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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Targets Being Framed as Sex Offenders or Perverts

Whats amazing is that they use all kinds of crooked, underhanded tactics to make the Target look guilty of these things. I know this is most likely being done to me due to the fact that it was pushed heavily by perps to f*ck up my head really bad over the first few years. Julie kept intimating that her very gay friend/landlord @ the Savin Hill apartment was in trouble for looking at the wrong website accidentally. So I assume that the break ins or hacking could have occured to accomplish this on a computer my mother gave me (which of course looking at her part in this I wonder now if that computer as a gift was not the Trojan horse in my story. She may have known it would be used in a frame up.) This seems to have been a popular frame up during the Bush era.

Also a perp I met in FFCH in MI where I went to live with her (and lost my finger becuz of it) she yelled at me and intimidated me once on the phone even before I arrived by saying that the Johnny Gosch sight I was looking at was bad due to it having pics of little boys tied up. But she totally disregarded that those images came up out of the viewers control when clicking on that sight as well as the fact that it had to due to evidence for the case. She then scolded me that I had stated that George HW Bush was a pedophile which, if you look at my years of activism I was never stupid enough to do that as I do not know the man, have never had access to him and do not have proof of such claims. Other Survivors have made such claims which of course then such a tactic reeks of persecuting and intimidating any Survivors who have any information on corruption perhaps connected to he and his agendas. This in a way blows the whistle on the very party it is meant to protect. Why so concerned about George Bush THE FATHER when in fact it was his SON who was president at the time? Interesting how the names can be interchanged for the psychological effect of intimidation spanning two generations.
I didnt appreciate it then and I will not forget such maltreatment and pathetic attempts at intimidation. If you look deeply into the eyes of George Bush senior you can.. at least I can see very ancient Italian lineage. The culture and DNA of the old rulers. I myself being of Italian extraction do not like attempts at one f*ckin-upmanship, especially when attempted to be pulled off by your god damn peasants. There is nothing worse than seeing a brilliant plan of deception and manipulation pulled off by a shit load of peasants and clowns. Its disgusting.
Exactly who in the f*ck do you think you are?
All those idiots they have on this agenda dont amount to one brilliant plan. The idiocy of the sheer large number of unprofessional nobodies they had on intelligence at that time ARE the cracks in the plan that will make it fail. Sloppy, and I wont forget it either.

When you dont have quality you try to win by tonnage.
And its so laughable how exhausted some of these tactics are. Targeted Individuals associated with the pedophile/mind control agendas spanning several decades can all testify to having the exact same experiences some of them so identical that it makes it obvious its a plot against Targeted whistleblowers not thier own mental illness.
Then again its always possible that Bush is a diversion and its unseen forces at work here. Who cares? All I know is that a bunch of hicks trying to pull mind control programs on buses in AZ intimidating me with questions about why I chose to come to AZ why not Florida and what do I think of George Bush (again) pisses me the f*ck off. Mostly due to how obvious it is but also due to or course how many ameture clowns they had doing this during G W Bush.
So many of these people were just kids like fresh into thier twenties. I will not have my life ruined by a bunch of jealous ugly old ladies, grey beards who cant get it up anymore so resent anything that still looks good and young men who need to dominate women are young women who need to destroy older women so they dont have to face the reality of aging..all of which seemed jealous of my looks, my brains and my talents. Whatever stake they had in protecting this agenda it better have been worth it.
Not only was it mentioned like a hundred times around the nation as intimidation that I was looking up kiddie porn but also that little stunt that my ex Jake pulled with a Japanimation magazine that was NOT his usual taste in graphic novels. As much as he liked his porn and I did too, he NEVER had anything that severe in his possession. I mean this thing he pulled out was obviously made for pedos. The only thing that maybe made it pass under the radar was the fact it was drawn. J. had a childish obsession with a fantasy about high school girls. This is normal for a man just out of his early twenties and its also normal for a guy who was always the fat kid and got none in high school. Everything we did was pretty normal considering we were both intelligent, artist types both very verbal with fertile imaginations and unfortunatley with each our own issues to deal with underlying. Power and control games were perfectly normal for he and myself both of us having controlling mothers. His smothering with security to keep him and mine constantly torturing and trying to destroy. We both just needed the years to grow up and this system at least for myself, prevented any healthy growth in the end. What I have become is not healthy nor normal. I have become a person who has learned to pretend in order to get my in society which is what America might want in subservient sheeple as citizens but its not healthy for individuals. They know that too and this is all about silencing victim witnesses not rehabing people. This is one of those rare instances where saying Fuck The System is very legit and meant wholeheartedly. And its well deserved too.

