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Monday, May 30, 2011

obnoxios momorial day parade

Parade going by squat. Sheriff's van parked in front of driveway to block most.of it from our squat. Don't know if this was done as favor to us or so homeless people sleeping outside couldn't be seen by 'decent' people in parade or watching on sidelines.

I feel nothing my.l heart is totally dead in response to the event. After what I have been through in this country I have nothing but contempt. My grandparents military service is the root of my situation anyway, so this parade is even more ironic.

It makes me think about how long its been since I saw live music. I recall I was.forming.a theory as to what life would be like if I lived using candles, natural light and as little electricity as possible. No Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images. Now I am constantly plugged into my smaetphone and listening to mp3 grinding my mind down with the same music for years now. To ensure I don't.forget the truth about what happened.

I don't feel targeted but I feel the damage of years of being targeted. My ruined figure looks health mind.

All written off easily in the end as my being mentally ill.

The sheriff's van number is 33. And who cares..

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