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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emotional Signatures Used in Mind Control

I want to add something concerning the latter part of that post.

In the Lutheran Church, location of the Harvard Sq Homeless shelter, run by Harvard Students, I have experienced some remote influence effects. During the height of the harassment it was much worse. Now I dont experience this as much in the women's dorm. However, I put into that last post that I experienced feelings of being watched when in the women's shower. I only use one of the two showers regularly so I dont know if this would occur in the other shower stall.

I also experience having a certain emotional signature induced, the same one, repeatedly in said shower stall. This is outside of the ideation of being watched as mentioned in last post.

A few months ago while still sleeping outside, namely in front of the Harvard CoOp book store, I posted that I was experiencing re-living a specific moment in time, not literally but having a strong sensation of experiencing the FEELINGS I had during that moment. It was a very anchored moment in my conshusness anyway. My first trip into the northwest made me realize that this, not the south west was the most primitive part of the US. After driving miles and miles through places like the Dakotas, seeing nothing but hills and no human or animal life, hills of such vast size, one starts to regress into another age on this planet. When things were bigger in general. One starts to imagine dinasors roaming the land, not modern man who seems ant-like in comparison.

Upon my leaving Utah on my recent return trip which once again took me through the large and grand northwest area, we went 80 I believe or whatever highway one would leave out of Salt Lake City UTAH to go through Wyoming. There was no cell reception for my cheap mobile phone company, in this area one has to have Verizon. I read that they have thier own carriers locally for this area. No internet, no cell phone. About half way through there is nothing but land mass but its different than the peaceful Dakotas. Part way through, about before dark so afternoon to evening, I experienced the sensation of something within the land or under ground that was very large, and possessed great power. Native Americans used to stay away from certain areas as hunting grounds due to them having bad energies. Since these areas are not inhabited by man, its safe to say that it may be that these primitive energies are still afoot, still a part of the land. For a person with not Native DNA ties, being on American soil without either Native Americans to be diplomats of sorts with the land, or areas built up by European and other immigrants thus creating a false environment on the land, without either of these present, the raw land mass of this country can get very strange and unfamiliar to non Natives. Either that or there is something there- an underground base or something else present. It was like remote influence in cities but it seemed much bigger in scale. And it lasted for a very large length of land bigger than a city like Boston or NYC.

Whatever it was it was new to my experience and made a very strong emotional and sensational memory. It was almost like the feelings one gets when looking at moon landing photographs or footage. Perhaps the best way to describe it was like visiting another planet. I have been through all the weirdest areas with the strangest 'vibes' like Southern California, parts of the southwest and even the midwest. But nothing compares to this. It was like feeling one was no longer on earth but another planet. Youd have to go there to see how the land is laid out. If you are from the east you never in your life have experienced the sensations of being around huge masses of land and natural structures that cannot be conquered by man.

I also did not grow up in that area so do not have what I call a Native American 'guest pass'. This is just my own perception but I have always felt protected by the Native forces in MA. There is something giving and cooperative about the Native energies in the northeast. Its sad that so much of the land is inhabited by non Natives but plenty of people here have native in them and you can see it plainly. Its very mixed into the white DNA so it only comes out as Native features or voice tones within someone who appears Caucasian. However, there is a distinct energy that comes out of anyone with Native DNA even if you cant see it. When they become angry, the energy of thier temper is very distinct and will always reflect some Native American influence. Again I grew up in a foster home for 5 years with a family that was obviously part Native so I assume that familiarized me with this energy.
Perhaps me growing up with Native influences and being shown the land by people part Native who engaged in hunting etc gave me that guest pass for life. Or perhaps its some connection between Asian DNA brought into Eastern Europe by invasions from the east, and that one Ice Age Asian native that crossed over Alaska to create the Native American tribes. No idea, but its something. Some connection, some mutual appreciation. I will always feel protected by the land here in New England.

But perhaps not growing up in the northwest I dont have that guest pass. I was never exposed to these specific local energies of land and its native peoples so when encountering it for the first time, it was rather a psychic shock. Americans are so jaded. They have no idea how many personal frontiers lie beyond thier little worlds where they live. You're slaving in some job or thinking I am nuts or whatever and being harnessed always by your ignorance of what lies beyond and Im like visiting other countries and even other planets!! Try it some time if like me you have a break with your life and they try to make you think there is no way out of the prison they build for you.
Its such a joke that man thinks he can ever imprison other men totally and completely. And mass mind control is another one of those pathetic attempts which will fail in time hopefully.