His role in power and control games with me was never a threat due to the fact that I trusted him and he never hurt me. Until our own personal issues came to surface and this is when a break up was inevitable. However only through that relationship could, at least speaking for myself, I ever have come out of much of what was keeping me prisoner for years. His crossing boundaries sexually that were not healthy towards the end made me realize that my not being able to prevent that was unhealthy. My throwing him out of my apartment and not understanding why- all part of being programmed and compartmentalized.
In a way I fight for him as well. That moment he showed me that stupid Japanimation comic, that wasnt him. It was him under extreme pressure is what it was and it was total bullshit. For him to have to even have that in his possession is degrading enough..unless there was some side to him I didnt know about that had those tastes anyway. These were not high school girl fantasies that like you could tell the girl was American and 18 or like it was some older porn movie from some crazy ass country where younger girls are raised to act more mature like Scandinavia or Holland or something. He had alot of older porn, 70's stuff. Growing up on that much of it would not pass today as legal. Perhaps due to age but mostly some of the things they were showing were...uh, might give people ideas. And it looked real back then, it wasnt faked on video with bad acting and bad lighting. They made it look real.

What he showed me was very little girls with penises far too large for it to even by comfortable. It was just about pain and it wasnt about power or control or gaining control or whatever fantasies are about that women have, especially when coming out of one's twenties. The men were controlling very small girls who they were hurting and that was pretty much it. I was so shocked I just flipped through it and in order to save him embarrassment ( I loved him you see) as well as my own shock at something so out of character for him, at least in my experience, I just said nothing. I tried to do what I always do, which is the classy reaction- dont draw attention to it. I also was trying to process what I was seeing that was so unusual for him. In a way this was a kind of terrorism. And I think as far as a frame up is concerned they knew it would work. The rest of my life was being ripped from me and I did NOT know it was an organized system- now this happens. Every time I turned around I was being shocked or terrorized. They KNEW that I would react by just ignoring it or compartmentalizing it and going into denial.

I was told that I was always suspect becuz I was so poor and where my family comes up from and this made all the rich kids, no matter how corrupt, less suspect.

And I think mobbing comes into play when a large segment of the public knows this persecution is all bullshit but goes along with it anyway out of getting a thrill. There have been many times like at UMass when a student in the library would set me up at a computer where they could see what I was doing and then stalk me throughout to see what I was looking at. I dont believe that most of these people even believe in the moral end of this. I think they want to control someone who has dirt on important people in society or they need to persecute me due to my being innocent not being in line with thier morality or middle class values. Also once you realize you made a mistake and ruined someone's life you have to keep on doing that becuz to admit you are wrong means you are now liable. This is why the harassment will never end. The public knows they simply protected whoever had more money to pay off cops and pay taxes not the true guilty parties.

Its another reason I dont fall for most of this as well as feel bad. What they want most is your submission. For you to feel bad or feel like you have to confess which is a very important step in mind control. CULT mind control. Only release information when it intimidates them or will do them damage. Make it YOUR weapon. Also they do this becuz then your whistle blowing is now a confession and looses all its power against the true perpetrators of corruption.

This is why you must manage information very carefully. Its mostly about controlling the whistle blower not the information itself.
And if this has ANYTHING to do with a Christian Right agenda or some other extremist faction they are utilizing, then you are really dealing with some brainwashed persons that are potentially very dangerous. Especially to concepts like truth and justice.

I was watching this vid as I like this song, its one of those intriguing pieces. Even though its older. I was getting into this as well as other techno that was coming out in 2004 or so after being away from techno for years which I really enjoy. I am old enough to remember when techno came from just machine music on college radio. Some machinists in factories or something found these sounds musical. Very old techno is very base and primitive. I always loved it, maybe it has something to do with programming and the purity of the sounds of machinery.

Anyway I looked this video and noticed something. In the USA right now being this sexy and shapely is only acceptable for African American girls or Latinos at least in media. For some reason those of us of Italian decent are no longer allowed this reality. Everyone is always pushing that my shape is from Italy and thats not true. The perfection of my shape perhaps but my mother is more the source and I say its probably from Germany and Holland which no one here wants to understand.
Also, I was always told that I was being persecuted becuz I didnt care about being beautiful. You have to understand that mind controlled slaves or even just women being controlled by similar but less sophisticated means often have a self image that is deadly negative. Perhaps I felt godess like in my alter ego but that is NOT Me. Most mind controlled slaves feel very ugly. People are mean to us life long and abuse keeps us controlled. Our beauty is something the world sees and we exploit it to gain the means to survive. In this way we enjoy it temporarily as observers. That is why so many mc slaves like mirrors. We enjoy our own reflection the way you enjoy looking at art on the wall. To us, its not 'real'. The second we turn away from that reflection our sense of self returns that is more monster than masterpiece. We are ugly, horrid or non existent. Often mc slaves believe they look like monsters becuz that is what people around them basically tell them from infancy. Mind control families do not compliment members unless it is to groom them for approval in the outside world or to gain some sort of status from exploiting this fact. Behind closed doors mothers and grandmothers are murderously jealous and the men are often controlling or inappropriate. My uncle by blood relation was protective and never would have done anything inappropriate but I always got the feeling that he approved of my superior looks not understanding or respecting who I was.

