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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

today..better/ tonight..back to battle again

Got outside city limits for a day. Noted I could think more clearly and remember memories in sequence even! About what has happened to me.

Sure enough upon getting into Harvard station approaching the turnstiles, attending UMass became a strong idea and thought in my mind.

I hope this isn't to have me attend so that I can fail..some sick perp set up. To get me to trust people there and then destroy my world again.

I can always see how upset i am in my posts from lack of rest and intimate human contact. I swear alot more too.
9:28 pm
I relaxed in an actual apartment for a day and a half and got some male attention from trusted friend so I am going to sound sane again, not like some PTSD victim whos aggression is eating away at her sanity..becuz most of the time that is what I am in the past few months.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you have to consider all you've been through, and you have to think like a perp to survive. They love to set TI's up like this, only to dash their expectations to bits. If you were a sick bastard perp, what would you do to Rachel? It seems like they've been messing with you hard all your life. If there are ideations about finally reaching the light, you can bet it might be a perp set-up. And imagine that they would station gangstalkers outside to laugh their asses off at you, point, shake their heads, and try to humiliate you further by singing something like You're So Vain. That happened to me on a part-time job. You can bet that not only will they set you up to fail, they will have plenty of salt ready at the moment you crash to rub salt in your wounds. And then they send out the gangstalkers to laugh like they've seen a hilarious movie.