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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Red Flag Behaviors and Actions In The TI Community

A female TI who is local has become a cause for concern pertaining to me but also to TIs in general. This also serves as a good example of judging unsafe people. To try to assess if someone is a perp is totally useless in a situation like this. There is no way to tell. Often TIs are just unstable, burnt out and traumatized or from a different demographic.

This woman is a first level or level 1 Targeted Individual. She only got foot soldier gang stalking and home invasions, community mobbed out of her home. She hides behind Christianity as an excuse to judge or condenm people which has NO PLACE in a movement like this. If you are a RA survivor you especially will not have any patience for someone who refuses to be self-actualizing but still hides behind Judeo-Christianity. Reminds you of the cult perps, right? Exactly.

The last thing a TI needs who is heavily targeted especially with tech or due to cults not wanting them to ever give testimony, is someone who plays mind games or is difficult and refuses to respect boundaries.

I have made a few vids which will explain this situation but mostly new TI's may use this as a gauge: NO RED FLAGS ARE ACCEPTABLE. None at all. These behaviors will only do more damage whether they are from TI's or perps doesnt matter.

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Anonymous said...

In my case, I've got the community mobbing, which runs in parallel to mobbing carried out in other venues. You know, "stars" using my musical ideas, getting perped in TV shows and movies. I was watching CSI Miami last night, and I got a healthy does of perping. Pretty much any show on prime time has perping in it. In my case, it started as community mobbing in 2000. But back then, I was not savvy to the ways of organized stalking. I've seen evidence that back in 1987 I had one informant/perp, and further back, I was getting sexually harassing phone calls when I was in high school. So who knows. I could not recognize organized stalking prior to 2005, as I was "asleep" before then, but keenly aware that I was not "normal", that I was getting rude treatment and things happening that didn't seem to happen to "normal" people.