I think if I was watched or filmed in my apartment at 335 Washington in Brighton, MA that what the world saw was a woman becoming interested in her own reflection. At this juncture in my deprogramming it was a very healthy thing and was leading to my forming a sense stronger sense of Self. Mind controlled slaves can stare into mirrors for long periods of time. I recall when much younger what I saw in the mirror was so unfamiliar, so morbid so robot like in some instances that staring was a mere excersise in terror, in trying to understand the outside world. You're stuck in an internal programming system which is like internally living in a video game or a fun house. Something like that.
I recall doing my make up when I was in my early twenties. Every single thing had to be in place I was so insecure from years of either abuse or just programming. I simply saw myself as a statue that needed painting.

Society does little to help with this. They spoil us when we are very attractive in youth which of course does little to get the Person within to grow and the constant and I mean CONSTANT attention and jealousy/hatred makes life so lonely its ridiculous. Only other attractive people can be your friends or those kinds of people that are cool and can act normal around you. I sense that even they are friends with people like me partially due to our looks on some small level. If society hates beautiful people being assholes then they are mostly to blame by the way they treat attractive people on a daily basis. Being mean or being nice to someone based on looks creates a certain kind of person. Also you never realize how obsessed people are with controlling attractive people until you get older. Many people just see you as an object. And for a programmed person this fits in nicely to hide what is going on inside that person until they suicide at 32 or so. The best angle the gang stalking system has is to use the person's looks to get them totally crucified by the public as well as any weirdness or selfishness they havent outgrown yet.

I was as good looking and sexual as the woman in this video. But that seemed like something to cure or destroy by the perps especially for some reason fireman, city workers and the regular guyy types like that in on this, and thier wives for some reason. They seemed especially concerned with countering these qualities in me. White girls arent allowed to have soul nor are they perceived as having this much sexuality or Will power. Only black women and Latinos in our modern culture are perceived as having this much voodoo to lay down. That is not a statement against these cultures as this post is not addressing the current agendas between races and classes. Its just the way it is in the US. The ruling classes are more comfortable with such races having such prowess due to they being perceived as already controlled in patriarchal white society. Now this used to be the Italian role say, during the late 50's early 60's. This ideal no longer exists. Now its Jersey Shore not Sophia Loren.

This might also be the angle that was played throughout the campaign to push me being with a black man. There were very white perps, usually younger males, showing up at places like Rainbow gatherings and hostels that would smear me to people there that I was "ghetto" and that they probably dont want to hang with that kind of person. So I am too ghetto but in other smear campaigns I am too white or too prissy or too attractive etc etc. The point is to isolate the Target from all social groups or if that is not possible to get the people in those situations to continue the abuse of the Target simply by giving them pre concieved notions about the person.
I think when the book comes out if I can do it, people will be surprised how nasty this was. For a person who is programmed especially if there is any RA, this is nothing compared to other things that have gone on in the person's past. What destroys the person over time is the sheer frequency of these attacks and tactics. Its that simple.

That being said about the vid and using the person's sexuality against them- which is what makes them so profitable when they are younger and under control but then is used to destroy them by the public mob later, the other video of this song is also of interest here.
I was watching this becuz I am convinced that I heard a re mix of this years ago that was more techno and much more electronic sounding but I might be mistaken. With years of abuse from this system you perceive art differently. You actually hear and see things, feel things differently.You loose alot of sensitivity as well as ability to relax and enjoy something. Only the hard energies get through, only war nourishes you at this stage.
First of all I get this feeling that if I am signed in my activity on YouTube is somehow able to be seen by some parties even though I have it on no show of activity.
As I was watching this first vid of this song I noted that it was pulled in favor of the other vid above.


