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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In NY Yesterday

Ok I made it. But due to a change in travel plans I had to keep my ride awake so walked around with hardly any sleep yesterday. Im used to this, from traveling and other activities years ago. As usual I went into denail about how many perps and gs activity there was going to be.

I kept getting lost becuz due to the brain wreckage from mycotoxin exposure and years of gs stress, I can no longer internalize maps or use a photographic memory to recall things visually. I just went by feel and wandering in circles.

Even on the train up here a very spy looking perp gave this indication of.what I was in for with this attitude and look like its so sad that they have to wreck me.again but hey, I insist on coming back into their city.
Arrogance as usual.

I sense that Manhattan is flooded with perps who seem to specialize in a consistent stream of subtle bs on a Target, making them.generally uncomfortable. When the security changed shifts at the bus pass place it was a perp who had come in. He and the outer door security pulled a subtle but overt bonding tactic making the TI feel they are being focused on becuz they are 'dangerous'. This is old hat by now but it let me know the shit was start from here. I had just put my name on official city paper into system so of.course the system let's their dogs out. U can always catch the old guys cuz they r slow now, looking at the other perp when they think you've left. Like 'mission accomplished'. These people really do act like spies, or a cult bonded over their little secret and the power it brings in society.

The rest of the day was hip dressed YUPpie/hipster black males off and looking at me like they hated me and I really shouldn't be prolonging my.death like this. U could sense how much they hated me. I gave a short sentence about how COINTELPRO never left, that's what they are about, the houseslaves have assisted their counterparts in destroying the country and, congratulations you've arrived-you are now as bad as oppressive whites.

Everyone ignored this, they had to, becuz they know its true and becuz it was articulate.
I am still shocked by the amount of blacks from all classes who if my situation is perfectly normal in life and this is my natural status in in.this society. Only a culture that's been constantly enslaved for thousands of years by different cultures including their own.African counter parts could percieve a state of enslavement as 'normal' and be blade about it. Their complacency in slavery and oppressive conditions is the number one frightening trait of a majority of African desended cultures. And its the number one reason poor and middle class white culture has been co opted and made invisible by African American culture. The elite don't forget the historical behaviors of the underclass from history. Their blase attitude over injustice as part of life without fighting it is truly scary. It makes something very base and very ancient in my cry out for survival and to rail against this trait. Perhaps they just believe this is the norm for a lower class white. Whatever their perception, I found in Manhattan that the African Americans here usually believe their opinions and creepy old folk logic and sensibility fused with modern life, actually matters to society or cultures outside their own. Snobbery, when coming from African Americans is one of the greatest comedy pieces in existence on this planet.

That aside, a slightly South American looking kid.did the wallet checking thing in a gs manner and had a skiff smirk.

I finished the day with only telling off one lowly train employee and that kid with the wallet tactic and perhaps a few mumblings of slurs here and there later in the day. I went to Washington Heights by accident and liked it much better. It looked like what NY used to be, I didn't want to go back to Manhattan.

I didn't get anything that yesterday of course so let's see.what I can.finagle.

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