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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abuse Groups/ my mothers part in this

Who knows how many people are involved in these abuse groups? You never know due the reality being that they come from all walks of life.

What I would like to know like from my last post is who the hell are the freaks involved in those really f*cked up things that happen to us? Like that bus ride? WHAT the HELL was that? And who are those little toads that seem to be enslaved by people they are terrified of? And why do they treat us like cattle and seem to have no human emotions at all?

The grey beards are especially disturbing. Those older guys that all have the same look and the same vibe that are involved in these activities. There was one of them in on that last memory I posted after the bus ride from hell. He seemed to be in charge of the group. A skinny little worm with white hair and beard obscuring his features. The kind of guy who has been powerless for years especially to his mother and then his wife. Gotta do something to get a power shot in a world full of real men kicking your ass (or worse) in the showers huh dude? So lets pick on a vulnerable female, who looks like she could kick your ass in a one to one fight anyway. The males that are in charge of these theatres are the most intolerable part of all this bs. They,unlike the other people so obviously under control or terrified by thier superiors, usually have this insecurity that just eminates from them and this provides them with a power trip greater than sex ever will..considering by the sight of them and thier body language, sex is not thier forte anyway. Obviously. The most annoying one was at that Hostel in Boston where I took such abuse one visit and many times afterwards. Especially from the Spanish guy and the black dude they have running the place for the white guy who's never there. The Spansish dude has this staff of all female Mex cleaning ladies who speak little English and are very abusive toward me. The black dude busies himself taking in every very young and naive rich kid white girl who wants to work at a hostel and parties with them of course. Perps are notorious for being addicted to pot for some reason. Are these the same a-holes as the Merry Pranksters who were mostly rich kid drop outs and malcontents, who would dose people then let them lose in the desert to see what happens? With Cali being what is was and all those people having connection to Church of Satan, like women in the Manson clan, that wouldn't surprise me at all.
The black dude also ensures that he controls any conversation on race or gang activity and feeds the naive and scared lilly white rich kids the whole propaganda for his agenda. Bullsh*t that, being from that environment partially, I can see through. Which is why I get targeted I suppose. This f*cker actually wants to try to convince people that black gang activity no longer exists and that it is not doing what the Italians, Irish and Jews did before them: do your crime, make your bank and go legit and quiet. Duh, its a common scam. Every group has thier day paying thier dues and a day in the sun. Its laughable the way its being pulled off but the young kids are so stupid nowadays that they might actually be convinced. So let em. But dont comply with torture in your place involving me and then sit there and try to deny you have connections to protect becuz it all adds up right there.
Anyway the kid who was in charge of that abuse group was a young white male. This is when i had just gotten off a bus and I had been wearing a pair of pants. Those pants had something on them and I had not yet become hip or was too tired to understand to have a routine to protect myself from this part of the gang stalking campaign. Just like in the movie Elizabeth from the 90's, these bastards will put chemicals on your clothes. I have posted before that these people are most likely a continuing lineage of the old school spy craft and assassin culture which traditionally used poisons. Elizabeth the I was fortunate that her former lover missed her so that he asked one of her ladies in waiting to put on her dress and role play with him. During sex the woman began to sweat and whatever was in the dress took its action on her body getting in through her pores more quickly.

This faction seems to utilize old school methods of covert warfare like psychological warfare and chemical warfare and now fully utilizes the progress in technologies.
But its still the same old game.

My skin was red and itchy and very sore only where my pants had been. The effect of whatever was on them was akin to what is coined a 'neuro interrupter'. I felt like a drooling idtiot and literally could only remember my name. It was really bad. I took the pants off at the hostel and got into the shower. I felt so much better and my mind returned to me. I got better and better soon after and needless to say I threw those away and learned how to protect myself better.
But right after taking a shower I had a room in the hostel on the first floor with many beds. Like the bus ride I just knew there was a perp group in the room with me due to the subtle verbal abuse and it was directed towards me and my situation. Also they wouldnt settle down until late and perps use sleep dep alot, but that may be common with young people partying at a hostel anyway.

