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Friday, July 23, 2010

a note on a reader comment about fellow survivors

Whoever is doing this or a major player in this on my campaign to destroy me is extremely money minded. Not of wealth or having plenty but of focusing in messing up my accounts, credit, ability to make money or diversions meant to keep me working for free as unknown doing these blogs opposed to gainful employment. Whoever it is is NOT an artist or imaginative. I sense this presence sometimes, especially when I get deal with collections or ruining my credit especially dealing with banks. The person enjoys, with a negative energy, me having my life 'ruined' in this way. I know its someone with the ability to monitor because these are not my natural feelings or priorities.

I sometimes want to say it is my mother as she always abused her accounting degree for fraud as well as her lawyer, indicating her love of abuse of power, which I already experienced from her and people on her side, back when she was a stupid bartender with no degrees at all. She's one of those people that never changes her ways but gets better at hiding abuse with age. People like this find social acceptability to hide behind.

But I cant imagine who would have handed her that much power. Who would be stupid enough to hand over such power to a woman wasting such resources on a personally motivated campiagn of destruction? It almost feels like someone who is out to show me 'now see, look how much power I have'. It could be anyone finance minded, like my old associate or some obsessed business man from the past who cant leave the past the hell alone. Or just someone unimaginative and focused on what makes people considered 'legit' by the system.
I often wonder but I dont really care. My life is pretty much about a whole other level. And if you are tightly focused on credit scores and the like then I you are NOT on that level.

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Anonymous said...

They are very unimaginative. That's the excuse they use for the data-mining. That's one reason: no imagination, so they have to suck down all our traits and thoughts and use them in our campaigns against us. Face it -- these people are into sand-castle-kicking. Instead of building their own, they mock and deride, and consider that and the other shit they pull a personal achievement. Really, the people being used are human excrement, literally... wastes who will never amount to anything, so they enjoy kicking down the creative independent thinkers' sandcastles.

Really, that's all it ever appeared to me to be, except I had to make reservation for the possibility that there was some Grand Purpose(tm) for all of this. I know they want to bring us down to their level, but no thanks, there's a huge difference between below average imbeciles and human excrement getting off on just tracking and knocking. I'll bet they get some sort of high or stimulation off of this, and they probably (and I really mean this) go home and masturbate to their misdeeds.

The hypocrisy and inability to get a grasp on their own flaws and failings is really just ridiculous.