I picked up this very strong and distinct emotional signature while in that location at that moment. The term I just used is what its called in relation to the technologies used in mind control. There exists technologies that can record a human beings emotional signatures and there are claims they can be 'played back' to the person thus artificially making them experience that feeling and moment mentally once again. This has been most written about in connection with the US Navy as having this capability.
(i will post link tomorrow)

Strangely, when sleeping in the CoOp I had this occur many times. And the emotional signature that was being used was that specific one I experienced while going through that part of Wyoming. It would only occur in the CoOp and no where else in Harvard Sq area or in MA for that matter.
However, when I began staying at the Lutheran Church the Harvard Shelter run by students, in the same shower stall I experienced feeling watched (only during the usual hours of tech being in use 6 am -12 am mon-sat) I also experienced just as strongly as at the CoOP the reliving or replaying of that emotional signature. It struck me as odd that it was freqently in this location. A shower? WHY? I considered briefly if it had something to do with being underground as the shelter is in a church basement. I also considered that the womens bathroom is not only underground but has no windows, one door and is enclosed with only the men's room beside it. I believe its only earth that is beside the back wall, where this shower stall is. I also considered this was probably on purpose as it was occurring in the same location as the feelings of being watched through the upper corner of the wall.

It sounds like insanity but again its so specific to LOCATION as well as it follows all the patterns of TECHNOLOGIES being used not mental illness from within an individual. This follows suit with all my other experiences in being Targeted across the USA. Location and behaviors that indicate its technology. What is odd this time is that its in a basement where usually the effects of what is experienced outside are lessened. What seems to be the case in the HSHS is that there are different effects within that basement than outside. It could be that there is some seperate set up within that area. It could also be that due to it being partially underground, the entire tech set up is interrupted and some things leak through that are specific instead of a human being or Target specifically experiencing an entire tech management system. It could also be due to that specific location in the church basement being in proximity to some part of tech locally and it has that effect on that corner of that room. Like it creates a strange effect due to being underground but close to a tower or something like that. Its just in the 'wrong' spot and strange results occur.

This is doubtful however becuz that emotional signature seems to be meant to get some sort of result from me. Its certainly disorienting. It also brings me very much out of the reality I am presently occupying in that moment and holds me prisoner to that other moment. And its not my mind wandering through memories. Its very much from the outside and its brought on suddenly, almost like its being hit with something.

Its purpose I think was to make me feel out of control which is a main goal of this system, by capturing my mind with something that was so compelling, so much greater than myself- mighty. With that kind of reaction, the system could be that 'godlike' to me by presenting that memory in all its greatness. It also had something creepy to do with inferring that there are either underground bases there or ..ahem, alien activity. Until I see monsters which is what aliens look like, straight on in THIS conshusness in the flesh right in front of me I am not accepting any intimations of any alien activity. Present evidence all you want. All of my gang stalkers and all of my tormenters have been quite human.

Those are the strange experiences in Harvard I have had. During the summer I had this feeling of being watched like on camera in the Sq and I learned that there are constant surveillence cameras pointed at the Sq so its quite possible someone is indeed watching. In fact I often wonder if this Truman Show thing isnt just a TI being an interesting personality that ends up being a small celebrity on what is not the world reality show. Its quite possible that surveillence cameras have created an in place reality show setting and if yer rich enough or connected you can observe as you please any location.
And it would make sense that its done more overtly to people that others perceive as mentally ill, so that its considered not that big of a crime. Kind of like filming crazy homeless people for amusement and putting it on You Tube. People figure the person isnt sane enough to know the difference.
With me, I was going through not only deprogramming but being driven insane by mold exposure and people messing with me, psychological warfare.

So the situation poses itself. What happens if a person considered mentally ill and helpless and best of all for the exploiters, oblivious, in time becomes versed in what is going on with the exploitation of them, and becomes aware. Then decides to expose it as well as demand society take responsibility. That is what has occurred with me. The homeless guy acting crazy you filmed all of a sudden comes to you, seemingly having somehow gotten his shit together, and demands you explain why you took embarrassing footage of him in such a vulnerable moment.

I dont think that most of society that was shown The Rachael Show realized exactly what was behind this. And now its been presented to them they either have the decency to stop watching or they are not totally freaked out by the victim knowing what they did and being able to defend herself. Society is pissed off as the crazy person in the video isnt supposed to 'get better' and come at them as an intellectual equal demanding explaination for thier behavior and damages.
This system DOES hurt people. It hurts very sensitive people, who can tell they are being monitored. Who know that power is being abused. That the Patriot Act has enabled the kids of the elite and thier servants to create the worlds biggest reality show.

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Medawar said...

It's entirely possible that you are being watched in the shower, of course. A lot of harassment centres on showers, baths and the toilets, precisely because we have a deep-rooted need for these to be private.

Technology helps, of course, but there were two-way mirrors and spyholes long before there were tiny pin-hole wi-fi cameras at $100 a pair including the receiver.

90% of the targets may never become clearly conscious of what's being done to them. As for those that do:

There is absolutely no excuse or justification for what's been done. Perps tend to keep doing it and they keep pretending it's the target's mental illness, because this avoids having to explain the inexcusable.

Keep trying to pin them down, because the organizers are likely to have been recruited precisely because they are pathological liars, and they can be made to snap -and it's pretty spectacular when they go!

Don't accept ANY "justification" for any of this, though: they can cling to that and keep doing what they do. There is NO justification for manipulating another's life and thoughts. It is an absolute wrong and no less evil than genocide, because it destroys the lives and possibilities that masses of people might have had.