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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bioethics Committee In NYC

Back in Cambridge. The people from the Commission ended up being very fair and allowing me into the room to hear what was being said instead of just on a webcast. Before that I mingled with many TI's and was relieved to find that not only has my work helped people over the years but that most of their stories are very similar to mine.
It's exactly as I have posted- it seems some people are whistle blowers, some mind control project Survivors and some are not sure what the perp's motives are.

As I listened to the Committee I began to realize that this was not the proper forum for TI's. This committee dealt with above board, offical, legit experimentation where the funding could be traced.
Targeted Individuals deal with a system that is covert in nature and since secrecy and silence seems to be so important to the gs system, one can assume that they are being stealth due to not wanting to be traced, found out or exposed or have victims be believed and validated. Logically, one can assume that the funding is black budget. This is also why favors, status, awards, building contracts, opportunities etc seem to be a form of payment as these can be made to seem like happenstance, just like what the Target experiences in thier gang stalking campaigns- "life's normal breaks" as Elenor White put it. (

I was two nights with only a few hours sleep- on the ride up and crashing at a drop in located in Manhattan the night before. I did my best to speak to other TI's, lets hope it was productive.

Strangely, I only started nodding out from lack of sleep when I was sitting in the room with the Committee, which I thought was very odd. I stopped nodding right after I left the room. It was either on purpose as in being targeted in that room or it may have been something from being hypersensitive to equipment as a byproduct. While I was nodding out, trying to stay awake I mentally was processing what they were saying. I also finally looked up at the men at the table of the committee and realized these are the same people I see every day around Harvard and MIT. Around all the colleges in Boston that are involved in medical, politics or law. I looked into thier faces and realized that these people were not going to help us. This is NOT the right crowd to appeal to, on top of the subject matter not being appropriate.

These people dont deal in the ethics of covert or black ops.

I also heard that a few of them were from psychiatry backrounds, which totally disqualifies them. They represent the interests of people who are used to cover for black ops and human/civil rights abuses. Much of their profession, if you want to call biological based psychiatry a legit profession- their credibility is at stake once TI's claims are validated. We must remain ghosts in the back of that room in order for THEM to exist.

Being there gave me the opportunity to realize or to remember what was clear to me in years past, that perhaps being burnt out has made me forget: doing OVERT activism in relation to COVERT operations is useless. The only thing it may do is to get some attention for the cause but it is NOT an appropriate avenue of solution or to seek justice.

Also, I realized fully that this system is no longer in any kind of experimental phase. What they are doing to many TI's is a full fledged system of behavior modification, re education, victim witness intimidation and destroying of dissidents. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. These are no longer experiments. Unless one is talking about in relation to MK Ultra or programming or other mind control projects where intergenerationally they seem to want to keep track of how programming breaks down etc.

We need a different avenue of action. This isnt working. NY was cool though. I needed to get out of here.

Im not saying we shouldn't keep showing up to these things. Meeting other TIs is productive and it keeps the legit world aware of our activism.

I got the feeling that personally my case would have been more appropriately heard by another committee or something dealing with MK Ultra and the radiation experiments like my mother was going to attend in 95. The problem with what I saw is that they act as if MK Ultra and related projects officially ended so there is no issue. This is becuz after Clintons apology and the settlements in the 90's it was treated as if it was a done deal. No one mentioned victims like my mother who was "followed" and intimidated out of testifying, therefore one questions how many other victims did not come forward as well as was their motive for victim witness intimidation monetary or to keep experimentees quiet to continue black projects and programs involving these experimentees?

As long as documents were destroyed by Helms there is missing evidence, so no one can justly claim we are incorrect in our claims. Just becuz Clinton says so? What did he read the destroyed files or something?

This is the mess that occurs when things belong in court rooms or tribunals and they get quietly kept down in mikkeymoused Committees etc.

What legal point of reference do I or anyone else have now to use to show cause?

And this committee is a sure sign of most of the world wanting to move on and leave these injustices and their victims behind.

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