going to help you get laid, choose a mate, differentiate between friend or foe. Without the ACTIVE use of these mechanisms provided us by Nature, we cannot survive.
What scientists are doing is gaining a power play over human society with the power of technology by analyzing the hell out of every little detail of being human, then feeding it back to us and saying 'look we found out why you are the way you are', whats intimated is 'therefore WE are not the gods and since we rule by superior knowledge, we are going to change things in the way humans live, work etc accordingly, becuz obviously we know what makes things tick' and only they can make sense of it I suppose they subconsciously believe as well.

This is just as annoying as math heads having to check Pollock's work with math theories in order to validate him as an artist. That is one of the worst cases of utter bullshit I have ever come across and from that story I could tell it was only going to get worse with them analyzing everything up and down, to the last minute detail.

What would make MORE sense is if you did a DNA study on a peasant like me to find out why I dont need numbers to see his work is valid. I could always tell by looking at it. WHY? Becuz my grandmother had the hand of a draftsman and my grandfather was a painter. I have 'an eye' as they call it. I understand the Mona Lisa and I see the tricks, I read the language of painters without education. Education would've only honed my raw talent into great skill. I had the hand of a brain surgeon in my 20's.

Yet all this and still someone of my class and station gets no respect and actually is outright dismissed.

I had the drive to stay up for days with no sleep to finish a work until it was done. To a psychiatrist that would indicate I have mania not talent even though I was motivated to stay up not just staying awake for no reason. Psychiatry and science dont consider passions. This Anglo-Judaic-Christian society is more uncomfortable with passions and like concepts more than ever. We live in a time of easy access to porn, drugs, violence but there is something very sterile about it. Its been rendered very boring in alot of ways even cheapened.
Why dont they have a DNA test for passion? They seem to steer clear of DNA test for things that are socially unacceptable or that they fear, unless its put into the realm of 'fixing' something abnormal.

I would love to see the DNA testing that is probably classified on psychic abilities. And you know there is some testing on that and its hidden due to psychiatry existing to tell us such things dont exist to begin with, which of course is in direct conflict with other information sources that validate its existence, namely the police being documented to use psychics to solve crimes and psychics being used in warfare. Even older psychic experimentation proved these abilities exist.

The problem here is that scientists are trying to get us to believe that their mirroring back our own bodies and minds to us in numbers, theories, labs and tests is a sort of ultimate Truth about life. It makes them seem powerful, actually grants them power over society.

Yet by omitting other truths from their ultimate equation they cannot possibly be reflecting an ultimate truth or reality at all.
They disregard people based on class and education just like the rest of us slobs show discrimination towards other humans, they are attempting to dominate like apes over other apes by having superior knowledge. By excluding other 'tribes' understanding of things and by only presenting thier version of reality they are only doing what apes do, what is so typically human. Gaining power over other factions of human beings.

Lets take a genetic test for all successful scientists out there that burn thier competition especially in business. What we will find are not saints or priests or gods in the know, above us in everything but wholly human people looking for things that are attractive to most humans especially in a western Capitalist society. My scope may be severely limited by lack of education, life experience, socialization and brain damage from gs/mycotoxicosis but I always understand the basics.
Is there a gene for snobbery? Test and find out. I suspect many scientists have it. What about selfishness. The documentation on human experimentation that is unethical even cruel shows a propensity towards being mercenary, greedy, selfish, self serving, self aggrandizing, pig headed, snobby, elitist and into the further more horrid experimentation sadistic, mad or with the characteristics of a serial killer.
Illegal human experimentation keeps happening and every time society catches it and corrects that, scientists themselves just seem to go right back and apply themselves towards how to get away with it and not be caught this time, which I think now they have succeeded at.

And once again any outcry will be ignored due to they fitting the pattern above of selfishness, elitism and believing they know best for every other class.

