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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weather Better, Mood Also

Saw a few things that restored my faith in humanity a bit. Last night went to a part of Cambridge where everyone acts decent, or indecent in ways I can tolerate, including the African Americans.

This morning crossed paths with a religious Jew with a puppy off the leash that wanted to investigate everyone and everything.

Why can't people act this way every day? Why do delagate or humanitariansim to holidays?

I wouldn't make a very good world leader. People would suffer just becuz I needed to pet a puppy and have a nap.

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Mike said...

I found the targeting to be much less invasive today also, this doesn't happen often. That doesn't mean that I change my feelings for g.stlkers , they are low forms of existence and I couldnt care less if Gid takes them out of this existence and enters them into the fiery tortures of hell.