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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alex Jones On Gang Stalking YouTube-He's Being Fair

OK I have to reassess this. He does talk about MK Ultra and covers pretty much all of the legit harassment motives. Secret mind control ops, covert ops connected to MK Ultra/radiation which my mother is a documented survivor of, and the govt harassing people for various other reasons.

Another TI had me look at it again and I think its fair. He's not just trying to avoid the subject of gang stalking.

My only trouble with Jones is his relationship with Charlie Sheen. Sheen was in Two and A Half Men and that was so insulting on a personal level for reasons I will put into my book. And there has been at least one interaction with another tv personality where I felt one of my counter tactics was used and it was like a set up or a goof. Those two instances did NOT make me happy about this guy.
However, with Jones it might be someone around him setting such things up and he doesnt realize it becuz he's so busy.

But what Sheen has been involved in along with alot of other Hollywood people, in targeting me, is way too close to say that Sheen doesnt know any better. To blame everything on the writers of his show doesnt explain the recent stealing of my thunder, as a commenter on YouTube wrote me: "Charlie Sheen stole your hat and your schtick". That along with being involved in Two And A Half Men is too much psy ops material for him to be innocent. But then he is supposed to be targeted for speaking out on 9-11. I personally cannot wrap me head around it.

All I know is that I cant trust anyone. IT doesnt make sense that Alex Jones gets this show and he gets to be a loudmouth and other people who also know whats going on are so targeted that they cant even take are of themselves or are always a few paces away from suicide. Why is he not hit with mind control or tech?

I just cannot trust anyone. Its possible that Jones knew more about business and had what he needed to protect himself and avoid obstacles unlike myself who was totally helpless and the system just destroyed me end of story.

I listen to him but I listen VERY CAREFULLY just as I watch him with the same scrutiny. He hasnt gone off about lizards and reptilians yet which I am grateful for.

Its interesting that no one understands that the truth lies at an intersection between Jones, Icke and Cooper. Each have said things that are ridiculous or seemed false, but with much good information. Icke misrepresents things too often as he is working with the metaphysical and that can be very confusing. He simply does NOT apply enough science to the subject matter and he doesnt do his research to back up his claims. He intimates things and creates sensationalism out of what is simply if its some new discovery. This is the danger of any New Age type of approach. There was one survivor that everybody was really mean too from the original few high profile survivors in the 90's. It was odd how she was totally dissed and Brice Taylor and Obrien have been put on pedestals. Kathleen Sullivan also has been paid less attention but this one woman was just put down by the community constantly.

And of course she was like me..she did deep research into things and wrote pages upon pages of work. Its as if mc slaves like her were worth less to the system opposed to Susan Ford and Cathy Obrien. Her work for me has been invaluable, she dug deep and would expose things I was suspect of like operatives in the Patriot movement pretending to be TI's. I think they were afraid of her. Like me she had a darkness to her that the other slaves did not seem to possess. A fearlessness. She researched with the same style as myself: like a ship in the night with a beam of light on the black water, searching every searching for what is hidden- deeply hidden in the blackness.

There is something about this mentality and ability that the system cannot afford. One thing she mentioned strangely enough was that she was put to work by the CIA or some other faction to work in putting forth New Age culture, which she said was part of thier brain wash and disinfo.

If one looks at Icke, one sees that he is explaining away ancient history with very little respect for what has been for thousands of years and then ends his quest with a New Age anwswer. Some concept of pure love and light etc.

He is correct but why cant he bring forth the issues of this being spiritual warfare. Why cant he respect tradition. Why will he not admit that reptilian influences can be helpful to man or harmful depending on which kind of reptilian influences one is talking about.

He has video of Bush using his reflexes to protect himself and Icke claims this is "reptilian". This causes all sorts of problems and it IS disinformation becuz its totally irresponsible. Our most recent president Bush, is probably programmed, like any other president could be. The way he ducked that shoe was no surprise to me as it was the rest of the country. Him looking over his shoulder in a robotic manner is not unusual either. You have to remember people are not just programmed to be victims like expendables. ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TESTIFY TO BEING MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES WERE FEMALE, SEX SLAVE PROGRAMMING AND EXPENDABLE.
Some programmed people are not expendable. They serve some purpose that is life long, but dont think thier lives are easy becuz they are not. They suffer like the rest of us. So this is another issue. If one goes over the issues of programming logically, one realizes that the only difference between Brice Taylor and Bush is gender and mission- he's not an expendable. However, even Brice pleads with the Queen of England as a mother for the return of her child, becuz the theory is that all mind control slaves in order to be programmable are bloodline. This would make EVERY SINGLE MIND CONTROL SURVIVOR, EVEN HIS PRECIOUS ARIZONA WILDER, 'REPTILIAN'.

