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Friday, July 16, 2010

A reader comment forces me to be positive..which hasnt occured in a while

I have been just bleeding acid all over these blogs lately and thats becuz either the gang stalking is lifted so I can deal with my situation or I have become an old pro to the point where I just deflect the attacks- which means I am pretty much sapped of life energy. What I am left with is lots of anger over what has happened and the inevitable suicide ideation its just a matter of when really.

But to give up before exposing all this to the world doesnt make sense. One reader I have is at a stage I am quite familiar with:

"Rachel, its been interesting reading your blog. i ... Rachel, its been interesting reading your blog. i have come to the realization that I no longer find true comfort in the illusion of rock videos, movies, art, books, music, etc, because I know in reality I am a target on my own and no one, not even the makers of the comfort inducing works of artists can/will help me. This world a wasteland of nothing, even while there is so much of everyone. Good luck to ya, From, Mike C
Publish Reject
(Mike C) 7/15/10"

I was there a few times. Its part of the psychological effects of gang stalking campaigns. Its so unbelievable that a faction of society can violate your civil and human rights in public spaces as well as violate your privacy in private spaces, and no one who would speak out knows and no one who cares who knows seems to do anything about it..they have us isolated due to only those who care to drive us to suicide seem to know. And they seem to know everything, all the time. This is really what it means to be targeted. YOU are the focus of a concerted, concentrated effort to destroy you, your life, your sanity and to keep you silent if not to get away with your demise totally free of any disclosure. THAT is covert warfare. That IS organized stalking and harassment.
This IS your life.

Most likely you were hiding or using these mediums as a safe place to get away from the reality of being targeted.
What you dont realize until later on is that these mediums have not only been used against you as part of the campaign, they are also used to help you. Have you NOT noticed that as a TI you are lets say 'affected' on a very personal level by whats in the media in many instances epsecially in the beginning when they are hammering you very hard and breaking you down? If you look around you again you will note that there are directors, writers, journalists, musicians, record labels, movies, commercials etc that are to assist you as a target. Not everyone in studying media or in the world of media is FOR the gang stalkers. Plenty of people in that field are either targeted or they know very well what goes on and sympathize.

If you are a survivor of programming, there are many other survivors if not sympathetic handlers even programmers..just people close to it who know the way this bullshit runs.

Watch the movie Dark City. Many of the movies I list in my things I like bs section of my profile were helpful to me as a TI, not directly but in general. The psychiatrist who works for the dark overlords was actually working against them through sneaking instructions into memories that the victim was being 'programmed' with. There ARE people out there trying to be helpful.

As a woman who was quite attractive as a youth, working in the adult entertainment industry I probably have more influential supporters than I ever realized, due to DID being present. All those memories were compartmentalized and separated from the Real ME and my Real Life. So it just didnt register, also I had the typical forget names issue, probably programming or perhaps simply conditioning.
Artists of all kinds are not only great admirers of beauty, they admire people who fight circumstances like this, if only from a Romantics point of view. Perhaps many of them are themselves programmed or under control they just somehow have resources or knew how to play the games alot better. Look at Law Abiding Citizen. Every knows the ending sucks and the ending is just becuz in this era we cant forgive or support any kind of terrorism. But also the ending is a cover- it satisfies the sheep. The meat of the story is just for people like us who are totally justified in being angry about having our lives shattered for what amounts to greed and jealousy.

There is much to be found in media that is supportive- if not of you personally then for you as a Targeted Individual. Its interesting that this oddity of being the target of a psychological warfare campaign is one of the more obvious occurrences, to us anyway, but its something that will definitely get you locked up or labeled if you were to disclose it publicly. If yer smart, a communicator and targeted- you know what I am referring to.

So if you CHOOSE by your own Will to stop having a safe place and go hide for a while thats your decision, but you wont be able to hide for long, becuz the realization you are targeted just leads you to suicide and then where from there? The content of media if you start to see it, has much to offer to assist you in winning these battles if not the entire war. Perhaps you just dont see it right now.
And there is alot of media that does damage in many a TI campaign. There is even info that at first seems helpful but attached to it is a very damaging suggestion or content. This is ALL brainwashing. But there are supporters.

I personally wouldnt watch anything new on TV or the movies, wait a few years before viewing that content. Also, ads are usually a nuisance and can really hurt or do damage in just a few seconds. The radio in some locations isnt much better and that includes streaming content locally broadcast in whatever location you are in.