Many of us have experienced abuse by the medical field and academia which of course is suspect due to those factions being documented to be interwoven with science in the subject of past cases of unethical human experimentation. Our experiences as TI's as well as the past recorded behavior patterns of this population would indicate a very good chance that our 'theories' are also correct: that there is an active program of human experimentation within society right now. And it is unethical, abusive and disturbing to its experimentees namely other human beings.

Just last night as I lay on a mat at the shelters, it seemed that one of the posts I wrote gained the reward of my NOT being given the idea that being ripped away from my old friend J. was a good idea as this is always pushed by outside suggestion. And I got the impression that someone, somewhere was taking note as to how strange it was that her and I were similar, that we resembled each other in certain ways. That they were taking this in and analyzing it, that due to my being around her for so long I picked up her knowledge of life and some of her mannerisms, I also sensed that whoever was doing this analyzing was also considering that we had some similar genes or DNA and this also might be the reason for our long time bonding. Us both being addicts was a key in the person's theory.
And what do I read in this article? That people with addict genes tend to bond closely with one another.

Do you know what its like to be held captive for years on end in this system, to be analyzed and when that is not occurring as the victim can somehow sense what the analyzer is thinking or doing, to be interfaced with and behavior modified constantly by abusing heavy handed psychology like behaviorism, classical conditioning etc? Its like I'm not even human. I am this lab animal to them. Totally dehumanized. And of course considering this is part of silencing victim witnesses that will do nicely for thier main goal.

I was warned years ago by an informant on the street who dropped info in my lap, as they often do out of nowhere: "There is more experimentation going on in MA than in Maryland".

From what I have experienced there is a faction of people who know what is going on and then there is the experimentees which makes up alot of society. What creeps me out is the handlers. It see now that gang stalkers are essentially society's handlers via covert ops. Becuz the people who know what is being done to society, to the people, have the personalities of extremely guilt ridden persons or they tend to be the biggest, self righteous a-holes in existence of the human race that are satisfied to serve factions even moreso.

THIS is what Targeted Individuals get to see close up and first hand. And no one believes us. I think that becuz we get wind of what is going on, they just come after us and show us how far its gone, how much power they have over humanity at this point that they do NOT want people to know about. They figure once we see how extreme it is, our outlook will change, we will become overwhelmed and just shut up about the whole thing. Also that no one will believe our now complete view of the subject whereas people may have considered simply the tip of the iceburg before.

Everyone knows something is off about our world right now but no one wants to challenge it as well as people are stressed out, tired and intimidated. Which is exactly what they want.
Hell I cant even get work done due to being exhausted Mon-Sat and traditionally Targets end up this way from the use of tech making them exhausted. I was also kept here against my Will.

I know damn well that due to my past mold exposure I NEED to be in the south west for health reasons at least part of the year. Especially now due to the induced allergic reaction condition I now cannot take any medicines or herbs meant to control the fungus or damage from that from that moldy apartment. I am a constant yeast infection with bad breath and there is not a thing I can do about it becuz I cant take any medicines. Overwhelmed, traumatized and tired, and under mind control during the week, I simply plod on this blog only knowing how to keep going in a storm without being able to see what is in front of me or if there is a way out of its path.
Of course Sunday I can plainly see the way out of its path. Get a damn ticket out of here for cheap for 2 months and return when its ok to sleep outside again. Its that damn simple- yeah ON SUNDAYS when the remote influence is low. But sure enough comes Monday and the next day and I get caught in this bizarre trap, this mental thinking process that does not allow for direct thought or logical problem solving. I become fearful of making decisions for myself, I lose whatever sensibility exists RIGHT NOW, TODAY that makes problems solving seem easy and I start to second guess myself as well as be advised by outside forces that I should stay here, try to get housed, why not wait out the winter I have been here half way already, that I should work on getting a lawyer not leave etc etc. However, doing those things the advisers if you will, seem to not consider the realities of my situation as far as survival goes. I try to break through the system by worrying about those practical issues only to then seemingly fuck up THIER control system and plunge myself into a now off track system that causes torture of mind, spirit and emotion. Its like they put you in a roller coaster and as long as you dont move, you are seated and secure you will survive the ride though emotionally and otherwise you may not be enjoying yourself. When you put your own Will forward, its like standing up in the seat or rocking the ride out of control and like in cartoons, the ride with passengers becomes wild and dangerous, barely missing turns and hardly keeping on the track.