So he cant have it both ways. He cant pick on Bush for looking over his shoulder robotically out of being programmed with fast reflexes to protect himself and simply say thats 'reptilian' totally neglecting the issues of programming and then look at every single mind control Survivor who is female who talks about being a trauma based mind control slave of high level programming who often have the same behaviors and ticks as Bush. Also, if we are all bloodline, something about him picking on Bush and the royals pisses me off. Its unfair. And very irresponsible.

He intimates that Harry is not Charles's. What proof does he have? All one has to do is to look at pics of the Queen in her younger days to plainly see the resemblance. Red hair is not enough evidence- its a recessive gene. I learned that in a shitty public school- whats his excuse?

Icke doenst put enough science into his research. If Icke put forth the scientific approach of Cooper and Cooper put the metaphysical that Icke reps into his theories as factors and Jones would ties together that package as a hidden reality that goes on alongside the world events he covers- you would have your complete and total package.

That is why having only men as mouthpieces on these issues is so suspect. And every woman survivor was an abused sex slave who is innocent becuz she was the victim..and that of course makes her helpless and incapable of hard logic and critical thinking.

Ive seen Cathy Obrien speak. Shes no dummy. She does seem very very intimidated and scared of being accused of being crazy or lying. Which is sad and annoying. I doubt if she would have the lecture circuit she has without her other half, who is of course a male.

Note that I was chased out of FFCHs the second I got on that phone and I have been discredited so heavily that this one book will be all I can muster in a lifetime. Note that this other Survivor, who did research the way I do, using science, fact, history, references and critical thinking and linking things together that the boyz seem to keep seperated. Note that her and I both have gotten the same raw deal as TI's and Survivors of mind control.

There is one woman who is vocal and she is heavily Patriot which is as bad as being heavily Christian in this. No one who is female seems to be able to come forward, not as a victim but as a scholar on this subject matter, without a male attached to her or being a gun shooting Patriot girl who is one of the boys type.

There is something to this. I think that women understand how something metaphysical can exist alongside daily life in the physical world. I think that as a woman, I can handle deceptions and unweave webs more than males can deal with.

It doesnt bother me to admit that like two other Survivors of programming I have actually seen a vision of a reptilian entity while sitting in front of someone. The reason I am dangerous to the disinfo people is that I dont like deceptions and as an artist, see right through thier production: there has to be a logical explaination for what I and other Survivors have seen with this phenomena.

Its that simple. Either its a trick of mind control tech perhaps tech plus being drugged with psychotropics.
Or its a trick of a human source of remote influence aka, a psychic that works for the 'gang stalking' system or psy ops, black ops whatever you want to call these games to control and psyche out Survivors of programming.
Or G-d forbid, these entities have some validity to them and they do exist INTER-DIMENSIONALLY. WHich is NOT this dimension.

This happened to me in St Louis. Which is suspect: Aquino holds a home address there, its very racist still and even in the slave days was known for being brutal to slaves. From what I experienced it was one of the worst places to be targeted. I experienced the most severe torture there from tech, was dosed with psychedelics and the police and fire are so overt that they actually look evil, outright evil. Perps are way to comfortable in thier role there and make no effort to hide. They had more strange effects and mind fucks than anywhere else in the USA, except maybe for MI.In MO they wanted me dead, outright. Perps were overt about letting me know I was mincemeat. If I had a camera back then, Id have all the evidence I need.

So its stands to reason that one of the worst mind f*cks experienced by Survivors of MC programming, was experienced in this city. I must consider the amount of tech saturation in that area. Therefore the likelyhood that it was tech induced hallucination is much higher than taking it at face value. It never happened before or since and that does not surprise me.
There was something about St Louis that only now I realize was very- Hellish. Literally a reflection of Hell was created there during my time there at the height of Bush. Nowhere else did the real world leave for the surreal and were human beings so comfortable with thier cruelty. In every other location, there is some precation that they take to hide thier actions. In Phoenix they may be overt but its a hard hit and run with the perps in person, they don't keep after you constantly, unless you are in certain neighborhoods. And even then it goes from overt to subtle or it goes in waves. St Louis was on me to kill me and drive me to death end of story.
It was completely defined by terror, horror and violence. East St Louis was the most violent part of the USA at that time. Not Texas, not AZ, not L.A.- East St Louis, MO. You had to see it. It was like a place where slaves still lived. There remained that kind of energy there, seriously so. It was like the south without any honky tonk or Christian decency to offset the history of slavery and the energy that hangs around due to the extreme violence and abuse. The south has that, TN has that in certain areas, but there is life there, growth away from the memories of slavery. In Soulard where I was it was like Poltergiest- as if the memories of horrors stayed in that area and the people who lived there were zombies that acted on that energy. It was beyond negative and beyond description. Only someone who has been to a really f*cked up warzone could understand what I am talking about..and now I know why soldiers kill themselves.

