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Thursday, July 15, 2010

And please dont be stupid enough to ask why I didnt disclose any of the documentation before now.
Welcome to the reality of organized stalking and harassment being used to silence victim witnesses. It works obviously. If it didnt work they wouldnt guard the reality of its existence so vigilantly.
And they wouldnt use it unless it worked.

I couldnt. I was either harassed to hard, often focusing on just barely surviving, and sometimes just doubting my own story or sanity. BRAINWASHING VIA TORTURE WORKS. Its always worked.
The public just isnt familiar with the fact that it can now be done utilizing public spaces and technology and this is often the case in democratic countries like the USA where public outcry would prevent such action against innocent American citizens. Maybe.

Also the ONLY reason that I have that documentation is that I listened to my inner guidance system- that intuition that keeps people like me safe, that the bastards jam so well when you're targeted. I got the idea to send that paper work to myself and I did. Its been sitting in a mailbox for YEARS and I didnt even know what it was, I thought it was a manuscript the first part of my book-which I actually CANT find now but its ok I have this instead. I thought everything got destroyed in St Louis where I was TARGETED SO HARD that I ripped up alot of research and paper work. I also did that with some relevant paperwork here in Boston before I left. This system has a way of making you feel so damn bad that you give up and interestingly that includes ripping up EVIDENCE.

I dont know who or what that 'guidance system' is- but it tells you when not to go down a street, when to leave and when to robotically send documents to yourself due to it seeming to KNOW that you will rip them up later. Amazing.

If this is the military testing a system that keeps soldiers safe on missions or battle field with either amplified psychic communication or induced psychic communication or the use of strictly tech like implants then it works. But the stress is waaayy to much for it to be worth it.

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