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Sunday, May 1, 2011

MIT Now With More Corporate Connections! (Pres is GE Board of Directors Member and MUCH more!)

Yes the world is hopelessly corporate, Gen X has been crushed or tamed and the newest generation are born plugged in, without teeth, going to college just to get a job. Its over really.

But its the NWO style of deception that often makes a person like me absolutely sickened. What they are doing is very simple. They are forming deceptions by manipulating the opinions of a public that largely still lives in the last century.

For instance, Charlie Rose (ahh more black and red obsessions. What do we expect from a usually level headed lawyer, journalist that responds to Naomi Kleins' work with "Grow up". Yes, all around Gen X was a bit of a problem there for a minute werent we. Good thing all that crap happened during Bush, now we are neatly sweeped out of the way and our ideals and truth seeking with it. How convenient.)
focuses on the pres of MIT Susan Hockfield as a first as a FEMALE president as well as a LIFE SCIENTIST.

Frequently I see a lean towards favoring racial and gender diversity (not class diversity of course) on the MIT homepage each day. To the point of offensive or laughably manipulative in some according to a 20th century mindset, a mindset that saw the emergence of a better world during Clinton, with Diversity and Political Correctness, these are GOOD things. Right?
Yes, but everyone is ignoring the fact that those value systems are not such good ideas in a FASCIST era, which is still with us. Then such ideas are simply used as smoke screens or con games.
We should have known that the Man would find some way to take PC and use it to cover their as usual destructive actions, and find a way to be ingenuine within those activities.

What no one is focusing on to the public is this:

And here is another list of yum yums..

Dad was GE as well? Yale?? Neuroscience? Carnegie? Mass General Hospital?

Yeah, I probably should have NOT come here to do my computer work..but hey. When you dont know who your up against and you have a one track mind and singular focus. None of the above matter.
Just another hooked up acedemic involved deep with acedemia, the private sector and govt contractors. Story of my, and my family's life.

The very combo that made MK Ultra such a nightmare- the private sector linked with acedamia and govt factions- has become the socially acceptable norm in society.

This is why people like me are treated like 21st century lepers. Like THX 1138 has become a reality except the system of control is not so obvious. The deceptions more artful, but still, the only freedom is to disengage from the society.
Ironically that was my ex Jake's favorite movie. He was a Star Wars nerd too. I wonder if he ever planned on playing out the role of Lando Calrissian in this real life saga by selling me out. Unline Lando however, he probably wont seek to redeem himself. THAT kind of human behavior only happens in movies. ;)


Anonymous said...

I had people tonight say "dirt" and "ma'am" when I was walking past, and I am far from those things. These were some fat kids loading a truck. Then, there was an older couple, 70+ years of age, standing there saying pretty much about the same things. Then I started ranting as I was walking, and the cops came around. The one was asking me if everything was OK, because someone called them (doubtful) and said that someone must have gotten me upset. He asked who it was, and what they were saying. He also asked me if I was still teaching or not, and why I have not been out walking at night. I'm wondering, it seems the cops come around every time I have a reaction to harassment. I'm wondering if someone is really calling the cops, or if the System has a control center that dispatches them, and they send the men in uniform out to check on me?

Well, we discussed it, and I agreed to just ignore the perps harassing me. The cop told me "it's not worth it" to have a reaction to harassment. I told him about the "dirt" remarks, and he just asked me "so what does that mean anyways?" So that proves the perps doing the harassment are just fed a script of things to say. They don't know the full scope of my situation; just the bits and pieces that have been fed to them. I told him "it probably doesn't mean anything, but is just a device to get me to trigger into a rage". And of course, I see all types of jerks, like some moron with a beard stopping in the middle of the road with his car, just to provoke a reaction or as a scare tactic.

I think the System itself is doing this. It knows I have a thing with always being clean, so they have them say "dirt" when I walk past to get me provoked. And there is a world of difference between me and the people harassing me. Look at the level of cleanliness, physical fitness, and general appearance. Half of these fuckers look like dirty lowlifes, and I am the clean one, and they are saying "dirt" to get a reaction.

And then there are the people smiling at me all fake like. And as a TI, you can't dare react, because the perps doing the harassing will call the cops. Either that, or they are being dispatched from my main handlers in some control room somewhere who are doing the watching. I think the latter is true.

They are very 1800's, these peons doing the harassing. Either they are actively harassing the target, or they are passively doing gangstalking by pretending not to notice what is going on. And I have other types: people staring, people doing a hand in front of the mouth gesture, doing other recognizable gestures, like rubbing their chin or foreheads.

Note they are really spoiled. How much luxury is provided the sheeple: they get to live in their spoiled ignorance, and let the System do the thinking for them. And people lower than the target, much lower than the target, are making us out to be dirty, stupid, inferior, whatever. I tell them to look at themselves, but they are high in this "zone" where they are high on their ignorance and superiority over the target.

Anonymous said...

Well, now at least we can't blame Osama bin Laden for being targeted. LOL. That rules out Al Quaida as who is to blame for terrorizing us. I'm wondering, with all our wonderful tech toys, how come we couldn't have done it sooner? And how do we know this hasn't been done sooner? Someone told me they killed bin Laden years ago. But if he really had inside info, why is this informant still alive? I'm not sure what to make of all of this. Another plot to placate the American people? A monkey wrench into the gears of American minds to manipulate them into thinking a potential scapegoat is gone?