Once you experience humans acting that way, in a free for all like that in a battle zone where human evil exists and no human grace does at all, you see it in the faces of every human being for life. To be aware of what humans are capable of, it doesnt go away. Being gang stalked is especially hard becuz literally you take the way with you..there is no going home. Peaceful civil society IS still the warzone. That is why they attempt to behavior modify you and make you forget and move on and handle you. Becuz they want you to stop 'seeing' them the way you could 'see' them when they were doing psy ops to stalk and harass. I now even can spot sometimes perps communicating and doing stuff to other people on the street, not often but Ive seen it.

This drives them nuts. They dont like when the hunted gets an education from them and becomes a hunter. So its imperitive they turn you into a vegatable that remembers nothing or goes into total denial about what has happened, which I consider more dangerous than any other option- if I tried to have a normal life I would be staring off into space with my normal life boyfriend or friends next to me just like vetrans of wars do, and one day I would probably go postal. Becuz YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH WHAT HAPPENED YOU HAVE MERELY CREATED AN ALTER OR A SECOND LIFE and its much like leading a double life.

The main reason I dont give in to behavior modification is that I am responsible. The perps may get results and do thier jobs but they are not responsible to humanity or to people's safety. I have experienced them causing lone shooters to go off. How responsible was that? I have personally experienced them engaging in psychological operations in order to see if I could be pushed into going that responsible?

These people are as close to the definition of Seth's people one could get. What is interesting about Icke is that he brings all these ancient references into his work, but doesnt speak about these issues in a practical manner. How is pure loving energy out in the cosmos or in our souls going to counteract the actions of a very earthbound, well organized faction that is obviously international. Jones brings more light to this subject by talking about all the child porn the military gets caught with than Icke does by blabbing about reptilians.

Its as if no one wants to put it all together.

The point here is to keep hiding the truth becuz then you continue to hide the true power.

I understand that humans are greedy apes. That if they found out the truth they would only want power for themselves. There are some things that people shouldnt know about. However, when a certain faction of hidden power decides they have the advantage and its grossly unfair due to the fact humans cant fight the tech thats out there now or the chemical warfare or the psychological manipulations, then its time to at least expose that so that people can defend themselves.

What Icke is talking about has been going on for thousands of years. You cant stop the creation of spies or assassins. Powerful people use these as tools. To be honest, its what makes this country have its high standard of living. Every single story in history leaves out the covert ops that were done to make the parts you do read about possible.

Suicide bombers are programmed as well. How do you compare them to female helpless victims like sex slaves. One layer of my suicide programming resembles the programming that is used to make Muslims think they are going up to live with Allah and f*ck virgins on hash for eternity, except I was only to kill myself not act out on other human beings.

The only people who talk about programming with any sense or attention to detail are the Survivors. The ringmasters rarely get it right. And Icke, Jones and to an extent Cooper were ring masters.

The focus of understanding programming should be understanding magick in relation to science. Not focusing on the Queen morphing into a reptilian entity. Most of all, I want to know just what the f*ck is he going to do about it anyway? You cant fight that much established power even if it were true. His approach takes issues that are metaphysically sensitive, destroys them with carelessless and then ends with some vague idea about love energy. Its like when a cult tells you that the only way out of their predicament is death or catching a ride on an passing comet.

At least Jones stays on issues that people are going to believe, but I do however question his existence. Why isnt he dead yet?

Icke's contribution is that he at least brings to attention that there are metaphysical issues, hes just irresponsible as hell with the subject. What Arizona Wilder saw, I believe she actually saw. However, it was either due to the influence of tech or tech/drugging or the work of a very nasty psychic warrior or that under the influence of drugging. If it is interdimensional and the experience was real, then ONE CANNOT CLAIM IT WAS REAL IN THE PHYSICAL PLANE WE EXIST IN. It would be comparable to seeing a ghost. People know what they saw but that energy exists sort of..alongside us not directly with us. If that were the case, the person would be in the flesh lol.

I know what I saw, and what I saw was bullsh*t. It was more trickery to freak me out (which is a tactic Jones speaks of in this video- to "freak out innocent people", and he's right. That is what they do.)

If someone could take all the information pertinent by every activist, every Survivor, put it together and analyze it, research it there would be more answers that might be useful than this fragmented approach.

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