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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Military Use of Rape Of Enemy and Own

US woman gang raped in Iraq-

Female Iraq soldier brutally killed/raped by US soldiers-2/3-

US military: Rape cult theory-
(its by a poster on a thread and some of their concepts are off, like Cause Stalking being about making someone gay when we know its definition in the TI community is a religious or moral reformist who believes the harassment is to reform the victim and is not aware of all of the circumstances involved..or so they say. This post isnt accurate but it gives a good vague, off beat sort of theory.

(graphic, nudity, real pics of military rape, though parts are blurred out):
Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women by US Occupation Forces-

(I dont know if this is dis or mis information or not. The anchorman has strange way of speaking English:)

Posting this gets the word out but also it makes rape using technologies all the more feasible and recall all the evidence such tech exists. Many TIs claim that rape is a major part of the tech part of a gang stalking campaign. And a few have experienced it as part of satanic ritual abuse in heavily military areas sic
with lots of bases or a base in the middle of nowhere, mostly the south west with the worst abuse during the Bush administration.

If victims had recourse, legal or at least a grey area of validation it wouldn't be impossible to heal.

There is no reason for tearing any mind control or RA survivors away from healing unless someone is doing continued human experimentation.

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