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Sunday, May 8, 2011

9-11 Memorials And Related Hooplah Seem Shallow For TI's

Well I am glad that all they had to do was find ONE MAN and all the world's terrorism problems were solved. Its disgusting really and all TI's must be experiecing that feeling right now.

So, pray tell, who are you going to find and kill off that will give US the closure WE need so badly, probably more than victims' families who at least have disclosure as an option and public sympathy.

The NWO and 'Satanic' or 'Illuminati' agenda if you want to refer to it with those terms, is getting really close and very bold. Due to clever set ups and brainwashing over this many years, the public is just totally gonzo. And we, the people who have experienced what is going on first hand in some way or another, can bear witness to the fact that it consists of far more than just one extremist- an extremist who did business with the Bush family as well as from a country trained by our powers to counter Iran.

I dont think TI's and those in the know have any more patience for these sorts of candied displays. Slowly, we are being left behind as the rest of the world breaks off permanently and moves on into the false timeline created by black magick rituals, blood sacrifices some individual and some of mass numbers, deceptions, conspiracies, covert activity or ops, black ops and influencing of events for a calculated outcome in general.

The ass kicker is that during Bush the public would have believed this. Now they are being lulled back to sleep by Mama Obama, who is akin to mommy making Daddy's overbearing tyranny, sexism and abuse all better after the fact. We have become the consumate abused children in a dysfunctional family and the only way to survive is to bend to authority and forget what really happened. Which is why people like myself who no longer want to live that way, are targeted.

My mother once said to me becuz I entered Narcotics Anonymous, due to that program helping me get clean, she claimed "You see life as 'really real'". Here is a woman who, for the rest of her life, will prefer the comforts of denial and Disney World to the pleasures of reality and really LIVING life not the fantasy provided by the system. Some people just do not have it in them to face the abyss. They cant bring themselves to do it.

Many mind control Survivors are hated beyond belief not becuz we are dissidents or Nationa Security risks- but simply becuz we alone and collectively possess some sort of DNA or spiritual authority to go deeply into the Abyss and to face what is there and return, usually unscathed or at least able to self-heal.

I believe this alone is why we are so hated. The US is a lie to begin with. The day they have memorials for dead Native Americans is the day this country even begins to get real with itself and become grounded into the land its built on.

But we are being moved away from that- being grounded. Which is why there is this need for trauma based cult mind control and deceptions. An entire dimension is being created out of the use of tech and mind control of various means. Technology at its base level such as cyber living or tech in daily life, internet etc and mind control through the usual like ads, tv, etc. To get us totally ungrounded and carry us off into this un-reality created in recent years, along with what I just mentioned, trauma based mind control is used via the events of the Bush era and deception etc along with mass mind control using technologies and chemicals.

It almost feels like leaving the earth and going out into space, which might be its purpose. This all might be a psychological primer for space travel or moving humanity into underground living, the space station (now fully functional with scientists living on board as we speak) or Mars etc.

This might not be a bad idea if the environment will soon become so damaged that it will become an uninhabitable planet. What I do NOT like is what seems like the drive towards enslavement of mankind. Is this totally necessary? I understand that humans have such primal aggressions that they would not be suited for underground, cramped space stations or domes without incident. That this aggression was needed to survive on Earth as it was thousands of years ago. But is it really necessary to destroy, spirit, mind, emotion and imagination?

Lets not allow opportunists to create a world in space that is thiers to rule and ours to be enslaved under the guise of saving humanity. Becuz HUMANS being aggressive creatures that want to dominate, even the richest, most powerful, elite HUMANS express such drives, but do it more artfully and subtley with education, foreknowledge or superior knowledge (legal term) of events and conditions as well as power. This does not make them any less 'ape' in thier drives or ultimate goals. Beware all human beings in their urges to dominate, enslave and other aggressive drives. The richest ones may actually be more suspeptible to this as society is not regulating them as the poorer classes and they are delusional about thier true powers as mere human beings- existing in vulnerable mammalian bodies.

Targeted Individuals are not malcontents or people who deserved this life who are trying to make excuses for thier predicaments. We are often people who possess power that the elite either also posses and see us as security threats or believe regular people shouldnt posess such powers, that only money should be specialness not birthright- which they know is not the way it works but due to thier money and power have the ability to disgregard Nature and taylor reality to thier liking.

TI's are people who often see that there is a new sort of world forming and want to ensure that this transition runs smoothly as it presents temptations to the elite who may use this opportunity to become supreme gods, destroy or enslave humanity

So a 'Satanic' agenda if you will is one that would most likely include enslaving or destroying humanity. You can look at it as powerful people trying to save humanity from certain destruction by doing these things but the temptation to abuse that power is far too prevelant. And from what I have seen in my experiences, it is being abused.