The key trick to all this is to put up barriers to control flow of content. If you are choosy about what stimuli affects you and what does not you can reduce damage, get out from under brainwashing/conditioning and even repair damage prior and built up stength within. All of these are YOUR BIRTHRIGHT as a human being. Its the effects of the false environement that has been created that man lives in that is responsible for creating sheep. If you are a target, you get to see first hand how bad the machinery can be. Its like we get dragged into a back room and given a direct, hardcore treatment compared to what is done to your average citizen. And nowadys there is this bizarre illusion of freedom via progress in medicine, science and technology. Its pathetic that all I have to do to be more socially acceptable dresed like a traveler/neo hobo is to pull out my computer. You should see the reactions, its like instant respect. And when I start banging away writing I really get left alone. WTF??? The possesion of tech is now a judgement on your personal worth if not your sanity. This is how trained they have this society, its pathetic.

I am now in the Harvard Coop, one of the last standing institutions that is reminicent of the REAL Cambridge MA, that once existed and its meaning. There is a photo of JFK going up the stairwell and myself as well as I have observed others stop and gaze at it lovingly. He's so young in the image. There is also an image of him at the height of his power on the way to UMass at JFK train stop. You can tell the people behind this gang stalking crap totally hate and loathe those pics and would tear those down as well if they could, probably replacing them with an ad for the latest piece of crap touch phone or whatever. Americans dont even realize that thier country is owned by foreigners that most likely either hate us or cant appreciate the culture. You are not mistaken when you 'feel' that this is not America anymore, that your culture is dead. And I know I am doing the right things by fighting and writing when I look at those pics of Kennedy. Its just that there is so much trying to market to me that I am WRONG nowadays, its hard to fight or keep focused.

Being from New England its hard for the infiltrators to get rid of our undercurrent of sentiment here. There are still people who exist in many old ways here and they will preserve that against all invaders. I can just sense that the New Order is biding its time for a generation or two for those old ways to simply die out as they obviously cannot be plowed over with force or money.
You can feel these bastards waiting it out....time doesnt seem to matter to them. Its a very long term plan.

They've got blacks paid off and whites under control. No one can discipline thier children anymore and the state controls peoples lives with every little move being watched yet it never accounts for its own corruption..this is not a good time to be living in for people who like truth or civility or decency. Those virtues are now judged strictly by conformity, monetary value and how well you are cooperating with the agenda.

People are totally full of sh*t and validated all the way. What kind of life can anyone else hope for? The lesson of being from Boston is to keep fighting, forever, generation after generation, all the way to Mars and beyond-wherever progress takes us if necessary, for those beliefs and 'old ways'. Lying on your laurels is never suggested.

The problem with being here is that the system screwing the rest of the USA is very careful not to rock the boat here and respects the smarts and resources here- which of course means that no one here really knows how bad it is outside of this area.
And due to this place being very plentiful in resources, monetary and intellectual its actually too easy to hide out here and ignore the rest of the worlds problems.

The key to controlling MA and other 'colonial' states is to keep the heart of the Revolution satisfied so it never leaves New England. Believe me, in 30 years, this place has been turned into the nicest prison I have ever seen compared to how it used to be to live here.
They kicked us out of our squat today becuz some kids on the other side of the Charles were throwing rocks and heckling row boats. Thats bad news for travelers everywhere to get bad rep from idiots like that. We should have beat them up but..YOU CANT DO THAT NOWADAYS. See the problem is that no one is allowed to take care of problems between themselves anymore, to defend their own territory.
I spoke to some old guy jogging this morning and made nice with him concerning the squat. Like everyone else he couldnt understand what we were doing down there instead of a KOA. How am I supposed to afford a KOA? And how am I supposed to get to one? And shelters are corrupt, dirty and full of corruption. The dirt outdoors is not diseased like the filth in shelters. Humans tend to survive outdoors, they tend to get plague and sh*t living in structures like shelters.
Its like no one has any god damn common sense anymore. Sheesh, make sense. They are so damn conditioned to think only a certain way about living conditions...its like they live in a damn fairytale land. And these rich whites around here are the worst- they DIDNT have to sell thier boats and motorcycles to survive the economy.

We should find out who called the cops and go pitch tents on their lawn. I say they need some 'sensitivity training' concerning houseless travelers. Like this society puts men into those horrid pregnant body cast things so they can sympathize with women being pregnant.

See? All you have to do is MARKET whatever you want to be socially acceptable to this society and they are easily trained. We are just marketed to vilify us. Thats it- houseless people need PR agents. End of story. We need spin.

To be honest, the best thing we do is stay the f*ck out of the mess known as society. No one seems to recognize that at all. Its amazing to me that they just miss that completely.

As for the media you can turn out Mike, if you want but you'll just get so bummed out by the reality of your 'realization' that you'll tune in again to survive. And when you do start seeking allies via the communication of media- and keep the destroyers OUT.
By the way the media that is handed to you for consumption in the society you are targeted in is meant to help destroy you as well as keep you down if not assist in behavior modification.

Seek outside forms of media, like foriegn content. There are cultures out there that are naturally resistent to this BS or are built, like tanks, to run right over what is in our way. Seek shelter if not weapons and allies in media.