You can tell that the little girls dancing in this is the reason it got pulled. Even though thats the reality of the culture its often innocent. Little black girls Ive seen many times dancing like this though not so much for a camera which is what makes it creepy I think. Its just their culture. What makes it shady is the fact shes grown but shes dressed like a little girl in some of the shots as well as her going to the ice cream truck. It seems like there is a mirroring of her with young girls. THAT is what got this pulled. Also its just too overtly sexist to be interesting to Americans nowadays. This is more an 80's approach to videos.

As I was watching this I got the definite impression that I was being monitored. That there was not only suspicion of my viewing this but also some hope of busting me finally on being a pedo or veiwing inappropriate material. You have to understand not only is this system dying to nail me becuz it knows it has to frame me eventually to fully discredit and silence a victim witness but also people know in thier hearts they screwed up and let the real criminals go and have to keep at me so that they dont look like thier system is flawed. It may also be that if they nail me somehow that they believe they can then get me jailed and then break me with informants present who will get info on my old associates. Maybe they have to keep at everyone involved in order to look like they are doing thier job at trying to bust whoever I was associated with they are really interested in. They might also be truly vigilante's who are dead set on believing in thier system and of thier screwed up perceptions of people.

Its likely though that they are trying to cover up for what they have done by finally getting me framed up on something. They have to or they are screwed really. I have been f*cked with enough by cops like in San Diego Albertson's where I was the victim of harassment or of abuse by an employee and the cops did everything they could to agitate me or frame me up. They left saying that I had my receipt so they have to let me go, which was more abuse considering they were called due to that bagger coming out and grabbing me instead of a security guard. I posted it if you recall months ago. The cops in on this are part of this system that needs to frame me up so anything I say is not believed.

They can say all they want and have people in shelters saying no one cares about me and continued brain washing. I know that if I placed all the info and names and numbers in a post it would cause some difficulty for those people. Everyone can ignore me all they want. My only problem then would be Id fear for my life from said parties so it has to be done a certain way. Also it might be that all this has been done due knowing I am programmed and so using MK Ultra tactics, torture etc, they know eventually this will gain confession from the person so I dont want to give them what they want. I dont want to prove that MK Ultra works on someone like me. If feds wanted info that bad they could have gotten a subpoena. This is someone else and they want information as part of behavior modification not for information's sake in itself.

This is all to destroy the evidence that IS the programmed person's very existence. Thier testimony has to be controlled and hidden and people like me discredited in the end. That is confession's only purpose in this situation.

Its very sad to have to live like this. With people constantly pretending that its real as if you truly have such a character when in fact they are covering for their own actions.


  1. I think gangstalking campaigns can be summed up succinctly: Jealousy and envy are a substitute for good solid morals, as long as you've got a big enough mob and enough dupes reinforcing the fucked up beliefs.

  2. So it's a way of silently neutralizing our nation, turning everyone against each other. That goes for racial groups as well, which could be why they use so many blacks in your case. It's the same mechanism by which they stymie and terrorize us psychologically: by turning various aspects of our abilities, thoughts, and talents (and memories) against each other. So they're doing the same divide-and-conquer technique in our minds to destroy our minds, as they are applying this to our peoples. No wonder everyone hates TI's so much. The people aren't aware their hate against us is manufactured by a foreign presence. Or who did the Kadafi piece where he said he would destroy our people?

    Personally, I don't think Bush is smart enough to dream up such a plan. Consider some of his speeches (the Son). Maybe the dad was smart enough, I don't know. It could be the foreign body was interfacing or controlling Bush.

    Note that we had many cold war enemies. Also, the whole truces with Russia and Germany are suspect as well. There has to be a reason why we made peace with those countries. Russia had a frightening dictator in his own right with Stalin, and Lenin was an evil genius, too. Maybe the reason why we made peace is that they softened us up enough to infiltrate and infect like a computer virus. Note there are quite a few countries who would love to destroy us, and just are seething at the fact that we are controlling and a super power who polices everyone. Probably North Korea and China are two other countries. Look at how much electronics and everything else is made in China. Also, China was THE think tank when it came to psych. warfare and technology to support it over the centuries.

  3. Also, gangstalking has eroded many a TI's social skills, too, making a TI who was never very skillful socially in the first place a complete dunce when it comes to socializing.

  4. Also, had some perps passing messages to me speak in a broken English dialect. I have had many broken English "messages" passed to me. Like the one perp who complained that I was "kniving and liar", as he put it. Interesting that no one in this perp group around here is foreign, yet I have foreign-sounding perps passing messages and responding to my threats against them. That dickhead harassing you claiming to be from the UK was just some faggot trying to get inside your head, making fun of you, basically, for your theories on the foreign presence, and my responses to you about the foreign, Broken-English perps.