It sickens me and other TI's I am sure that the deceptions have gotten just sooooo ridiculous. People will buy into anything right now. One news report refered to Obama as "naive" in the way he speaks to the public. The public have been beaten down into a child like state. Its like massive MK Ultra, to terrorize and drug and beat down and mind wipe until the subject is regressed to a child like state and then the master can build anew.

And it was totally unecessary and its taken away many years of quality of life for many people. I dont trust the elite nor thier motives. They have always been a problem on this planet historically and always have to exploit or enlsave someone else to get thier lifestyle needs met and that isnt going to stop just becuz technology becomes part of human's lives. In fact, its being used along with information control to fence off humanity so that people exist in an unreality or falsely created reality or environment where they can be controlled much more easily.

We are far less 'grounded' than we were before Bush, 9-11..possibly even back to the 80's. And TI's are slowly being left behind with the attitude that no one is going to believe us, listen to us or care about human experimentation or Gitmo overseas tortures or similar torture programs used DOMESTICALLY using technologies and psychological operations.

It doesnt help that many of us within a heavily controlled area such as the one I am in presently only allows for any sensible thought on Sundays, holidays or between 2-4 am when the world goes quiet. The rest of the time, if you notice, I am distracted and sound either like a mad woman or a victim of brain damage. This is largely in part due to what is used to keep targeted persons controlled and marginalized out of society as well as keep us from doing any meaninful gainful work either financially or other wise and that includes advocating for ourselves such as getting health care or lawyers.

Our lives were destroyed due to these events and this grand deception and the powers that be are going to ensure it stays that way and that the public never know or believe any testimonials concerning the events that took place.

For us, these celebrations and memorials and such do not include us. We have been effectively imprisoned within society itself. Kept from partaking of our own Will or defending ourselves in this society yet we exist in it and non TI's simply believe we live according to our own Wills. That we are homeless by choice. That we dress as we do by choice. That the appearance of weight gain, wrinkles, and aging or ill health is the effects of time and nature not microwave weapons and extreme stress levels over an extended period of time. That we are living up to our full potential or that we are none too bright and cant do any better.

These are the factors that get TI's to suicide. What is worse is the recent move to try to placate TI's to move on and forget about what happened or get us back funciontioning. This push for me to attend UMass for instance can be met with nothing but suspicion. The system is dangling in my face the fact that this is my last chance at survival, even though it destroyed my past last chance at greatness, happiness and aging as a natural beauty should, as well as growing in psychic power. This is the exact attitude of this adminstration as spoken by Joe Biden. His words exactly during on interview was that this adminstration wanted to "get people back to work" or back on thier feet or something similar. This is the healing and repair crew for Bush and all that was done just as Bush was the clean up crew for all that had gone on before.

And its just as damaging and insulting as Bush, probably moreso becuz it is the offering of a fake happy ending, one that I always promised these c*ck suckers would never get from me. They want to push us out into the light, in characteristic fashoin, after horrific darkness and abuse.

In my experience, the perpetrator of an abusive family gets more respect than the caretaker of the abused within that family unit. Becuz the perp has the power as well as the intensity. The caretaker wants to deny us that intensity and normalize the situation. Without the intensity provided by the abuse, the REALITY of being abused goes away and we are left with mom trying to build up denial in the family for dad's actions which is exactly what Obama's administration is doing.

It would be a different story if we had disclosure but we never did. We are left with memories that the system is trying to erase from our minds at the speed of light and put us into this FAKE, false light. I will not tolerate falsehoods of light as well as playing and manipulating states of dark and light. This is not human's jobs to do so and interference will only get resentment and continued resistance from me.

The only reason I would go to UMass is to pursue the continued punishment and bringing to justice of my enemies no matter how powerful. To utilize thier computer systems for a documentary or to edit years of documentation. And I will not be sidetracked by anything in this goal. The TRUTH will be published and held for the world to see even if they still try to systematically ignore it.

SO you can shove memorials and hooplah up your asses. Until its admitted the evil that exists within the American system of current govt, the corruption within the private sector/acedemic/state actor complex that is largely responsible for human experimentation- there will be no sunny happy days or bright endings for a Hollywood, Disney-ified public. The sheep are guided- the rams are targeted. And they try to sacrifice lambs but upon discovery that a lamb has a bit more ram present than a sacrifice should, find that sacrifice wont go so easily.

