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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trash TV Is Becoming Very Dangerous

Tv shows like Springer are damaging to the morale of the lower classes especially as Ive experienced this always being on the tv in day drop ins. The govt shouldn't be funding watching such trash. Only morale supporting or enriching shows should be allowed in any gov't funded program.

These shows should have been stopped a long time ago.

At least Springer keeps it light when compared to what I just say on Steve Wilkos
He's doing shows where they use lie detector.testing to determine if people are.telling the truth about child molestation. Its not that that isn't a good idea its the fact that a tv show is serving justice that is supposed to be the responsibility of the courts.

One episode I am watching had the male who failed the test being chastised ny his wife and of course Steve Wilkos who is basically the judge which is extremely dangerous to pose as a reality situation.
What bothered me is in reality when dealing with families or other social structures, its not unusual for more than one person to be acting out in this way or at least be a willing accomplace. I was suspect of the mother/wife who was crying without tears and seemed less hurt than melodramatic. She should take one that asks her if she knew about the abuse and if she even cared about the situation before now.

These shows have come from years of abusive similar programs, rooted in the Phil Donehue years. Sally Jesse Rapheal, Springer, Povich, Wilkos are all examples of such shows that subvert true justice and form a mob mentality within the vulnerable populations they are directed to. They also serve to form and reinforce a false morality.

Even Oprah with the few helpful or informative episodes she has produced over the years, is still brainwashing and thought reform as well as keeps viewers lazy and uneducated about what their rights really are and how to go about understanding the legal system to obtain real justice.

These shows along with tv judges subvert true justice by warping and manipulating the public's perceptions of law and order and the value of due process.

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Anonymous said...

Wilkos hammered the guy on stage and finally took away his seat and said "you dont deserve to sit on my stage". Throughout the show audience members yelled and screamed at the admitted pedophile, when towards the end of the taping Wilkos served him with legal papers from California.

Steven John "Steve" Wilkos (pronounced /ˈwɪlkoʊs/; born March 9, 1964)[1] is an American television personality, a former U.S. Marine and officer with the Chicago police.
I'd love to see Wilkos have cause stalkers on his show, and then say the same things he told McClellan. Or maybe he could have some people on his show that go along with organized stalking, and then tell them: "you know, there is a reason why we have a criminal justice system in place". And then he could talk about police corruption. After all, he did work for the Chicago Police. How about he expose the corruption in the Chicago Police dept.? What would his excuse be then? That there is no such thing as police corruption or Mob Justice? How about exposing the flaws in mob justice? How come he didn't have Bush on his TV show, and get the crowd all fired up against him and his decision to go around messing around in other countries when he was in office?

The guy is a former Marine and Chicago Police officer. So, it looks suspicious right off that the purpose of his show is to serve the agenda which sides with corruption.