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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Psych Warfare In GS Give Deeper Ritual Abuse Messages

Guy walks behind me in airport with kid in tow, one more kid and wife far behind him of course, perhaps to keep kids safe in middle.

The problem begins when guy snubs me as either a Targeted Individual or some hippy lookin person that offends his upright over dramatic middle class sensibilities.

Either way, a well timed cough and a few other moves are gang stalking especially with the shunning attitude focused on the TI. Thats the thing, TIs know after a while the difference between normal people and perps becuz perps focus on you which doesn't make sense as they are supposed to be total strangers in public spaces.

One of the biggest tactics to avoid responsibility among the public and gang stalkers is when the TI looks at.the perp or gives dirty look etc to fight back, they avoid the look and look down at their kid. Which communicates the idea that they are doing this as part of protecting their children or their future. And also that their kids are far more important than the TI as is the rest of what is THEIRS.

This is designed to reinforce the Target's feeling of being marginalized out of normal, socially acceptable society.its also a way of avoiding responsibilities for their actions.

What they are doing is supporting pedo networks nationally and internationally and helping to destroy victms of these networks and other related crimes. So they are sacrficing other people's children for the benefit of their own is the deeper primitive message. Which is...Ritual Abuse and occult based.

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