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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FBI corruption/ACORN/ targeting the innocent
What a joke. Too say that THIS is the worst corruption the FBI was ever caught doing. Again COINTELPRO is seperated so that it always sounds like conspiracy theory. By the way gang stalking creates extremists by torturing people beyond the limits of any kind of decency. And much of what goes on in targeting a TI could only be done by a system only the feds seem to have that is used to catch criminals internationally.

The FBI has shown it cant be trusted in the past with that lunatic bitchy cross dresser Hoover (I swear he targeted female activists within civil rights becuz they just looked better in a dress and accessories than he ever would). Any organization that would allow someone like that to take control and use it for what it was used for cannot be trusted. Much of our history with screw ups like that is mistakenly put into the past as if its not an extension of what goes on in todays corruption or that it could never happen again.

I have read that the feds regularly have infiltrators posing as extremists. And by the description they behave an awful lot like the bullshitters on the conference calls in the TI community.

I have also read that they are deeply into some weirder things, like preventing the coming of any messiahs...real extremism and craziness like that.

And as far as 'corruption' goes 9-11 would never have been possible or at least passable by the public without the cover up of info from these bastards. If you live in Boston and had any access at all as well as a brain you could see it at the time. Between NY and Boston.

Also, I will never forgive or forget a phone call I made in then govenor Romney's homestate to the FBI as a Target just to see what they would say as many TI's seem to call and get stonewalled or baited. Firstly a woman claimed that they had never had a call like this before which doesnt sound too professional. Then she tried to trip me up with "So who exactly is stalking you" and I said "I didnt say it was me did I?" I have this ability to get people in criminal justice to eventually do thier jobs. After some running around each other she must have realized I had a brain and when I asked her finally if there was any help for such a thing she said "NOPE". It was very unprofessional and it was said in a kurt and that way that arrogant authority talks to children. NnoPe! A strong sticking to the N and a harsh P popping at the end. But under it for a millisecond you could hear that she..she was trying to tell me honestly that there was no way out of this corruption. When law enforcement people realize you not only have a brain but they know you are innocent anyway to begin with its pretty hard for them to NOT be what they are supposed to be in the system. Whatever is in thier DNA or programming (yes I suspect many are programmed) that has sent them to this kind of job, within it there is something left of the original truth within themselves.
I believe over the past many years the system has only gotten better at covering up corruption and pulling it off. Its not the 70's or 80's anymore where people can just let it all hang out. A police state had to be created to cover for all that is going on now and that includes making the public feel guilty about everything all the time and letting them know they are being watched and controlled constantly.

All while THEY still f*ck up in the interest of big business, money, power politics. The story never changes but the problem nowadays is that cover ups are supposed to not exist. You can get into big trouble nowadays for even questioning authority. Its total bullshit so they have to have scapegoats and victimize people its thier only way out. The public isnt stupid anymore and have computers and vid cams of their own. Imagine what we, the people, could do with that capability if not managed?
The powers that be felt probably that they had to pull things off like this recently.

And power usually demands scape goats anyway. I often wonder if like the man convicted in the story I too am being framed and if the FBI is not partially responsible. It may be the human experimentation from my mothers situation that is the main cause of all this as I suspect sub projects go deeper than is documented but I also have to consider how corrupt Boston is and how much Julie is worth to all those important abusive old men she has mega dirt on.

My situation is so complicated. For all I know the Feds tried to come after me and some other faction kicked their ass and told them to get off it as I am worth something for being an experimentee. I dont understand who the factions are or who is responsible for what but I know that many people have told me the local police tried to get cute in f*cking with me and were handed thier asses by people way scarier than them. That they tried to interfere where they didnt have authority to do so and one person simply said "It never should have happened to begin with". Then the same person would always claim gang stalking doesnt of course hes the guy who knows much more than hes telling. If he professes gs doesnt exist then he must be knowledgeable about the subject to begin with the deccide it doesnt exist. One of the blacks associated with that kids school in Kenmore that I am very suspect was built by the Bloods as backers. Its a great money laundering scheme..whos going to argue with a school for well to do handicapped black children. Ahh to see them grow into the sneaky scum that the Jews had perfected thousands of years ago, the WASPs are expert and artistic and stealth at being and the Italian and Irish mob have pulled off thier piece of the American pie in the 40's and 20's respectfully. Isnt it sweet? Blacks finally cannot be trusted not for being poor criminals but for being an oppressive power structure.