Its not the good old days when you could relax kick back and 'trust' what was being pumped out. I mean, you never could avoid being manipulated but in the old days they just wanted you to focus on youself, do reacreational drugs, not really question the system as you rebelled from it, get a little job, pay your taxes and leave the upper classes alone. Dont interfere with business. But now the system is asking so much from citizens- really beating the shit out of our people here in the USA unless they have resources to protect themselves. Its horrible and the younger kids dont know how horrible and wrong it is to live like this. Humanity is actually being unslaved and beaten down, controlled and even experimented on. Do you honestly think that this is the climate to trust media content??? I dont really think so.

There are factions running things now that want to extol a very high price from you for your right to exist. People dont seem to see this and if they do they just go along with it or give up. Entire classes or factions of people are being used and abused in the name of progress; people arent left alone to live thier lives anymore. Its ridiculous and its all to divert attention from how f*cked up the environment is and how concentrated wealth has become.

In this era its not good for anyone who hasnt got the resources to protect themselves to simply trust any content coming out of the media machine. That is for everybody. For Targeted Individuals its dire that you filter content as well as creatively seek alternate content. Perhaps seeking alternatives is just very Gen X thinking I dont know. I dont really understand the younger kids. They are like the worst versions of my grandmothers generation, minus the gingerbread cookies, polite denial, civility, decency and respect for others privacy.

Its a phase TI's go through this tuning out. If you tune in with a Will of your own you will find much of use to you in battle. And there are people that dont want us to fail, dont want the oppressor to win. Either that or its all part of the same game, which would suck but you cant isolate once your targeted which might be the point.

At one point I had this dream of seeing if I could get all pre recorded light and sound images out of my life completely and just live in real time, like an experiment. I was also going to do away with electronics and even attempt to surround myself more with raw elements like fire for light instead of electricity (which is fire but its controlled and directed).

For some reason this seemed to be one of the greatest threats to the system. Not only am I targeted to make sure I never fulfull this dream it ensures that I stay stuck in 'Wonderland' or a false, controlled environment.

More than anything else I knew as far as dirt on people or even being a survivor of programming and wanting to get therapy to assist once I recalled memories- more than anything else MY ATTEMPTING TO LEAVE A FALSELY CREATED ENVIRONMENT AND EXPLORE THE WORLD ON A VERY REALISTIC LEVEL SEEMED THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE SYSTEM. And since causing much brain damage and damaging my ability to trust people I doubt if I could ever really experience that fully now.

Do the best you can in 'Wonderland' becuz they are not letting us out. Something about you, I and everyone else targeted requires we be kept in these virtual prisons for life. That is the reality, but you can win by controlling the flow of content.
Good Luck to YOU Mike.


  1. Actually, the middle class couldn't afford to pay their way out of this, either. And certain types of wealthy can't either, as most of their money worth is actually the sum of their investments, not actual pocket money. They'd have to sell of some of their stocks to pay someone off. Now organized crime types, like wealthy drug dealers, now those are the types with lots of pocket money.

    And I can't say anything bad about our little perps, as I receive direct harassment to compensate for whatever I am saying about the little dears. Can you imagine what some of these perps look like? Probably look like shapeless sticks, or those sleazy types that put Quaker State in their hair, like Eddie the Hand. Real sleazy cowardly types, who would get slaughtered in a fight. I have challenged one of my unseen perps running the show to such a scrum. Sadly, he said he is too cowardly to meet me in person. I figured. At least he's honest. Maybe he is controlled by someone, or it could be a mind game played some agency. Who knows. I know one thing: they are angry that they are not attractive, can get any drug illegally that normal law abiding folks actually require a prescription to get, and they are determined to unleash all that anger on us targets, projecting all of their ills and flaws onto us. Remember those sheeple you see going along with the Eddie the Hand's of the world are free to have any flaws they choose; only we are supposed to be perfect. Those sheeple, it doesn't matter what flaws they have. After all, they have some weasley looking asshole with lots of connections protecting them. It's like, yay, I'm being protected by some scrawny little predator who weighs 120 pounds and rapes little boys up the ass. Who cares if he looks like a weasel with 4 missing teeth replaced by gold teeth, we are so indestructible and are never going to get caught.

  2. I'd like to think we would be on Mars or other planets. There were enough wealthy people to pay for the necessary R and D. Sadly, all the money went towards the selfish ends of spying on the enemy, surveillance, remote neural monitoring, and certain experiments funded by the govt. Speaking of Kennedy, he actually had the stones to push for human space exploration. Why have that, when you could have assholes funneling all the money on Star Wars, and spying on the enemy oops I mean domestic citizens and just turning our planet into a stinking rotting cesspool of filth and trash littering the streets (gangstalking perps).

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