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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why America Is Inhospitable To Truthers and Whistleblowers and Will Never Be Right Again..Its Finally Time To Leave

I cant live like this anymore. I cant pretend. I cant be squeezed to death between rich whites and African Americans. Even if I could get justice for myself in the USA, get a lawyer, write my expose, go to school as planned- the direction an entire nation has taken is not going to change just for me, nor other lower middle class to lower class whites. These changes, brought about by bogus circumstances created opposed to truly random, seem like they are permanent within the United States.

The next election I lose either way. Romney had a hand in destroying my life when he was Gov of MA, evidenced by one of his family members directly involved in harassment of me in St Louis, at a hostel owned by a long time client of my former associate involved in the adult entertainment industry as well as her close alignment with my former lover by being the ex girlfriend of his closest childhood friend-a half African American rich kid who hails from blonde Nobel Prize winners, also coming from Newton MA where so many people rallied against me to support my ex, my former associate and the company responsible for my apartment remaining moldy for three years and my retaining life long damage due to this. This also occured during the Bush adminstration, which Romney seems sponsered by in his bid for president in 2012, as well as thier connections to MK Ultra and other atrocities and corruption.

If Obama gets into office, myself as well as other poor whites especially females, can expect more of the same 'change' that has plagued us since he took office. None of which has benefitted any of us. His only redeeming quality is that when Bush left office, severe torture as it was during his administration during wartime was stopped and that seemed to apply to COVERT targets of torture as well.

TIs have life threatening circumstances they exist in daily. None of us have time for a nation that has forgotten war crimes of the last administration, which had us targeted in a way that almost killed many of us that has still not ceased to attempt to now discredit us or have us labeled. Now this nation that has ignored such human rights violations wishes to drag our zombie like carcasses into an era where we give what little life energy we have left, being hammered down with the idea that we truly do not matter in the face of hundreds of years of racism that only now is to be repaired with 'change', many of us Third Wavers whos ancestors were not welcome due to Catholicism in the first place and who are never going to be considered by the Establishment truly 'American' anyway. In this way, what little is left of us that wasnt sucked away by the Bush era, is to be taken by Obama and his causes and his people. Its like the last stab of a dagger, that finally takes the life of the sacrifice.

I will not be that sacrifice. And that is exactly what this continuation of an abusive power structure is demanding of people like myself.

My country has been warped beyond my understanding. This culture no longer seems friendly to me and has the attitude of not wanting me around- I find the feeling is mutual.

We must never forget that the far Right and the far Left are working together, to form a culture that seems hostile,ignorant and prison like to my sensibilities and I want NOTHING more to do with such a construction.

I am glad Hillary didnt get into office. I see now that she is weak and certainly was NOT the woman for the job as she has fallen to cow towing to this new kind of Democrat.

People write that the Clinton era is over- it wasnt an era, it was when Democrats resembled true politicians not manipulators that treat the public like children. That is what is over- any sanity or respect whatsoever for the American public. I refuse to go along with these agendas that favor neither my class, my race nor my gender and specifically my status as a second generation human experimentee and mind control project Survivor. My mother and I suffer damage from her being given radium and radition treatments to shrink her tonsils in these experiments- she was intimidated out of going to give testimony and to be part of the class action lawsuit by covert means of harassment and stalking.

This country has alot to account for and stemming from these experiments there is something very dire it has to hide. Targeted Individuals either have some idea or direct evidence or testimony of exactly what those issues are. In short, there is absolutely nothing left here for me as an 'American'. This country is interested in different things than myself and I cannot function here nor am I respected here both of which I wont tolerate either. And this slight of hand during Bush to get our focus off serious environmental issues is totally unacceptable as well.

America has become a beaten down lost victim in the past years, now being led by the nose by anyone put in power, still bleeding from its wounds and begging to not be struck again. I for one, took the hits and now realize that the wounds will never allowed to be healed with truth and disclosure because they specifically provide power to whoever can manipulate the pain they still cause, while the public seems blissfully unaware of these tactics of control.

Done. Its done. There is no help for this country. In Obama, people see a new era of change or equality, but what brought him into office that is still not resolved is what makes his change so dishonest, among other factors.

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