Getting mild harassment at my squat, alot of drive by beeping. Stuff that was used years ago here and they still try it. This is why moving around and documenting different local styles is helpful. You will find they often dont change yet you, the TI have.

The best part about me suspecting some FBI involvement would be the cover story that perhaps they are trying to get me to confess what I know about my old associates when in fact its connected to programming and destroying that moreso in the process. Also, they know damn well they have alot more knowledgeable people than I. If I am targeted under that pretense. some sort of 'we hate her becuz she wont testify' so torture is just desserts, its the perfect bs story to cover for a behavior modification program probably more closely related to whoever is behind programming expendables. And I am not going to make claim to knowing who that is.

I just never considered the FBI to be a threat. They dont even register within me as...anything really. Its like there is no connection between them and I at all. They simply never mattered before and still dont. I know that they could never be able to program people the way that other factions could. I knew that they were being used to intimidate me, like people asking stupid questions "So Rachel what are you doing in Freemont (CA)? Running from the FBI?" No you old lech, I am here for free chicken due to the fact I am targeted out of my own life. And thanks for the tip off, you idiot, now I can count the Feds into the picture of what the hell is going on. Also by the way...I do what my internal programming does. At that point I didnt even think for myself I just acted according to all the internal codes meant to protect me in the event of something like this.

But mind you, after that incident as well as guys in suits with dark glasses in sedans waving to me while blocking off a driveway in my path as well as that phone call I mentioned, the FBI became very interesting to me. I found that much of the way TI's are harassed is not possible without tech and systems of survaillence they are known to have and to use to track criminals in and out of the USA.

My eye will always be on them as it has been from that time period. With how screwed up 9-11 was and the feds supposedly helping to cover info I am sure they needed diversions or excuses.

I live in a tent outside wherever I go. I have damaged health and spiritually I worry about my soul after death- that is how damaging gang stalking is. I am worried about what will happen after I die not becuz of anything I did but becuz of what the gs system has done to me. I am a victim of severe inhuman torture, nobody cares and my family as well as career criminals like Julie and rich kid assholes like Jake are all now carrying on thier lives of crime undisturbed. Julie still works and I was told that Jake was allowed to still deal pot via Scott but who knows if he was lying.

You think I have any respect at all for ANY faction of law enforcement? Hmph maybe if I see them covertly assisting but other than that everyone is pretty much scum to me now.

And I am tired of still the effort to destroy me or make me suicide by still acting like I deserve this. No one deserves this. If anyone was innocent in all this it was me.

I am actually held accountable regularly for things I said in my apartment, even to myself or things I did in my private life. This is a total destruction of someone for purposes of behavior modification only to protect criminals. I had a right to figure my own life out and be angry privately while trying to grow. I also had a right to my private life being a mess becuz I had been trying to change that for years...not surprisingly no one would offer any real assistance and when I was really trying the system targeted me more heavily and then exposed my private life to validate its actions when in reality it was due to me trying to clean up my life that I was targeted.

You should have seen the reaction I got when I said I wanted to get hypnotized. This one psychologist from Russia totally manipulated me out of that. Everyone was terrified at me getting into those memories before the age of 6.

One woman who had been active in the civil rights movement an older black lady, must have had some real fight left in her, becuz she basically let me know that I was ultimately being targeted due to starting to recognize people from the 70' a diplomat for instance. THAT is what got me nailed. But I am sure its everything else that was in there waiting to be discovered.

