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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forming One World Govt and My Being Targeted In Attempt To Turn Me Into A Terrorist

I am not targeted today due to the holiday weekend and it being Sunday in combination. I have not felt this free, healthy and 'normal' since the early 90s.

I am taking this opportunity to write some posts that aren't from me being under any outside influence.

I want you to look at yesterdays posts. Especially the one where I hate America, condemn my country and intend to leave.

The above link though just another internet site, seems pretty accurate with what I have experienced over these past many years, specifically since 2003 but can be traced to 95 onward also.

Outside of trying to erase any evidence of MK Ultra/radiation experimentation like my mother was a victim of, and it seems Johnny Gosch is a product of a now refined system of MK Ultra, it seems that their global goals are to form a one world govt.

This might not be so bad an idea except for the conditions that are involved in this endeavor basically involve the enslavement of mankind via technologies and chemical means of mind control, as well as good old fashioned psychological warfare.

When people buck the idea of a one world govt, known as the New World.Order, we are not rejecting nor skeptical of the globalization concept-its other cons being pulled off in the name of, and under the guise of, this New World Order.

And only people who don't pull all the info together and do their research label this concept 'conspiracy theory'.

This link explains why the system now in place works so hard to get people like me to hate their own people and leave the country: its part of the plan. They must force me to hate authority and institutions. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING TERRORISTS.
I am inconvenient to begin with due to my status as daughter of documented Zradiation experimentee that wouldn't be silenced and intimidated, testify as being a survivor of high level programming by unknown state actor, an 'expendable', due to having fought through three levels of suicide programming as well as having worked in adult entertainment being privy to some.sensitive information. Also my intimates who sold me out all had criminal actions to cover for as well as had all mistreated me, exploited me and assisted the system in controlling me or 'keeping me down'. None of those people want the truth told about them or their families as of now, they all have me scapegoated and discredited. Thats pretty inconvenient to alot of people.

So the goal is to get rid of me. Also I exhibit a love of my country and want to assist people. All of this makes me a candidate for this program of torture and.terror that seems to be utilized to turn victim witnesses like myself activist, then terrorist. Also to have me feel so angry, bitter and tortured that I turn to hate authority, my country, my culture and its people.

Its also been my experience that much of what is done to Targets resembles spycraft and oppression documented in foreign cultures such as the USSR, East Germany, China.

The weapons used in many ways resemble psycho correction.

So many TIs in the USA are experiencing exactly what is written here- a way of turning citizens against their country and even pushing them into a terrorist mind set, if not into actual terrorist actions.

Which begs the question is this used in other countries to create terrorists as well?

America is now fully psycho civilized. I don't think there is any way the public can be made aware of what is happening. Those that do know are either passive or support the idea of one world government.

I believe that specific cultures, ethnicities, religions and countries already know their faction's place in the NWO and it will benefit them greatly, which is their motivation in part for engaging in the destruction of TIs outside of perhaps wanting to see a one world in place.

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