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Monday, May 30, 2011

So Many Years From That First Video/ Why So Many Entertainment People Are In On Harassment and PSY OPS

I was putting an annotation on my first vid, the one made at BU, the first one that everyone seems to like so well.

I can tell that some people, like my mother for instance, think that I am a total idiot for making such a confession or going public. That my life was ruined because of that action and that everyone thinks I am just crazy etc etc.

First of all, if I didnt go public, I would have been KILLED. Does this woman and other detractors not understand the severity of the situation? Pharamcists hinting for me not to take a bottle they are handing me? People dosing me with spray bottles passing in the street? Men trying to get me into cars or hotel rooms, and the kind of people I find out later are extremely dangerous and probably were supposed to kill me? Neuro interruptors lined into my clothing so that my skin burns and I turn into a drooling idiot who's only thought in my head at that time was perhaps my name, if I was lucky, until I took those jeans off and got my burning, red skin into a shower, washed off and that oppressive mental state then disappeared?

This is very severe psychological warfare and ritual abuse. And its no surprise to me that Jake conveniently was found useful by people in the music business, who befriended him and made it very obvious that he was to gain favor by assisting in destroying me.

You have to remember something. Not only is mind control slavery very prominent in the entertainment industry especially the music business (as music is used to anchor programming to internal systems often enough with programmed people, and these same musicians and artists construct thier own inner world for thier fans out of thier music they create. The people who assisted Jake are one of those bands that is practically a cult. A world wide one. No one gets that much power in this world without being either a programmed asset themselves or the band having assets AND programmers or at least people who know how this system works). I also have to consider that during my time being in contact with people in the adult entertainment industry I could have been accessed during some time frame and not remembered it, which means such people or anyone involved would be very nervous if I start remembering things.

Also, one of the things my mother was so nervous about me remembering was the old days when she used to go to drug dealers houses and leave me in the car or worse, take me inside. I have memories of a specific drug dealers house- location, furniture everything. And I think once that was captured on whatever survaillance was in my apartment, on top of me knowing only that a bunch of dealers did some killing in the 70's, there was a big war of sorts and they all retired to Florida, but my uncle knows about that, the details, I only know just that general story. I overheard my mother saying it probably when I was younger. During Bush the point was to get me to chatter and talk as much as possible in that apartment to see what I knew and didnt know. And what I did have to say for memories almost got me killed or harmed until other people intervened and probably had to tell whoever was freaked out about me reciting things I had heard, like a tape recorder, that I was simply just that: a video and tape recorder with little understanding of what information I kept, retained or delivered.

However, considering that I dug into my memory before the age of six just before my mind started to really go, erase everything as it is now basically- I recalled some of the ritual abuse or Satanic ritual or training as a child but those memories were always running themselves in my head life long anyway. What I did recall was being in this hotel that is now converted to being a dorm for BU. I recalled my aunt or someone bringing me to prostitution calls with them when I was young, my aunt I think.
And this is not far fetched since I have a solid memory of my normal memory banks of my mother having me in this nice house with my aunt and two men. My mother sat with me and my aunt was over with the two men. They were all doing cocaine off of this piece of a tree trunk that the had cut out and polyurethaned. I distinctly recall that detail. I also recall that they had Preview, the very first version of cable TV so they must have had some money to have Preview in the 70's becuz I was very young. I recall that during some scene on TV my mother covered my eyes and I wanted to see what was going on.
My mother went to leave and take me with her, and I distinctly recall my aunt saying she was going to stay with these two guys.

Now I dont judge anything from the 70's like society does today, just that Boomers were not easy parents and society should give us some cred.

But when you match that info along with some weird Satanic activity my mother was involved in, her status as connected to MK Ultra by being a documented radiation experimentee rooted in Project Paperclip Nazi human experimentation, our family being the typical 'text book' type of scenerio that expendable female mind controlled slaves come from. The tech/weapons being used today overseas. Add to that Michael Aquino and the Mind War paper, all the cell phone towers, HAARP, all the natural disasters now- youve a got a bit more going on here other than just a 90's kind of whining over being molested. You have here a huge problem with people in power using mind control, occult based systems based on ritual, sex, black mail, drugs/money laundering, child sex and porn to get thier way in the world, which now they seem to feel needs to be psycho civilized.

My only concerns are I want revenge for my life being taken from me. My second concern is that the use of tech for mass mind control and the torture and imprisonment of Targeted persons is a bit much to accept. I could totally deal with the presence of world wide network of child screwing, pedo drug taking, money laundering Satanic freaks bcuz that is only stopped by educating people so they do not become victims of such a thing or if they were born into it, they can get out alive and perhaps have lives if they so choose to break away from the system.

Which brings me back to a point about me remembering things from my childhood-
Look at who helped Jake. These are people who have connections that go deep into Boston and surrounding areas. I can imagine that there are connections to sexual content that does deal with children, especially since these connections are rooted in the 70's anyway. How do I know that either in my 20s or in my childhood I was not some plaything for anyone connected to this large, rich, connected social group within this area? And THAT was what they were afraid of me remembering?
Also considering the Satanic activity involved, the COS was very hip in the late 60's until people got bored with it or realized it was full of too many kooks, perhaps they went on with Temple of Set, Aquino being less kooky overall and more sensible due to his military background than LaVey? Then I have to wonder how many people who knew me and my family when I was a little girl arent still involved in such things? Its interesting that Jake's new friends were involved so much in what went on, and what was really going on during that time, especially 2003 and 2004 was my deprogramming and fighting three layers of suicide programming.

So people connected to drugs and all kinds of sleaze from my hometown as a child all of a sudden get very involved with assisting my enemies or rewarding my former intimates who assist the system in destroying me, just as I start to remember memories before the age of 6, ask questions and want to get hypnotized.

