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Monday, February 7, 2011

National Examiner: Articles On the Use of Tech and Human Research

-Remote energy technology: The NYS youth genocide

-Remote energy technology: NYS political assassinations, med set ups $ eugenics

-NYS criminal microchips $ remote energy technology experiments target youth

-Human rights obstructions: Unregulated criminal human research experimentation

"Miriam Snyder is a human rights advocate, minister, and education administrator with a life time history of human rights work. She is well versed in biblical and man made laws. She holds a post graduate NYS license in education administration and a Master of Science degree in TESOL . She , speaks, reads, writes and counsels in English and Spanish. She is an exemplary and passionate human rights advocate, educator , and minister."

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Anonymous said...

Check out they have expanded the billboards 10 in california, 1 wiscosin, now 1 in florida, the whole world is starting to here about this stuuf, I never heard of any of this a couple of years ago and nows theirs thousands and thousands of websites on gangstalking and DEW. more billboards means more lawsuits thats will end all this crap