IF I PUT FORTH MY OWN WILL, I SUFFER. This is the basic lesson of this action.
( I have also suffered lately only during the hours of tech used, with being hit with something, it actually causes pain in specific parts of my body and it is something very common to Boston/Cambridge area. I also have found my body jerking especially when relaxed or sleepy. This also happens here more frequently. Could be brain damage from mold exposure and it could be tech being used.)

And STILL they can go to hell. I will most likely find a way out from under this or beat their system somehow. Lately, I get little done, I get fat and age and get sicker the longer I stay here. But if I leave I am hitting destination blind not knowing what is there (which I can handle) and take my life in my hands traveling with no money sometimes hitching rides etc. And I dont feel that the luck is with me this year like last year for traveling. I sense if I go out again, things will not go as smoothly as prior. But staying here is pure torture, literally. I cant get anything done, I am constantly eating (and i note that I do NOT have this urge on Sundays) so I have gotten a bit fat and its unhealthy, I am constantly still gang stalked even though its not done overtly anymore and that causes stress and doubt, I cant focus on getting a lawyer doctors etc in the brain dead state that is maintained by this system. And dont say leave the city becuz everyone knows there are no resources outside of the cities and I would be out of place outside the city, unless I was traveling or in a rural area with friends.

I cannot believe that there are so many people in this country who know this is going on and just accept this is the new way of doing things. That I shud just get out of the city limits and thats the way to do things. WTF? And nobody even tells the public overtly its all done by informants and sneakily and that is for someone like me who has some kind of connections that care about my welfare. Imagine if I didnt have help? Psych meds and low income housing, totally brain dead not knowing this is NOT reality.

And how is that acceptable from any source of power within our country or any other?
Cant revolt due to constant all around surveillance and being under mind control, ultimately with too much to lose? Society allowed this to happen by not taking action or taking enough severe action over time. The country is big enough that the covert factions that have a web or blanket network over the entire nation can manage things and anyone wanting to revolt can be handled, manipulated singled out etc and neutralized.
But from what our scientist friends tell us constantly, that every minute detail of our actions, behaviors and lives consists of nothing but cause and reaction from some levers within us being triggered to be pulled or not- then I have to assume that they know what the rebel DNA is, and most likely have quite a good idea as to what cultures, what countries, and what PEOPLE are going to be a problem or not.

This is also another reason to collect info and kicks ass gaining the advantage over society by superior knowledge of its citizens. CONTROL of that society. And not just through manipulation like them constantly ripping us apart, analyzing the parts and then putting us together again like Dr. Frankenstein, telling us THEY know what makes us tick so they might as well by the creators of life- but through knowing things about the public that would be of interest to other bodies who cannot parade as so benign. History can tell you what factions that would be..or use your common sense.

Becuz according to scientists, we are pretty f*ckin smart really. It just takes them putting a mirror up to us to prove it as such I guess.

Its becuz you are too busy being caught up in other reflections, other mirrors like cameras and tv screens or interactive mirrors like computer monitors. You....might want to look at that, instead of continuing to look at them blindly.

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  1. I think that was the downfall of 'modern' classical music as well. Schoenberg was brilliant, but he was too mathematical. At least in principle. Schoenberg still has some tremendously good stuff though. I think we can blame Beethoven and his "Great Fugue" as well select other late Beethoven for this. ;-) I really wished he could've lived 20 more years. But the Great Fugue is awesome (in my opinion). Very jaggy, but full of pain and emotion.