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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, May 16, 2011

Time To Get Down In NYC

I just slipped and said I was going to NY in front of staff. Probably on the phone to their little buddies. I often wonder if my mother is still in on this. If these jerks inform her of my whereabouts even now.

She's definately been a stalker all my life. She used to brag that I was always being watched and that "I always knew where you were". And she proved it by actually telling me correct information about my activities at certain times. Who does this arrogant b*tch think she is? She really gets off in sick control games. Hey what do you expect from someone coming from a pedophile family who never faced off her abusers effectively and broke away from them? She's got to scale goat, displace and project onto someone. And its unbelievable she seems to have a massive network helping her. She really is as "sick" as Ghepetti said she was. I wonder if she knows I am again going to risk my safety health to accomplish what she didn't have the balls to di in 1995- face off this system and slay the beast. Again I can take the risks necesary to win and she prefers to lie, decieve and blame others and form a world of illusion where she can feel.she has power.

This is why its so important to ignore me, make me out to be a bad person or discredit me. Making her appear as an authority on me and over me helps protect the abusive system that seems to support her. Or that she seems to have turned to after they beat her down enough.

I ain't afraid to live in the street at 50 and die there.

As long as I have attempted to win is all that matters.

My mother thinks she won this game by NOT going to testify and keeping up appearances. So why did the gs perps in 2005 or so intimate she took some kind of payoff? You didn't win, you got tired and sold out.

A gun in the mouth and a blood splattered note are preferable ends compared to that nonsense. Oh and a pyre. Can't let anyone get the last word by leaving a body, like my controlling family for instance. She used to intimidate me with the idea that I would die first and she was going to have me buried in the family plot against my wishes of creamation. It was just another way of holding someone down and raping them, just like was done to her except she never used sex. But all her abuses had this creepy sexual effect to them. Now that I know bettter it really makes me want to vomit.

But I know that she was also never allowed to heal by this system and that her abuse was more severe than mine. All that matters is that the US military and other state actors think they can just do as they please and experiment on their own people. Whoever does the high level programming, or whoever comes after survivors believes they have the right to destroy us and create lobotomized zombies out of bright, youthful, attractive and talented Survivors. They really are threatened by anyone being BORN with elite qualities that doesn't fit into the same tax bracket.

See you in NY you pieces of human garbage.

And don't think I ain't ready for other TIs to ignore me, be mean to me or try to lush me out becuz I am ready for all of it.


Anonymous said...

I have talked to a number of people who are in on this, and they tell me they are afraid of death, afraid of dying. I think perps in general are afraid of death. Well, that would make sense though, wouldn't it, because all they care about is themselves, and their comforts in this life. I'm not sure if there is a life beyond this, but I've always lived my life with the idea that there is an afterlife, and by doing good things, I would be rewarded eventually. And that is pretty much independent of religion.

I think what we are seeing here is an "awakening" to Satanic ideals, that there is no afterlife. Or maybe perps ARE afraid of being punished, hence, their intense fear of death. But me, I've always considered suicide at various times, and decided I do not fear death if it means doing the right thing in the process. One of my asshole handlers, a goofball roommate, told me, "don't just kill yourself, be sure take a number of people with you". I think it's safe to say that would be a perp mentality as well. They probably HOPE DEARLY that if we do decide to suicide, we decide to take a number of others down with us. It seems that is one of the goals of this System -- to have the target perform a ritualistic murder spree/suicide. That's what that crackhead told me: go on a murder spree if I decide to suicide. I told him no, if I decide to end it, I will only take myself. Why should it be in MY hands to decide who lives or dies?

Mike said...

You know as well as I that it is a warzone in NYC. If you need anything, your welcome to ask, you got my email.

Anonymous said...

See you in NY: is that like saying "See you in hell"?

leaflet8410 said...

Hi Rachael. Just wanted to say thanks for your invaluable/life-saving insights on both your blogs and the youtube channel. I have harrassment coming at me from all sides and it's hard to not feel backed into a corner. You're a light in the dark- just sayin.'