Remember, they want cows, not bulls. They hate bulls. They will turn a bull into a cow with thier constant, incessant harassment. And one must be stubborn and never ever let this go. Dont ever forget, dont give in and dont fall for the false light, which is simply them trying to end this without being brought to justice for the full warcrimes, plain and simple.

I have dealt with the most manipulative, viscous predators all my life, in my family and in business and in society. And I always ended up marginalized or targeted but also survived intact as a human being due to my shrewdness and stubborness where others give in to unacceptable conditions.

Its time for us to LEAVE this interment camp in public spaces they have put us into through the years but not through the doors they want to lead us out of. Do YOU trust the system to lead you out through thier chosen paths? I certainly dont. And as usual they have the arrogance level of delusional dictatorial demi-gods who believe they have a right to form another human being's life.

Yeah, a human being like me...only after they ripped my wiring out. Says alot doesnt it? That I had to be made powerless as a psychic entity before I could be handled. (FU by the way). And for all the females out there, is this not once again totally stinking of the patriarchy, thus my having to be stripped of my natural powers given to me by birthright by Nature and now 'controllable'? Gimme a f*ckin break.

There is no way any of us should go along with this. What they are trying to pull of is the ultimate insult. It makes what Bush did seem like two knights of equal respect and power dualing whereas this is like being fed off of a tit as a baby with a bib on. Its sickening.

We are not babies. And we have been regressed effectively individually and as a nation with MK Ultra type tactics and methods-everything from Aquino's MIND WARE theories, obviously now fully in place and functional as a system of mass mind control and targeting of dissidents, as well as chemical means, as I am reading up on chemtrails and finding there are sources with valid research and investigation proving that sedatives are being used in areas on the public.
And of course pychological warfare.

If TI's fall asleep there will be no guardians left at all. I personally refuse to leave my post. Go to hell and f*ck off is what I say to a candy ass happy ending. What transpired has GOT TO BE TOLD. Even if they do not listen. And melting into society by forgetting what occured is not a way to gain true freedom for ourselves as victims.
Becuz WE will never get disclosure, acknowledgement or respect. WE will always he hated by society due to cover stories or their greed in wanting Disneyland instead of hard truth. WE will get no memorials or compensation- no human experimentee ever does and there is ample evidence that the USA not only partakes in this practice that is a war crime technically but no offfenders ever get prosecuted under laws, international or domestic.

So let them have thier celebrations and trying to cap off the damage while the bandits ride into the sunset with stolen booty, as the goofy town mayor tries to placate the naive public. Let them live the lies. If you are a TI...damn. Your story, your REALITY is a hell of alot more interesting than what they have made up.

I will think of my worst abduction experience on that Greyhound bus when this bs gets put in my face in the news. I dont think they were Muslims, and much of the harassment was from all walks of life and African Americans who admitted carelessly they were part of groups that targeted people as their function. There were from down south alot of the time, they were Bloods alot of the time. Were they Muslim extremists? Or more likely they were part of the CIA mess due to Iran Contra and crack starting a beautiful relationship in the 80's and I am sure that most of these black movements were infiltrated way back by the likes of COINTELPRO or spying even before that. There were AMERICANS that messed with me, that tortured me and tried to destroy me. And once or twice it seemed to have to do with anti terror as if someone in DOD or CIA was misinformed about my status as a programmed subject however much else was nothing but arrogance, mind games, suppression of victim witness testimony and human experimentation to see how programming breaks down.

For us, they could round up the most 'evil' men in the world and kill them and it has no meaning for TI's. We know that in our world, in the world of trying to get the edge and build the super soldier- that 'evil' is relative.

Dont fall for the circuses and horse/pony shows becuz there are going to be more of them I am sure.

One good result for me might be that if Obama stays in, Romeny wont get in making it so I can go to school and not have to leave the country. Becuz leaving the country in ill health trying backpack and squat in Europe at this age doesnt sound good. And believe me I WILL LEAVE. Not out of stubborness but out of necessity.

Becuz if that bastard and his blonde bitch wife get into office- I will do something so rash I wont live long to regret it. That is how insulting it will be for him to get into that position of power, with the help of the BUSH family sponsoring him and obviously what was done to me while he was govenor being done to me as a sort of favor to get him into that very position of power.

