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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bus route 1 out of Harvard Sq stopped at MIT #2130 11:56 pm. Driver discriminated against me based on my age and was rude. I told her to not be rude again and ask for id next time. She called me up from my seat after I paid and embarassed me in front of everyone by saying "ma'am that pass u have, tell me exactly where u got that?" Instead of asking for ID.r

She threatened to call security and we r now both waiting.

She simply wants security to clean up her mess. Now she is lying to security about what happened.

Telling.them I am insistent on staying on the bus when she never told me any differnt. Everyone else has gone to another bus.

Going to run video when cops come.

Female driver, brunette. Have part of the argument on video.

Its just me and her waiting now and I am being silent typing this and have been for awhile now.

Basically security will come and remove me and treat me like a criminal while she drives off. I am glad I at least cost her some time. The more time this takes the more it will appear on a report as a problem.

The only reason I am not getting off the bus is that no one told me too.
Ok. They heard my story and she is wrong. She is now in there trying to make me sound like a jerk. But they know she was in the wrong.

Im just tired of being disrespected. By union people and these types that had been given godlike powers during Bush and the war and still think their word against anyone is golden. I've had enough.

After the gross abuses of power I've experienced over the years I just can't take being disrespected like that now.

But now I have to sleep in the cold instead of inside where I was on my way to on that bus. That b*tch gets to go home to a warm bed that her nice union job got her.

And believe me I am still not forgetting how bad the harassment was from the MBTA. No one shud have endured what I did no matter what the rationale is.

What they did to me during Bush was beyond wrong it was part of a campaign of torture and no reason on earth is good enough to substantiate that. I

Perps would even tell me outright it was an abuse of power. The meaner ones, mostly men, would make fun of me and claim that I had no power in society or that it didn't pay to be poor.

All these excuses...and I don't even think that was gang stalking tonight. It was just typical arrogance from people who Bush made gods by making them part of homeland security's first line of defense.

Now magically there is an MBTA inspector rv truck on my way back to Central Sq and I just got trolled by security from around Star Market and that nice hotel behind Central which by the way, always messes with me.
Wanna know why? Cuz I can tell u why.

What just happened potentially has the power to break years of brainwashing me.into a trance so.I never take action on my behalf legally concerning all that was done to me locally by various parties.
They have to quickly make me feel intimidated, guilty and hated again to get me back under control. Its very dangerous when a Targeted person has a victory especially with validation from authorities, and specifically police. It makes the person realize how screwed over they have been and they are not wrong or deserved such inhuman treatment.

What just occurs, with my standing up.for myself resulting in results and validation, just one incident like that rips through years of stalking and harassment to brainwash to TI into believing they are bad or authority hates them.

The system has to immediately bare down on the Target to make.them forget they have rights. THAT IS WHY..
Right now they may have already agreed to make her version the official version and to say that they simply agreed with me becuz of the mishandling of the pass situation. Most likely it will be logged that I acted crazy and argumentative becuz that bus had no.cameras, asked cop said no, and I will be :handled' the moment I call to complain about the way she approached me becuz officially its going to be treated like it never happened. Prepare to be ignored.

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  1. In the parallel world that a TI is forced to exist in, there's a certain type of logic that dominates. We know it all to well. It's pretzel logic. Left is right, up is down, black is white, right is wrong. When I open myself up to the probability that this twisted logic will make a cameo appearance in my life, day in and day out, often multiple times in a 24 hour period, a tectonic shift takes place in the terrain of my brain. I realize that the emotional fault lines that these criminal entities (perps) try to create are for the purpose of causing psychological earthquakes. If they succeed in creating these quakes, and one hasn't prepared one's mind to exceed the "building code" for this high-risk environment, it can destroy one's very foundation. So, I get my brain up to code. I prepare by realigning my emotional tectonics, so to speak. There are many ways to do this. Importantly, I feel I gain a tactical advantage. And this is not a trivial success.

    When I am forced, like you were, to interact with an automaton, android, gynodroid, a f ing a**hole, call them what you will, I'll hit the play button on my memory file and it'll roll out this little ditty: people treat you for they way they are, not for the way you are. The truth of this simple phrase is like balm for the soul. It has the power, at least for me, to heal and soothe a mind tormented. So anytime, anyone is rude, crude, lewd, or stewed, and I am tainted by their idiocy, I just hit "play." It saves me from trying to prove anything. I don't have to.

    Another tactic I use when confronted by these mutant ninja turtle freakazoids is to find something funny about them. As if that were so difficult. Ok, I admit, I'm a sucker for the path of least resistance. They're so into trying to get you to doubt yourself, I make them doubt themselves. I'll disempower them since they believe they have all the power. My self talk would go something like this: "these poor souls are so cursed with listening to that endless moronic drivel emanating from the gelatinous blob known as their brain, shouldn't I be pitying them? I do pity them. In fact, I'm going to throw them a pity party because I can't think of any group who deserves it more." Occasionally, I'll even deign to interact with them. Imagine, if you will, one of these pitiful creatures deliberately trying to intercept and defile your visual field, as they oft try to do to me, and you say to them, " bad day, uh?" or "it's gotta be tough going through life with your mentation. How do you do it? " Since they won't have a clue what you're talking about, you can pity them even more! In fact, I'm laughing right now thinking about how much pity I can give them. It's a pity bonanza! That's why when I'm around a perp, and if I'm in the mood, I'll say "let's get this party started." It scares the bejeezus out of them especially when accompanied by my patented lobotomy stare. (picture Jack Nicholson in "The Shining.")