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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Death and The OTher War Criminals Still At Large (Bush, Etc)

A Good Reason To Never Do Business With The Bush Family:

(photo is fake btw
I could tell it was fake after looking for 5 minutes. Duh. Its terrible photoshop. No ones eyes are that big if thier head is that size. This shows how much of a deception we live in today and corporate rulership and culture as well as tech used in deceptions is a huge part of this problem. Its funny, decades ago, they would have made a much more artful effort at a bs photo like this and made it stick. It reminds me of Hitler's photo being in question..but if it was fake it was a much better fake. The damage to the eyes is clear and the rest of the face is blurred. The skin on the shoulder is too white compared to his natural color and too small in proportion to his head. No one even tries to use artful deception anymore. Everyone just agrees on the way its going to be and everyone either believes or claims to believe the same bs. Anyone who sees through the deceptions gets targeted.)
This is a very honest piece done by a Jew it seems. I did not read the whole thing but I want to thank the writer for publishing this and the way Human Rights Watch switched thier story lines.
"Osama Bin Laden will never again be responsible for mass atrocities such as the September 11 attacks,” said Iain Levine, deputy executive director for program at Human Rights Watch. “His death should also bring an end to a horrific chapter of human rights abuses in the name of counterterrorism."

I cant say I fully grasp but sort of understand the author's point about equivalency. What I take a total affront to is that ANY of the human rights injustices we as a nation have seen, have been done at Gitmo or someone like me has experienced in secret- covertly are being connected to or justified by one man's actions or his part in Al Queda. The people that did things to me here in the US on US soil spoke perfect English and seemed mostly African American but many times were mixed in with whites. In mostly white areas they were white and that doesnt account for the cops, firemen, city workers or ambulance people involved. This was NATIONWIDE. And it started to become overt during late Clinton (after MK Ultra/radiation advisory committee) and became 24/7 and full force in 2003. How is anyone going to legitimize what has been done to me and any other TI by killing one Muslim extremist, becuz alot of what was done to me was hidden underneath 'anti terror'. To this day, people in my hometown area in the community still smile at me living out of a back pack as if they personally benifitted from watching a white person, a female, an immoral person, a threat to manhood, a threat to acedemia, a threat to local career criminals or someone they were jealous of be destroyed. All of those reasons are what average citizens in the communities I frequent across the country have as motives, its hard to say if they even understand how big this is or how severe or if they understand its connected to war crimes.

What I experienced during those early years was locally, a community of average people who KNEW that I was being mobbed, and seemed to understand that Al Queda was a cover for these kinds of activities. People at the Marino Center treating me for mold exposure would sit off to the side and play off dramatically by saying things like "And I just wonder when Al Queda is going to march down MY street". You could see plain as day that these old biddies had lived long enough to know this was a witch hunt and it was a free for all to mob, harass, ridicule, persecute and damn anyone who was going to be deemed inconvenient and gotten rid of UNDER THE COVER OF WARTIME AND ANTI TERRORISM. People across the nation didnt seem concerned about terrorism, they seemed to know that it was playtime, a free for all. That they could do anything they wanted to TI's as long as it was supporting the authority and its goals.

People were having fun with this, they werent scared or fearing for thier lives. Thats now what I saw.

In Waltham I got mobbed heavily on Moody Street coming back from a regional Rainbow gathering where A Camp beat me up becuz I did the Boston stand up guy thing and wouldnt take some men's peeping tom nonsense. Buddah was involved if you know anything about Rainbow, which means it was probably connected to gang stalking for pay or drug running anyway or getting out of a jail sentence, or one of the fake crusty hippie kid's parents is actually a loaded military contractor or works for one..etc etc all the things TI's get to know about perps and who they REALLY are.

So I still had a black eye, Ive got photos in my files. Black eye all kinds of damage to my face. And this mobbing session on Moody Street in Waltham consisted of very corporate looking perps (128? Ratheyon?)all white people, going by me and saying things that only people who knew who I was would know, a parade of people for hours. A couple went by and the woman looked at my face all beat up and looked to her boyfriend as if she had just seen something that gave her great pleasure to look at. I mean she really looked at him swooning.

It took Waltham cops counter stalking me to wake me up out of being stuck there (brainwashing and old programming made it so I would get stuck in a situation and not be able to get out, like being stuck in a loop). One cop just looked at me through the windshield concerned and then shook his head, like he was saying 'what are you nuts? Get out of here. Sheesh.' As if I was crazy for staying and taking that abuse...which makes me feel better becuz I know once more that I did not imagine it like everyone wants me to believe.

