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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Big Picture Evident

This is what I am up against. I understand that now.

Its no wonder that the odds have been impossible. There is no easy ending to this.

What they want most is to take away what they bestow upon you when they program a child. It seems they believe one must lose what power one has and be made common, average and powerless then put back into society, move on forget, be silent.

However, what they destroy they do so by inducing and causing brain damage as well as not only keeping the Survivor down but really ruining the person physically. Which means they are taking what Nature has given the programmed person not just what was induced from programming early on.

This isn't theirs to rob or destroy.

Now with the technologies in place as they are, as well as all the mass brainwashing via trauma and intimidation of the country, they have complete control and no need to worry about any exposure...or reprecussions from anything revealed in the past.

If Bush can display behaviors this insane without repricussion or notice by the general public then it has come to game over. And the truth is going to be buried from there on in, along with its witnesses.

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