At 1 am I awoke to find a semi circle around my bed of many people (the bed being against the wall so a full circle was not possible) and that young white kid said to the others "OK how smart is this one supposed to be?" Like on the bus it seems I awoke only shortly then fell back to sleep but this time it was more clear to put into memory as I had no been drugged or gassed to my knowledge.

One of the skinny rich kids at the desk was discussing 60's progressive or psychedelic music with me and he had to keep going to the point of view that all of these amazing bands were from wealthy families and had good educations when they decided to start taking acid and making music.
Later a cab hit the kid on his bike and a bunch of punk rock kids from Medford beat him up. I always wondered about that. Many people connected to that hostel and the summer one that uses the BU dorms were involved mildly with messing with me. And what was so creepy is that they seemed to understand the psychological warfare and brainwashing aspects of it fully, some of thier harassment utilizing that knowledge fully no matter how small. Yet some of the kids were extra nice to me or sympathetic. That is one crowd I never understood. I know one thing, the black dude had extraordinary control over many rich kids working there, and I saw them look (once again) terrified of his authority when they did something against his giving me a favor to help me out.

Hmmmmm. A black man involved in crime running these lilly white rich kids. Ti, a black malcontent mallato from a blonde family with a Nobel Prize winning grandfather, whom Jake was in wonderment and awe with due to him being able to "train" Laura, a little blonde who is related to Ann and Mitt Romney. WTF is going on? Mostly its the common stupidity, naivete and gullibility of Massachusetts and Yankees. I have discovered I prefer the south much better for a number of reasons believe me. They dont favor blacks over poor whites. MA insisted on letting me be destroyed and claimed it was mostly due to my being poor. A driver in a Waltham cab who was in on it said "Oh well, it doesnt pay to be poor!". F*ck you. I will find a way to extract payment someday and somehow. It doesnt pay to be cult mind controlled by your handlers or part of an abuse group instead of have high level programming either it appears isnt that right jerk off? Stupid people trying to beat internal programming in sheer numbers has been the single most amusing thing I have seen in all this.

I am the Commonwealth piece of sh*t known as MA right now and already I feel sickened and depressed. And already stupidity is starting like highway idiots sniffing around and making U-turns. Its the info system starting its bs all over again. By the time I hit a city to camp out in the bastards are hoping I will be already so tortured by whatever they pull in the next few days that I will want to turn around and leave. Due to having the disgusting kinds of money and priveldge tehy have here perhaps thier snitch/security system has always been better than average and efficient. Also I am sure 9-11 as well as all that money from the Democratic convention being held here etc has formed an unbeatable security force here that is awesome at spying and keeping an eye on every little detail of peoples comings and goings. If you think that any of those institutions like MIT or Harvard or companies like Raytheaon or anything on Rt 128 as well as the old money and new money is going to be risked to some terrorists that is NEVER going to happen. Boston is like the Switzerland (the bank) is in Europe. It has such value that no one wants it touched.

A woman named Svali who has disappeared talked in more detail about such groups. It seemed pretty accurate but who can tell who is genuine in all this? Her work has been useful to many targeted survivors anyway.

Just like Salt Lake City MA can bite me as well and I am sure they will learn very quickly to put thier egos back where they belong and stop playing hard asses with their mafia/union guy/cop security system here. It didnt take affect in Salt Lake and it wont here.

What really bothers me is how much they seem to be protecting my mother, her mother, my uncle and his family. Its disgusting really. And pathetic.

I dont understand her part in this. She was the one so gung ho about getting in touch with the Dept Of Energy and getting her files from the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland concerning being a radiation experimentee in the 1950's. Then she just dropped it, her exuse being "I was followed". Then all of this sh*t goes down and it only really started since the time when she went for that class action lawsuit and testimony. As you can see from the vids on my YouTube channel, people like her, survivors and victims or unethical human experimentation connected to MK Ultra are routinely harassed and monitored.

She just took to my being targeted in 2003 so easily. She knew what was going on but wouldnt tell me. Nor help me either and eventually she tried to trap me into a label after validating everthing going on around me.

SO what happened to her? Did they torture her into complying? Is she programmed and all it took was to torment her enough and reprogram her? Or did she find that going up against the govt and other factions openly was unwise and not profitable and perhaps selling her kid out was a sure way to get what she wanted.

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