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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Was Correct :Left and Right Have Conspired To Destroy Our Nation

The confusing scenerio of a conspiracy between factions like Bush types and Obama supporters is not just a.vague feeling many of you have gotten in past years...its real!
Who ever thought SPL would serve a purpose other than being part of the Diversity agenda. This piece is good.

If you had the dreaded vague impressinlon this.was forming into a reality you weren't imagining.things.
And they came out and said it in print this time: 'to take down the empire'.

Everything we suspected about both these factions having the same goal was absolutely correct. And it seems classism.IS indeed part of their agenda regardless of.race so I am correct in seeing they are using race to create their oppressive classist system.

This whole country has gotten way to crazy and no one is doing anything to stop this. Everyone who's smart enough to see this going down is usually educated and rich enough to leave the country, which is why its such a living hell for me becuz everyone in the lower class I am kept down in is too uneducated, stupid or unconcerned to tackle this issue.

It goes way beyond the govt pushing to destroy liberties or the private sector buying out or intimidating what's left of the govt. This finally explains why so many different factions from.both of these belief systems are in on gang stalking.

I could not figure out why I was harassed overtly and viscously in Burlington VT as well as St Louis MO. Yet in the wealthiest sections of the US, I got nothing but good advice, good vibes and well treated. The remote influence in these areas actually gave ideas that were very helpful and nurturing. I always felt supported in places like Prescott AZ, Castle Rock CO, La Jolla CA. (In La Jolla I was given the idea I should do public speaking on my experiences to make money.) So its not necessarily 'rich people' who want to destroy someone like me as a TI. Honestly I have alot of support from wealthy people.

The people who hate my guts seem to be black and other crime gangs, members of the lower classes, union guys and regular middle class types. Outside class and race of course anyone who makes money off of mind control or.the gs system like academia, prison system, psychiatry etc- to them anyone smart enough to see what's going on is a threat.

This proves my theory borne partially from experience that the wealthy are not the definition of the enemy. If anything only they have the ability to remain independent from corruption and this system so as to afford to not bow down to it.

The truly dangerous people are the ones vulnerable to joining this system and the left/right nut jobs who are engineering this horrid NWO, or some kind of social experiment. Acedemics running the world could not be a bigger nightmare.

I at least feel better I was, once again, correct. Which is why this society must continue to systematically ignore me.

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