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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thoroughly Discrediting The TI From The Beginning Ensures Safety For The Guilty

One of the reasons the harassment has dropped off in recent years is becuz the system is pretty confident I am now fully discredited. Sleep deprivation, desperation and years of harassment had left me feeling like I had no other option than to disclose the full scope of what I knew. Which is on purpose of course. The gs system is used to discredit you the moment you start discovering the truth or even just asking questions and seeing inconsistencies.

Anything I reveal about Julie or anyone I knew that IS believable is now not going to be believed or even paid attention to due to my talking about mind control.

What's most interesting about the system of harassment and manipulation that's used on TIs is that I was not able to disclose any believable information until the point where I had fully discredited myself by talking about mass mind control etc.

I was certainly in fear of my life concerning divulging anything related to Julie due to her criminal connections but why wasn't I able to simply disclose a general timeline listing the more believable information? No matter what I did I could not do so as I did yesterday concerning that info I revealed about Jake. Why could I not have revealed that years ago?
I would have started with much more credibility than I have now.

That is how powerful the brainwashing is that's used on victim witnesses like myself. If only I had told what I knew about people locally I would have been in a much better position I think.

I don't think anyone is going to listen now. Nor even pay attention. Its as if the image of me as being mentally ill like my father is solidified in the minds of the public.

The plan was to ruin my life and destroy my opportunities for the future and obviously that's been accomplished.

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  1. It boils down to political correctness, a lot of aspects of targeting. For example, I am not allowed to "react" to any harassment. It is now "normal" for almost every person I see in public to mumble or whisper some slanderous insult, or other ridiculous thing. And mind you, they are all total strangers, doing this for just one person. And there is a near-infinite supply of such bots with harass-the-ti programming. (I wonder if they are subconsciously programmed to do this?) If so, they simply function as human media for delivery of harassment. Except, instead of getting the harassment via tech, I get it via strangers in public.

    The problem is when I am being provoked like this just right or long enough, I kind of confront some of these human bots. A worker in public sees my reaction, and gets this scared look on his or her face. I am left with feelings of guilt from this exercise by the perps. And worse if a family member sees this and tells my mom. Then I hear it from her, that I have been being "bad". Like a bad child -- I was behaving badly by reacting to a near endless stream of provocations. It's almost like not only does the TI not exist, but neither does the harassment, and there are no perps, nor are an endless stream of strangers mumbling and whispering insults or just working them into their conversations. And quite a few workers were getting into the act, too, with some loud obnoxious harassment.

    All of these peoples' misdeeds get swept under the carpet and denied, while "bad behavior" on the part of the target gets noticed. And on top of that, the target gets insulted further afterwards, and treated like a child by cooperating perps.

    It seems that I am either spending a lot of time by myself doing self-healing programming, or out in public getting attacked. One or the other.

    It must really suck to sit an watch targets who can do things without the need for massively parallel pieces of machinery sucking down watts of power. And imagine how many kilowatt-hours of energy those things use. That in itself costs money. Running the NSA and CIA operations costs money, as does the military and all of their artillery, computers, vehicles, operations.