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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Theory on motive for my being a Targeted Individual

My mother is a documented radiation experimentee. In the 50's at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland USA she was given radium suppositories as well as other 'treatments' for tonsillitis. They shrunk but grew back and had to be removed surgically.

She and I are the only two women in our families to share the autoimmune disease endometriosis. Mine has been chronic/severe from age 16, which is unusual.Multiple surgeries were done as only later I understood there is no cure.
In later years my mother began having typical radiation related issues like thyroid problems.

After speaking to the Dept of Energy in early 90's and doing ground work she found her records just as they were to be destroyed. She was then intimidated out of not testifying or partaking in the class action lawsuit.
I began to notice circumstances that I now realize are organized stalking and harassment that were overt in nature around 1995.

Later in 2003 during the anti terror years and war in the US during Bush's presidency the harassment and stalking became very overt, aggressive and "24/7". The cover story on me is a great smear campaign consisting of sex, money laundering, abuse of power and my infidelity. There was a federal investigation of friends of my associates. Being career criminals my associates went along but tried to warn me that something was going on around 2004 or so. My ex and some local rich brats tried to frame me for drugs he was involved with. If the FBI weren't corrupt and assisting then they must have been yawning the whole time at how predictable the local corruption was. I was harassed during this time mostly to get me to believe that I was of interest to the feds. I read this is a common tactic to get rid of survivors of MK Ultra and related projects. After the person turns informant due to being covertly harassed they are then killed and the excuse is that they were killed for ratting. I took a strong stance of no subpoena then no contact. I wouldn't cooperate with any authority that conducted itself in this manner anyway. There were plenty of people who knew more than I did and targeting me made little sense within the context of the cover story.
During that time around 2003 there were many illegal home entries into my apartment. I even had one on tape but the oddest thing happened with my cheap digital camera: up on my setting it down and having it on, it switched to many times (X) magnafication and the person entering the door could not be indentified but there was something there and one could hear the entry.
In 2003 my kitchen area was water damaged by a radiator against the hallway wall upstairs floor and then a year later the main water pipe for heat in my living room somehow leaked alot of water under my couch and I wasnt aware of it for a month or so. The company refuse to fix it, and with much harassment going on and difficulty I pushed for testing and got medical results for my health as well. I was pushed into signing off. I had to go to the Dept of Environmental Health a state agency where someone pushed to do the right thing and it finally got tested in 2006 or so. I should have lived in a shelter during this time but didnt think of it or was stressed out to not realize doing that. I was being so intimidated that I could not function like a reasonable person.">
I retain permanent damage from staying in this apartment.

The life long milder version of gang stalking I had always experienced turning overt in 1995 then exploding in 2003 seemed connected to my mother's family and her life long 'bad luck'. My father was allegedly labeled mentally ill years ago for making constant claims concerning a secret govt project involving the military, the CIA and my mother's family. Years after hearing that,with all the events that have come to pass in this way..when you reassess his claims with this new information: How is he wrong? He's not.
My mother has a history of revealing things and then forgetting she said them. It may have been one of those moments she revealed to him her suspicions or he found out some other way. I suspect he is a target as well to discredit his claims. There was no internet back then so he couldn't very well do as I am doing with activism.

Whats interesting about the mold exposure above is that LSD was a staple of human experimentation in many countries around the world at that time in history. Within MK Ultra its shown to be a key part of the formula to 'wipe' the human mind or regress someone back to a childlike state. I often like to consider in my theory that the damage was on purpose and it would have driven me out onto the street again as they refused to fix the mold and make it habitable or if I did stay the desired effects would be exposure to fungi. Most people know that LSD is synthesized from mold. Also for any doubters of the chemical warfare value of everyday substances, in WW1 mustard gas was used as well as combining bleach with ammonia and putting that in shells to drop on the enemy as it forms a noxious substance. The US military has synthesized molds into an agent called Yellow Rain:

Its highly suspected by many survivors of experimentation and mind control projects that these projects were continued privately by corporations or as classified by a govt entity. Its very possible that private contractors could continue with this or even a foreign nation. If it supposedly doesnt exist then its not under the Genova convention. With what little I have seen concerning law, conditions may allow such actions to be taken legally. What the public cant protest or vote on they cant change so its in thier best interest to remain covert and discredit whistle blowers. Some factions of the public may validate the existence of these projects as progress for humanity or the good of the USA and its future, to them one or two expendable people is just part of doing business.

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