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Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Gets Better Project: Support For Bullying and Harassment of Gay Peoples

This is damn touching. Leave it to the gay community to kick ass right away and organize, get something done and make it become super effective right away. TIs can learn from this.

No one should die in this day and age or any for that matter due to being gay. I know I have written about trannys at shelters but that is probably a demographic other gay people can understand whats going on there. I really dont see anything wrong with homosexuality or gay marriage unless they are woman haters, which do exist. Im not a very good hag but I know friends of mine who are just adored by gay men in this way. Interestingly, in all of my surroundings growing up, gays were tolerated even supported by whoever I was living with as a child. I suppose this is why I am not offended.

Being homosexual is as ancient as humans themselves. Its ridiculous to think that its a disorder. I worry sometimes about very wild young gay men who exhibit signs of indulging in homosexual behavior due to early abuse as conditioning not being gay by nature and I do believe people are just born gay, there is no converting them to

I know that when Scott was with me there was probably videotaping going on or some other exploitation. Sure I used slurs, I still succumb to psychological warfare. He would do things on purpose to get reactions out of me. He hated on gay men privately and called them fags but I notice in a telephone conversation probably taped or braodcast, I got pissed and used that term and he disapproved on the phone ONLY BECUZ IT WAS BEING TAPED. Mary Holiday used the N word and told me if I stayed with her in rural MI that " at least you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers", however in a phone conversation I witnessed she disapproved of someone in a conversation with an older black woman, becuz this person they were discussing used racial slurs.

When it comes to gang stalking Targets get pulled in by alot of criminal opportunists usually people looking to reduce a sentence or not get taken down for screwing someone over etc.

Both Scott and Mary have extensive and violent criminal records. I do not. These people are used to lying par the course of being criminals.

The purpose of all that was to make it seem as if gs scares someone into being humane or to grow as a person.

Nothing cud be farther from the truth. I am still tolerant of other peoples becuz I have hung onto my true self, who I was before this became constant and brutal warfare. If I had succumbed to what gs was designed to turn me into I would be a very intolerant person who hates many different demographics. Gs and harassment doesn't improve innocent people it turns them into monsters.

There is no reform from gs. GS is designed to cover for continued illegal human experimentation projects or driving inconvenient people to suicide or murder.
I am not one of these people who resort to kissing ass when I am in trouble or the public disapproves of me. As you can see from my blogs and vids I stubbornly stick to what I believe in regardless of public opinion. If I hated gays I would probably say so. I try to remain fair even though the system wants me to become a monster.

Its also an attempt to divert anger away from the system that abuses, programs and controls mind control Survivors and towards social groups.

This is basically what the Bush administration did to the public so people would direct their anger away from a fascist administration that was obviously screwing this country.

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