Id seen that more than once during Bush. This sick...extremely sick attitude from perps where they actually seemed very pleased to see me down and suffer. Carmen,a black woman at On The Rise gave that same attitude today going up the stairs but didnt think I saw her. But coming from a shelter rat from St Patricks in Somerville, it doesnt mean much. Coming from an army of people as was frequently the case during Bush- it becomes obvious that there is something severely wrong with this country or at least with a large faction of it.

I had people messing with me in every state and every city. Some places it would take a week for the harassment to start, some one day, and in Gainesville Florida, there was a pick up truck waiting for me off the Greyhound bus.

These are the same people who would approach me in hospitals, with a bunch of other perps pretending to just be patients when now I realize it was a perp group or operatives whatever you want to refer to them as- and out of nowhere say to me "THEY are mad at you becuz you're not accepting your situation". So if you have the notion these were Feds or legit FBI or some faction out to do justice that mistook me for a part of some crime ring during that federal investigation, you are wrong. The FBI shouldnt be chasing me around the country without a subpeana every issued and askling me what I think of George Bush, which other perps like the owners of Dama La Mano in EL Paso also asked me the same question. Shouldnt they be asking me about drugs or money laundering?

There was a whole bunch of sh*t that went down that was nothing more than destroying people for someone's agenda (something just told me it had to do with getting Obama into office..? but I don't work off hunches just research.) or continuing the human experimentation started on my mother as an infant with those radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra she is documented to be part of.

So for me, with all I know that went on during this era, it's really offensive to read an article that is basically trying to CLOSE THIS CHAPTER ON AN ENTIRE ERA OF WAR CRIMES BY BUSH AND OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL and many other things that haven't been investigated or revealed. But then, it would explain why such an article was written in such a manner. Becuz trying to close the door before anyone gets hip to whats inside is exactly what they are trying to do right now and have been doing so during most of Obama but especially after 2009.
CIA Agent Davis Accused of Orchestrating Terrorism. CIA Agent Working for Blackwater Caught Red-Handed Aiding Pakistani Terrorism?
ObamaNation raped & killed 1,000 Christians

Goofy pic I know. But I dont trust him. Did we really have to have a president in office that belonged to a church that was so extreme in its preaching about race? HADNT we been through enough?

All of these moves are to do to a nation what was done to me: to traumatize the target or target population into being so damaged that you just become silenced. Its been so severe this time that I personally have entered a floating feeling most of the time- a feeling of unreality. Of no longer having a sense of identity or being grounded.

There have been times when I felt the effects of what had to be brain mapping or some sort of tech in use. I felt my thoughts were being stretched out and typed or read as I thought as if slowed down to be typed out. During these times I may also feel as if there was not a thought in my head. That my mind had been emptied. That only the flashes of memories allowed to me by this system or flashing visions were to instruct me on what to do next or what direction to take. No imagination, no inner world, no inner life, no other thoughts present. The brain damage from mold exposure was present always, the damage to the retinas making it so every time I close my eyes, there is a swirling of traces like an unwanted acid trip (LSD is made from mold).
At these times one feels emptied of being human at all. Just an emptied shell being used and controlled by means of technology.

This is not all that far fetched considering what is possible technically speaking nowadays as well as the abusive and sick nature of the original experiments rooted in Nazi human experimentation such as MK Ultra and radiation. Consider Aquino's MINDWAR paper as well.

The problem is that the public dont want to know. All one would have to do is look at the evidence of past offenses, that these offenses never get prosecuted legally according the international laws and no one in the private sector, academia or the govt ever has to answer legally for grossly unethical human experimentation. Add to that the immense power that has formed in the world of corporations and the govt outsourcing duties to private sector, formerly only under govt jurisdiction and ironically, these private companies are employing former govt trained spooks and special forces people. Sounds like a way to simply get around human rights laws- dont it. Govt trained people in the private sector that you now employ once again through govt contracts? What the hell is wrong with people not seeing this?

Then add into it the fact that revealing classified levels of tech that exist is illegal so its most likely that such capacity for brain mapping could exist even though its is being marketed as 'in the future'.

Most of all take into consideration the nature of who you are dealing with. The military wants results. They kill for a living. It's that simple. Human life is negotiable.
I saw Universal Soldier a month ago once again. From this perspective it occured to me that this story may not have been from a writer's imagination. I can totally see the US military, the factions that will do anything to create superman soldiers that we KNOW exists, pulling something like this. Taking dead Vietnam soldiers and re animating them to run around the southwest is not all that far fetched. There is alot of nothing in the southwest. Believe me, after what has been done to my family, after what has been done thats documented, and what I have seen during Bush- these bastards are up for whatever it takes to get results. People are totally meaningless.

