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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spied On Tonight

Im at the college again. As usual I stupidly have to use these computers upstairs and out of sight but the drawback is this window that is to my right. All night long I have felt watched and very targeted, much the same effect as was the case in my apartment at 335 Washington St. I realize fully now that most likely there was a camera being run in the attic of Porter Belly's where that window faced my front window.

What goes on seems to be two things: first I feel very watched and I felt that way at 335 Washington but due to my not knowing I was being targeted, I could not understand this conshusly. When you are targeted with tech as well as psy ops being used, the effect can be that you simply dont know what is happening, as the perps do a good job of making the whole thing seem unreal. Part of this affect of holding the TI in this pattern mentally is to start traumatizing them slowly like betryals and mind f*cks and at the same time, denial and gas lighting so that the Target knows something is going down but they cannot comprehend exactly what it is due to being isolated.

One thing that is extremely annoying and very unfair about these spying sessions by the perps especially with video to capture any weird behavior from the TI is that tech is being used or other remote influence to cause the person to behave in such a manner. This could be part of the experimentation or it could be simply a way of guarenteeing that video footage is obtained that discredits the person or at least shows cause to the public that they are a 'weirdo' and deserve what is being done to them.

Remember the country is now psycho civilized. Anyone who either isnt educated enough to know what is going on or has slowly been sucked in from Bush onward is now completely lost to control by this system. Only those who have sensed something was off from late Clinton and definately saw there were multiple issues with the Bush admin have held on to this point with some understanding that a con has been put over and those that see are being either targeted or intimidated.

I was working on cleaning up one of my blogs tonight. Much of the later tonight, like 10 pm onward I began to feel very watched. I felt watched and I was definately being targeted with something that was interfering with my work. I began to talk my way through what I was doing, or reading the writing aloud to try to break through being distracted. Now imagine this is going to be caught on video possibly, becuz as of a short time ago I felt relief from these affects and could swear that I saw a flash of light through this weird window to my right, the direction I felt watched from.
Also remember that I have experienced an actual stalker watching me in this window and when I saw him he fled, it was as if he thought it was one way glass which obviously its not. It was probably a freak out. It was an older man who was not dressed like one of the cleaning people. He stood in this glass and then when I acknowledged I saw him he took off.
Its a typical mind f*ck. This college has alot to account for not just locally with some of its employees being involved with my old associates but generally for taking massive amounts of govt funding and military contracts, and of course being one of the institutions with a documented record of unethical human experimentation.

With MIT having a nuclear reactor nearby you can guess that this place is covered by covert ops to protect the area. And remember how popular mobbing is at this level of academia.
Now I write this and I am calm with no such effects. But before I saw what looked like a camera being shut off through the window, I felt watched and very targeted by interference.

Of course there is going to be a reaction to this and its now on video. Its either to discredit, intimidate or part of recording and observing within the experimentation involving observing subjects being targeted with these technologies.

As I wrote these first lines, I got a strong impression of someone feeling that I just didnt get it- that I am being targeted becuz I am valueless as a human being. That I dont matter. That no one wants to deal with me. That I am defective and damaged beyond fixing.

These are the perceptions of either a total brain wash victim or someone who is very selfish and unreasonable in thier judgements. Both of which I have seen exhibited in gang stalkers. This is why no one wants to get involved in this. These people are the height of Satanic activity and thier attitudes illustrate that. Since the whole country is now suffering from these types of opinions forming the world they live in its also not surprising that people co sign this either.

It was just like 335 where I was being messed with in multiple way s then my reacting was filmed. It gives the perps power in many ways, not just by discreditation.

I may have seen the camera bit wrong through the window but I surely felt watched intensely.

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