And I dont trust that the feds dont help these bastards either. I find it hard to believe that they are that stupid that they would target ME for some drug or money laundering bullshit involving Douglas Bannerman and his crowd which included my old associates, or even some drug bs including Jake who may have worked with crooked cops and some lawyers I was told locally to conspire to frame me. Its a joke. They must have known and just played along to do what they do best.

Protect the real criminals that you will never see go before a court or a judge.
Screw the feds and the USA as well. Its no surprise that people from overtly corrupt countries give me money very quickly when I am panhandling. Becuz they know what can happen especially to women. Americans are too stupid, brainwashed and scared to offend the hand that feeds.

My mother played her usual power games by gas lighting me. She said in the middle of all this that "No one trusts beautiful women. They think they are up to something". So this just reeks of her total jealousy of me which many people had commented on over the years anyway. Why does society hand this bitch the means to win over me every time? Its like they totally validate her life long abuse of me. Either that or she is mildly good at conning people or finds people with an history of child abuse like herself that will get in on the abuse with her.
It also shows that I was easily framed due to the way I look not the facts involved.

I want every head to roll over time. I want the blood of all these people. Every person, every cop. every agent every asshole ESPECIALLY anyone who helps that bitch mother of mine. THEY especially I would like to see burn right in front of my eyes.

You would not believe how many abusive f*cks out there would totally abandon justice in order to mob or abuse someone like me and get away with it. My mother actually pimped me out yet again which is no surprise. There are many people who act out thier pedophile urges or abuse of women urges and will do so especially when the parent is involved in offering up the kid for abuse. The perception is that no one will have to pay for what they did.

So NOW do you believe in pedophile groups, Ritual Abuse, abuse groups or even mobbing as organized bullying? The people I dealt with that acted totally irresponsible on this were police, feds, people from all walks of life, people employed by city govt. Its as if there are people who are totally evil and you would never know it if your life was normal from daily interaction in the day to day world. I cannot believe how many people are in on this or how much they support total injustice for people like cops or criminals or scum like my mother and her family.
They all are depending on just saying I am mentally ill as away to get out of what they have done. Its amazing to me how society's compliance is all inclusive. They seem totally dedicated to whatever it is that puts us through being destroyed by gang stalking.

The public wont accept it but believe that society is riddled with either awareness of these groups and activities or they are in on assisting. Look at the recent video of ACORN telling under covers how to run an underage prostitution ring with foreign girls. That is two strikes against them. Its the support of white slavery outright. (Even though I am low income I never get decent help from any agency like this that was supposed to be helpful. Also in this realm whenever you see the word "Families" you might as well not bother becuz their attitude is that you might as well sell your ass if you are a single female becuz their hearts bleed for families not single people. This is another tactic that was used by that very suspect kids school in Kenmore Sq where I kept getting harassed by blacks. But the old black man Joe was welcome to pan handle anytime. They put up this obnoxious sign that stated not to give money to panhandlers but to give to "Boston Family Shelter"...never heard of the place. Becuz I dont have children I couldnt stay there anyway. But as we notice using kids and family content is a great diversion from racism, classism and your possible connections to upwardly mobile street gangs. Oh, to be fair ABCD the agency that screwed me by being no help at all, a white woman there actually gave me a map of the cell towers on top of my roof at 335 Washington St owned by Nextel. This was done by her shoving it in between a bunch of housing papers. NOW do you still think that these weapons are not used domestically to destroy anyone who gets in the way of anyone with connections and enough money?)
And the public will think this video is an isolated incident. (This explains why I get harassed in shelters and so many people who were supposed to help from the low income/housing field were in on gas lighting me and made a point to NOT help me.No the answer is not cold hearted conservatism but you have to understand that Liberals are not for everyone. They too make scapegoats and sacrifices so that thier party can get thier way for justice for whomever they consider most in need. More 'justice for some.' And Boston is full of that element and that attitude. I cannot wait to expose them along with everyone else and make them pay blood.)
I dont have a problem with the sex industry but get some damn class. I have a big problem with it being associated with a social service agency. The outside world is going to forgive this and think that everyone in the ghetto has to do sex work to survive and this is normal. Its not normal for it to be coming out of a social service agency...that is ghetto culture for you though not all poverty. The problem with this is that now there is a link to organized crime and these people are totally compromised say, if someone targeted by the sex industry goes to them for help in going straight and not wanting to work. THAT is the problem. The ghetto is not interested in going straight its interested in being greedy and being as corrupt as anyone else to 'get thiers' white WASP Republicans for instance or the military.
And dont get all messed up with the ho and the pimp being white...the blacks involved were seeing dollars when they saw this white girl believe me....note all the attempts to get them in with THIER connections. Duh.) What amazed me is how many of the offices were hit by this film maker. It wasnt just one. The assholes in this vid are one of the main reasons I cant stay in shelters or get housed with assistance and I sleep in a tent.

