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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red t-shirts, red pills and gangs


Geez wake up to the big picture. These gangs could be done away with easily. They are not only allowed to exist, they are most likely encouraged as well as utlized by much higher forces either for dirty work, scapegoating or diversion.

Think about it. They provide one of the best sources of public intimidation to make the public seek community based policing as well as side with anything the legit authority figure wants to do to improve 'security' by implementing a police state. They have been invaluable in feeding and building up the corporate prison system as well as the police state. The Man loves these f*ckers. Also I am sure that they do dirty work for higher sources or they wouldnt be ALLOWED to exist for very long. Do you honestly think that the US Government or some policing faction that big or even a private faction could not shut these operations down? They wear bright clothing to advertise thier presence for Christ's sake. I smell a front.

My best theory is that they are allowed to exist to create intimidation in cities. Just like it was a calculated move to close all the nuthouses and bring in crack to create a 'homeless problem'. Duh. How blind is everyone? All these things eventually CAUSED gentrification of cities...after causing white flight and the destruction of cities specifically downtown areas. You have to destroy before you can create. Simple.

Why dont you send in your community policing forces to harass them? Covertly of course. Why dont you find out where thier hide out is, where thier headquarters are? Off thier leaders, take prisoners, execute publically and DONT wear a red or white or blue t-shirt. And get rid of people in a way that isnt childish sloppy bullsh*t like shooting off guns in public during the day (dumbasses) as well as being young, stupid and untrained by shooting innocent people wearing the wrong colors. Bring people to nice quiet wharehouses until they talk. Getting intel on big players kids-like where they go to school is always a good ploy. Wait a minute..the govt has forces that can do JUST THAT_EVERYTHING THAT I JUST WROTE OF....which tells me that they dont want to get rid of the problem very quickly or efficiently.

If they are letting young kids run around with guns and shoot people in very public places just for wearing the wrong color shirt, and it turns out that since they are to sloppy to do real intel work they shot an innocent person- this is on purpose. Its a calculated move by the authority figure and the powers that be to allow these dumbasses to create chaos in the USA. They also most likely utilize them for covert warfare or targeting people or at least organized crime higher ups do so. They all get into bed somewhere at the highest anyway.

Also they are predominently African American. What does THAT tell you? To allow such a force to exist in this country is a calculated move. In the end they are probably houseslaves that will do the bidding of agecies like the CIA mixed with organized crime in order to get thier own busines done. The idiots at the lower levels are great diversions as well as very expendable-and apparently stupid, which is what you want. I am sure that the higher ups in these gangs are people you never see often and if you had a genuine conversation with them they are not as stupid as the kids in the park everyone sees.

Destructive elements like this are probably used by the designers and social engineers at high levels like a stroke of a paintbrush in a more complex creation.

In the end thats all they are--a brush stroke. In a much larger plan to create a very perfect world all born of madness like allowing chaos to reign in the streets when its totally unecessary.

Read up on your history. The Govt as in policing forces have been dealing with militant blacks for decades. In the 20's cocaine became a threat as militant blacks down south were utilizing it and getting quite alot done. Its one of the main reasons it became illegal-Coca Cola was a coca leaf based tonic for years. Cocaine was legal at one time as was opiates.

If you dont think that GENERATIONS of law enforcment on various levels are not or were not aware of this problem before is exploded into the mess it is now you are NOT paying attention.

You have to create chaos to push order. Of course its false order, which is creating order out of chaos. In other words these problems could be solved most likely in a much more efficient and orderly manner to begin with.

Also the USA's success seems to be based on crime,exploitation and waste. The ability to consume more than you ever need as well as pollute more than you ever should be allowed to.

These gangs are just purposeful pollution. Look at it that way next time you get 'intimidated' by some expendable boys in t-shirts. Think of every expendable soldier in every war or used to occupy an area for purposes of intimidation of locals. THats what you are looking at.

Yes I am bitter on a personal level. I watched this element be very involved with my harassment in a very big way across the US. I had to deal with young kids keeping me down, being a nigger to blacks. I will always hate them and the first chance I get I will find out exactly how these stupid pieces of shit factor into working with other factions that have more money and more access than any of THESE jerks should ever have- unless the USA is being covertly run by gangs of dumbasses like this.

Interestingly some countries seem to have more skinhead gangs than Crip type gangs. I think maybe whoever is in charge at higher levels must allow who they prefer to become a 'problem', which of course is on purpose.

It just seems unlikely that so many factions can be involved in keeping a number of targets down but a gang is able to get this ridiculous.

Its simple- when the public is busy fighting with each other on the street level or community level they cant tackle big corporate corruption, military waste and overspending as well as any other govt corruption. Good Show once again the public just sit there and get manipulated and have a big question mark over their heads all the while.

Ahh that red pill is so delicious. MUCH better than a red frickin' t-shirt.

Wake up.


  1. Sort of how they let all kinds of idiots at the lower levels run around with private information about our lives they shouldn't have? The way they just let them have all kinds of information they shouldn't have, so they can run around intimidating and bullying us and ruining our lives. I have some higher-ups pass me info, and let me know a little in on who these players are, and to stay away from these players and low-level perps. That's right... the higher-up perps told me outright to not make contact with the perps and players at the lower levels. Amazing, since that's what you'd think they'd desire... for us to be handled by these lower level idiots from the local packs and mobs. And the one perp is tell me to stay away from them, because he or she knows that these particular players I am falling for are a detriment to me.

  2. So true.

    I just got done watching the whole HBO series "The Wire" and the whole POINT of the show is how the gangs (and their drugs) are ALLOWED. The system is RIGGED for it.