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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

space mobbing in central sq

Coincidence or gs? I sit down to panhandle in front of 7-11 central sq just enuf cop shows up,plants himself against mailbox to my left. Within 10 min multiple people line the steet standing in front of doorways, all focusing on me or acting like cops checking everyone out that passes by. Finally white fat guy stands facing me in front of 7-11.

I can feel the 'gang.stalking pressure'. I feel focused on, I feel intruded upon, I feel they want to box me in and mob my space so I will leave or react, the video camera doesn't scare them or deter them, the system might be trying to get me to react that way.

I also saw two of the by standers acknowledgijng each other but cud be oincidence.

I start blogging...two women, one white one black leave. The guy in front of me leaves. Now they are all gone except for the cop.

Now there is a guy in wheel chair demanding my attention to fix his backpack which I delegate to someone else and he tries to engage me afterwards. I refuse to be diverted, he then has to push along right in front of me in order to get by which I tell him isn't acceptable and push his chair away from me.

The cop is now gone and the feeling of GS Pressure subsided slowly as these people left the area.


I have wasted about one half hour of my time sitting in the hot sun blogging and first casing this out instead of getting breakfast money.

The cop involved is the same one who always is in on harassing me with his green truck or these kinds of set ups, older African American and this is his beat. He could be another older black cop who looks like the guy with the green blazer but all my worst harassment comes from older black cops from central square.

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