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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I can no longer remain in Cambridge, unless I want to write a novel or other artistic expression. I cannot get activism done here nor can I create any kind of testimony that sounds accurate or reasonable.

Within the city limits of Cambridge there exists a system of management via technology, as it behaves like technology. I am able to write this becuz at exactly 12:10 am I noted that the 'call & return' effect that keeps my mind imprisoned, quickly lost power and tapered off within a second or two then had gone completely. Its like going off to be alone after having to interact with people all day. In this case, the system simulates interacting with one person at a time but its constant. It dominates the mind of the target.

I am now fully convinced that this is how this system drove Diana Vreland nuts and probably many a lone shooter or stalker. Most likely the ones with histories matching that of RA victms, expendable mind control slaves due for deletion or other torture victims.

Its simple. The psy ops material is put into the media. Also the TI is exposed to either images of celebrities or other persons the designers want the target to associate with the stalking and harassment.

Over time the images purposely placed in the media directed specifically at a certain TI then begin to become PTSD material for the target as remember gang stalking is being used to make them just as traumatized as a soldier returning from combat. Over time the collective effect is that the contents of the media psy ops becomes memories of abusive treatment that grinds down the target's mind.
That process is assisted by a program introduced to the TI via tech (it can be assumed due to it reacting and behaving like tech and nothing else). This program constantly reinforces these images in the target's mind. Either by way of a consistent daily reminder of certain persons or as an actual faked psychic contact between the Target and this personality, it can be a celebrity, family member or anyone they knew in their old life or even know presently. One note is that if the target has present contact with the person in physical reality, this program of deceptions will not be effective. It seems to work best on a targeted person due to that person usually being betrayed and ripped away from the life they knew very intensely and very quickly. This, along with other torture and terror ad in psychological warfare, will leave the person conditioned to percieve everyone they used to know as ghost images mentally.
Due to the personal nature of the psy ops put into media at a key period in the gs campaign, the target over time, and with this system of call and return that is actually just deceptions or falsified psychic contact with various persons, the TI begins to percieve the ghosts of the past who were real people they genuinely knew as part of their old life as on the same level of existence as the various celebrities or other personalities introduced into the psych warfare via psy ops in media.

In the call and return computer program, all these personalities are then represented as real, present, and communicating with the targeted person in real time.

Note that this program of intense psychological torture, deception and conditioning for the purpose of imprisonment only functions within the same exact frame work as other tech involved or even within areas of heavy electromagnetic coverage. In the Boston area it seems to be only within the city limits of Cambridge MA. It also ceases at approx 12 midnight and 6 am, is not present on Sundays (Boston area only) and holidays. When one goes underground either in a building or especially when cell phone service is lost on the trains that run underground. It also ceases outside the parameters of specific areas and this pattern holds true as a constant with NO deviation.

Not to be funny but its impossible to make any comprehensive works providing.accurate logical tetimony regarding such systems of mind control, when one is under the influence of such a system.

I often feel like a scientist who is experimenting on himself, and then observing and documenting the results.

If you were ever curious about what drives people to stalk celebrities or shoot people with bizarre rationales for their behavior, it may very well be this system of targeting Survivors of complex mind control programs that was the cause..

One thing is certain. Many mind control survivors are walking evidence and security risks in various ways that the system of spying and covert activity cannot afford to leave behind and it seems to involve ritual abuse as well. Its as if.that is the main component for creating a mind controlled slave and then it is a major part of DISmantling such a creation.

I notice that always they are used to get rid of already targeted persons or inconvenient persons within the 'random lone shooter' scenerio.

Anyone one calling this conspiracy theory can go read something else and kiss my ass becuz I KNOW that is how the system works. And its a bit late to call me mentally ill..but so many keep trying to make it stick. Its as if they believe they can collectively will this as truth into existence if only they keep agreeing on that being the reality every minute of every day.

Ahh, my book is going to like finally cutting in on an annoying couple who's dance together has gone on quite long enough.

Yes, the best way to avoid this effect is to stay the hell out of Cambridge.
what is worse though? Boston where the effect one feels immediately after crossing over the Charles River into Boston, the program switches into the target being able to remember much of the gang stalking and related events and even feel the emotions connected to those events but then the target realizes there is an amplification of these emotions and these feelings are being intensified and made a constant focus of thought to the point of suicide ideation. Those feelings are choking the person to death.

Until of course that person crosses over the bridge back into Cambridge or leaves the city limits all together.

These are the kinds of tactics used by whomever decided to make Aquino's MindWar a reality.

And big pharma as well as psychiatry seem not only necessary for such delusional people as myself but necessary to exist to handle such 'damgerous' people. All they have to do is disregard mind control slavery, ritual abuse etc and include all the effects as sure signs of mental illness such as thinking things are being directed at you in the media, any paranormal activity or psychic ability, people around you betraying you or plotting against you or stalking and harrassment 'being followed' and its covered. I notice these entire operations are covered by psychiatry.

It now makes sense why the smear campaign starts out with portraying the target as mentally ill.
Eventually everything the gs system does to the person will be covered up by this condition as cover story.

And alternately shaming,/blaming the Target keeps them silent over time. It renders them powerless.

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