Many people, not just my own mother, were extremely afraid of what I was going to remember in that time frame. The way I was attacked and targeted was so viscous, so brutal and over the top that it would HAVE to have been a matter of 'national security' for it to have been that big of a production. That cost someone a hell of alot of money to do what was done to me for this many years.

Renting an entire Greyhound bus couldnt have been cheap either, then again, Greyhound was going through a buy out from some company in England, and we know how cozy Bush and Blair were then, both related to the Queen etc etc. Id even have to consider that MI6 had a hand in this. Some kid who had lived there a few years and knew my situation without me telling me, purposely told me that during Bush for some reason, England decided that the Boston police could revamp thier police force over there and made this big move to have them come over and consultants, but after they did some work on the project, the English were disatisfied and canceled the initiative. Dont know how true this is but with all those awards-as-rewards during that time, it would fit in nicely.

There is some information in my head that people are very nervous about. I get treated like a nobody but the way I look, carry myself and some of my instinctual behaviors tell me I am far from a 'nobody'. Like that what they are afraid of. Also having to destroy my psychic abilities and high intelligence also tells me that I was indeed worth being afraid of.

At least now I know why I am so hated in Boston, why they treat me like public enemy number one. Becuz a bunch of old f*cks have alot to hide about what they did all messed up back in the day, which nowadays, most people would learn about in horror.

I feel I have done exactly what I should have done to defend myself being that I had no resources and was attacked so heavily, by so many for so long. I see people down Pearl St in Cambridge who are parking thier cars actually wait until I have passed by to get near the sidewalk and when I pass them, they turn thier heads so I cant id them. So many scumbags work for this system which means that many more child molesters exist than our society wants to admit. During Bush, the majority of people that I dealt with all turned out to have some connection to sex with children or similar like rapists. This is an entire network that exists to handle Survivors even if they are very old, so that they are discredited and never remember what happened in a systematic manner. AND THIS NETWORK IS CONNECTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES OR SOMEONE WHO CAN GET ALOT OF INFO ON THE TARGET and they can locate you in minutes.

So what was I supposed to do, let the arrogant motherf*ckers around here label me, just becuz it was easy to do to Danny? Me being Betty's daughter just as much as Danny's, I think that option is rather impossible. Its just that somehow they thought that recruiting my mother, the one who gave me such rebellious genes, would somehow work to stop me from acting aggressively against oppression or an enemy as she always had, which of course is the stupidest thing I have ever encountered. My mother got destroyed and emptied by this system as well. I wont forget that at one time, that woman had a spirit in her eyes that this system took from her over the years via 'bad luck'. I wont forget her in the kitchen in Roslindale, mashing up beef for meatloaf, but staring into space down at the table, and you could tell she was going through memories over and over and over, a total trauma victim. But still she cooked, kept a very clean house, everthing was folded, she paid bills and we had a nice home, which was easy back then, but still, I couldnt have done it. This system will pay for its crimes not just against me but my parents. I dont care that one of both of them have chosen to sell out. Humans age, they get weak, they crumble to pressure, and the 70's generation is viscious anwyay, its sense of self preservation I had seen through the years anyway. It doesnt surprise me that she sold out. But my generation's purpose is to NOT sell out as such, becuz there is more at stake her than social acceptability. We are talking about an entire world being dominated and enslaved by technologies while it dies slowly of pollution.

That is worth fighting for. The 70's generation never quite learned to put thier egos in their back pockets for the greater good, if you havent noticed, my generation was trying to be the ones to go through the Transition with technologies and other world wide changes. Its not just about your neighborhood anymore or your country. And I dont care what people think of me. The technologies I write about have been discussed in political forums around the world, even put forth for consideration for banning them or creating laws managing them. The problem is that laws on the books for civilians dont seem to apply to the military, the mafia, the CIA and all thier buddies connected into this old network. So the public has to begin to acknowledge that such crimes are possible and they involve abuses of absolute power not just some punk next door to you with a revamped, tweeked microwave oven unit. I have experienced the weapons that can be used from a short distance like a car outside. Those are totally beatable with the Will power and total bullsh*t compared to the tech and methods of the big boyz, so lets start being realistic about who is behind this. And that TI's are not crazy. And that would involve finally getting the bio-psychiatry industry under control, which might be more trying than getting the US military under control.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe entertainment industry people know something about what goes on with targets. I was reading this interview with Doug Ingle, and the question was raised about the disappearance of Philip Taylor Kramer.

Q - I saw this Unsolved Mystery segment on Phil Kramer . What's going on anyway?
(Phil Kramer joined Iron Butterfly when they re-formed in 1975. He was found in a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains on May 31st, 1999, over four years after he called a police to say he was going to commit suicide.)


Q - Do you believe that the U.S. government would kidnap him because he discovered an equation that is faster than the speed of light?


[Ingle answers]

If you want to look at possible abduction, then you have to look at other foreign interests, that may have absconded with him to access his mind. You know, he could be in the protection custody type of situation with our government to protect him against other powers.


So just like you said, unless you read the Ingle interview beforehand, there may be foreign interests involved in trying to access the mind of targets, and the US govt. and its agencies get involved in part to protect the target against the other powers. By contributing to the destruction of the target's mind, and also making the target manageable, they maybe be trying to ensure the foreign interests don't get what they are looking for. So this whole organized stalking is a complicated power game among nations. Well, it could be that targets are pawns in a new age cold war, which is part of the NWO's existence.

I may have posted this before. I do believe I told you and others about Kramer and this would have led me to the Ingle interview, and surely I would have forwarded that as well.

This has been going on constantly: I keep getting in this rut where I research something, post the results, and maybe a year or so later, come across the same research later, which leads me to the ensuing results. Things seem to be going in circles here, and it could be the part of the targeting.