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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Equality Is Not PC- Its The Militarization Of The Nation

A theory I have concerning the push for equality in the NWO. Its pushed through brainwashing very hard especially since Obama got in.

Its not really equality is it? Its the pushing of this hive mentality, that no one is supposed to be 'special'. Which only applies to TIs.
That all of us have a job to do and a purpose in the great new interconnected world.

I realize now that this is simply the militarization of the USA. It resembles the order of the military. That everyone is in uniform and has a job to do, the uniforms creating a perception of equality like private school uniforms.

The force that is used to destroy a human mind and force these beliefs on someone is far to intrusive and overbearing for this to be just social engineering.

With the use of these technologies for mass mind control as well as the targeting of specific dissidents and the as well as bills being introduced for passage now to laws that will make it easier for wars to be started anywhere in the world it looks like a total militarization of society is what is being implemented. That would explain desensitizing people to war and things like torture. Perhaps to normalize the idea of constant war and an endless money making machine known as the military industrial complex.

Its just a theory but it is supported by Ike's speech warning the nation about the military industrial complex.

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