And it wouldnt surprise me one bit, to discover that the reason I am viewed as so inhuman and expendable by the average citizen in society, is that I am known to them to be a military human experimentee. That would explain why people are comfortable dehumanizing me. If thier perception is that I am owned by some powerful faction then in thier minds I would not be like them or a normal person. I would be property of the military or whatever faction. Ive heard whispers of my family being in the Mafia but that has little direct bearing on MK Ultra. Then again...isnt there an excerpt of The Manchurian Candidate that claims that Italians come ready made genetically with some form of compartmentalization? Whatever the truth is, the public seem very comfortable with the perception that I am under the power of the military, the CIA, my family in the mob or Julia and all her f*cked up corrupt friends and associates.

Its clear now why I get disrespected- people think I was born to be someone's bitch. That this is just the way it is, my life. I think I can expect that in this country especially with the ignorance around the sex industry and sexual slavery that is kept in place, the attitudes towards someone being kept in servitude would not enter people's minds as human rights abuses. Which is why ignorance is kept up concerning the sex industry. Mark Phillips told it well by saying that much human experimentation, programming and other CIA nonsense is hidden within the sex industry as a cover. He is correct.

The public being bullwhipped as they are constantly concerning political correctness must see these allowable human rights abuses as treats for co operating with the rest of the system. Its thier little luxury to be able to persecute someone who is still being judged as immoral. Many of the women at OTR refuse to believe in any of the material concerning human experimentation etc, even though its much more likely I was targeted so heavily in connection to my mother's experimentee status and mine as a mind control project survivor than anything connected to the sex industry. The public if they are trained to hate such a faction, will then see nothing unusual about such severe treatment of such a person, even though in legal and business terms, to people who understand such things- the numbers just dont add up.

To my horror I have to consider that many people are fully aware of the connection to experimentation or mind control and simply are so rotten or animalistic that they dont have any morals about such things. And in that I would have to say a huge majority across the USA acted in such a manner during my traveling being gang stalked. And the video on warcrimes here shows that America accepts that its citizens in powerful positions DO NOT GET TRIED FOR WARCRIMES. From govt officials to academics to the private sector.

My mother was right in the sense that no one cares becuz no one is prosecuted for crimes of this nature historically. The best that seems to be done for victims is payoffs and apologies from presidents- from Ford to Clinton.
If ever I get the chance, I will flatly refuse both and demand that once and for all, not only do the perpetrators and offenders of these crimes pay- but the American public also pay and learn that they cannot just do as they please upon thier govt and private sector calling a feeding frenzy into affect during wartime.

Bin Laden may be dead but that doesn't change the fact that America is still evil. And people like me are going to expose that fact to the world. No one in America cares becuz there are no consequences for thier actions. From the black shelter rats to the whites of the midwest in farm towns to anyone else in on this. But that means that America never was the country for me to live in. That Ive been wasting my time for years here, always being abused. It seems that in other countries they truly take human rights seriously, instead of claiming to enforce and police human rights world wide but simply being one of the greatest offenders via covert ops world wide.

I dont blame people in other countries for constantly hating us for our policies.
And he should have been buried in his native land. Hmm..why wasnt that the case? It'll be like Hitler or Jim Morrison. People will start seeing Bin Laden alive in places. I wonder if they can prove he died.

This changes nothing for me. Unless Bin Laden was behind those busloads of blacks that were using Greyhounds to harass me for miles across the country while telling thier guilt ridden girlfriend's "She's just a target" or if he was behind the horrific harassment I experienced in Boston.

I do think that perhaps, with connections between Bin Laden and some people in that Odinist movement in the Neo-Nazi Satanic Black Metal scene in Norway, with the oil connections and all, and the mutual hatred of the Jew, and the Neo Nazi Satanist connection to Aquino which of course goes over to Mind War and mass mind control- I suppose Bin Laden's death might have some effect. But Neo Nazi's wouldnt like Mulsims either would they?
I often want to ask this faction what they think of the Muslims using systematic rape in thier countries now as Muslim terrorism. They are committing rapes and hey, thats a great thing as its Satan's work right? "Rape and torture" like in all thier songs right? But these are darkies, and thier invaders and thier Middle Eastern! What then, say you? Hmmmm? The answer would be interesting.

Dont worry. The book will put all this information into perspective. And when I am done...all those sorry picaninnies who mess with me on the street, those arrogant males and those petty women. All the rich white trash who think they won...will be crushed under the weight of that book. They will be a mere memory for I will have documented the truth about what is my life experience. Of course all of the people I just mentioned will go on doubting becuz that is the only source of thier power. Its the intelligent, clever people who really understand whats going on in this world right now who I am interested in.

I can only hope that one day, all these detractors will meet a fate as horrible as I have had to live through...and will faulter as I never did. To be crushed by just a fraction of the experience. To think of it now makes me feel grounded and weighted I did before I was torn from my old life.

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