You have to understand that instances of mind control and programming among LDS or Mormons is high. There are many survivors of mind control and cult mind control that are from LDS churches or 'Mormons'. I have been to Salt Lake city. Its brilliant what they have created out in that desert but its also extremely fake, a total deception, a perversion of nature..and I dont understand how so many light blondes can exist in heat and sun I cant even stand without turning red with skin damage the way red heads and blondes to in San Diego sun. Everywhere there is a Mormon community I get a sense of peace, of structure but there is a warning bell going off underneath that cant be ignored. And I get heavily targeted in Moromon areas which means they want thier boy in- REAL bad.

Romney is insane and wants that presidency becuz his dad couldnt get it. He is most likely driven by the same psychosis as anyone who feels they must complete a mission, and to represent thier family before they die. Hey, thats my drive as well. Looks like we will have a F*CKIN BATTLE OF THE HUMAN WILLS here and if I cant win I will simply leave to avoid being subjegated by the winner who of course won by false pretenses. No one is going to be privy to destroying me and giving the upper hand and opportunities to my enemies and then the final insult is that I submit to him and his male oppressors power. THAT is what they want from me I am sure. That would the good little girl they have been trying to crush and then rebuild from whats left for years now. I must retain my original structure and purpose until it is done.

And no one, not Christians, Satanists, the mob (joke), the feds or any faction connected to them, the military or other state actors or my family those losers is going to stop me from my objectives. I will CRAWL across Europe if I fuckin have to and sleep in sewers. No bunch of men are going to school me in anything. This joke of a power trip has gone on long enough.

And I think all TI's especially mind control survivors should be just as stubborn. We keep getting advisory committees but never any results. Another joke for the history books.

There is no justice for us. Only documentation of continued abuses and for them to ask us to smile, be nice and to go along with normal life when we have been so abused is nothing short of the typical behavior of greedy predator abusers who do not deserve our submission.

Look at this article:

Now look at the pic that showed up on the original source I got the story from:

Nice trustworthy face right? NOT. Take away the bangs and the suit and you've got someone who looks like they yet another poster boy for the Satanic agenda. And there are even Satanists in other countries who dont like this NWO becuz it infringes on too many liberties and freedoms! The Illuminati cult sucks and is really stupid but if you convince enough idiots that something is real especially using symbols and mind control its pretty easy to have a massive movement with power behind it. The only reason I am now using the term 'Illuminati' is becuz thanks to African Americans insisting on being flashy and careless we now have plenty of rich people out there, and of all races religions etc, who are going around validating that such a faction exists. And they actually think this will get public compliance, which it probably will- from the idiots who prefer Disneyland. Disneyland and Jay Z all for the kids and mom and dad too.

Yeah, TI's are way to smart for this and they hate us. Too bad.

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  1. As far as artists who have died under questionable circumstances (under the guise of "drug overdose"), we have Joplin, Morrison, Hendrix. However, one particular acid casualty, Syd Barret, was very much into drugs. However, he quietly slipped into the abyss, dropping out of the music business, and settling for the humble and simple life of a gardener while living off of royalties. Ok then, Barrett used to "take drugs by the shovelful". Used to take so many Mandrax tablets, he would be foaming at the mouth. Took acid until he was catatonic schizo. But somehow, Barrett never dies of a drug overdose. Meanwhile, artists who did far less, did die. The difference? They never dropped out of site like Barrett did and just quit. They kept on going and going, and were approaching maturity and the wisdom that accompanies it. It seems like artists in particular have so much influence over the masses, it scares the living daylights out of certain factions. But Syd Barrett, hmph, well he just dropped out of the scene. So of course he was no longer a threat.

    But how did he get to that mentally ill state in the first place? He was always surrounded by questionable people giving him drugs, so maybe that was a target goal of the system, to turn artists into vegables. Or make them so bored and disgusted with the music biz, fame, etc., they just quit altogether. So they don't really need to be killed off.

    Some say Barrett was truly mentally ill, and that is why he dropped out. Others say he simply could not fathom performing and writing because he was being pressured into making pop hits, and his music, while very odd indeed, was part of his artistic visual. His music was very surreal. Well, I think it was a combination of the two, and of course, the Control Freaks were likely part of his demise, his descent into a non-artistic zombie-like existence.



    Look at Barrett's famous blank stare. Acid casualty? To me, it looks like the classic "deer in the headlights" look that TI's get. He looks like he is in severe shock, instead of just being a schizo on account of too much acid. Barrett looks like he had the life sucked out of him, i.e. a zombie, or as I used to think, in a vegetative state.

    Seriously, that look on his face is really creepy, like he's a ghost or something. F*ck, that is really creepy towards 2:36.

    The only thing wrong with my theory is that Barrett succumbed to cancer anyways at age 60. Also, Barrett seems coherent at the end when he is interviewing with Clark.