The fact that so many law enforcement types are willing to abuse an innocent woman who has no resources is enough to tell you these people are not what they seem. There is something wrong with that severely. I might be able to understand it in part if I knew what I was doing the whole time but the fact that I was totally naive makes thier behavior inexcusable. (The only thing I can think of is that I made a tape of some conversation with certain people just to add to my journals, just to add to my understanding of how miserable my life was. And it was part of the self therapy of transition due to THE SYSTEM REFUSING TO ASSIST ME WITH DECENT THERAPY AND TREATMENT. I wanted myself to see how enslaved I was to this bitch and how miserable my life was having to deal with all this bullshit all the time. I had done this with my mother as well. Even today one of my main ways of keeping track of what I may be terrorized into forgetting is through video or audio. This is how mind controlled slaves are.
All I can think of is that someone going through my apartment found that tape and becuz my old associate thinks she is the center of the universe and becuz she has so much dirt on important people as well as cops paid off, perhaps all these paranoid idiots thought I was going to rat or try something along those lines.

Ahh but I am insulted at being underestimated. You have seen how f*ckin smart I can be in your attempts to destroy me and entrap me. You also see how single minded I am. And lets not forget what I rarely focus on but always keep in mind what kind of families I come from...on both sides.
Let me tell you stupid f*ckers something. If I had chosen a life of crime I never would have been caught. Also if I truly wanted to destroy my old friend, if I truly wanted to plot against that you honestly think I would have been so sloppy and stupid and careless about it? Being programmed I pretty much know how to do severe damage, walk away with a smile as if I did nothing. I simply always chose not to abuse it. Pegging me as dangerous is a bunch of cocksuckers with very guilty conshunces or its people knowing full well that if a programmed person if pushed and bullied enough they will go postal. I am smarter than you, I am better than you and I will do neither. Programmed people are designed, like K9's to not harm innocent and stupid humans, though they may deserve it..and at this point its more than they deserve to NOT be blown away in numbers..or specific people or depts or precincts I can think of. 14 was in the news again for thier typical harassment and oppression of the poor. Brighton sucks and should be flooded and sent straight to hell for how f*cked up they are.)

Lets just say that its worse than you think or you will ever have to experience. But always be aware that the smiling face in front of you might turn on you if one day they find you know too much or you are inconvenient in some other way.

My case is especially amazing due to the fact I never knowingly went against the system to begin with. The treatment I received was so over the top and so outrageous that this can only be a country full of total cowards. Why would such a huge number of people be so vicious to one woman who is innocent and has no money or resources? The people involved must be using the person to make a name for themselves or to scare others as using that person for example.

Now its time for all targeted people to make example of this system and the corrupt c*cksuckers who populate it. Write your own book and tell the world how you ended up destitute. Write your own blog and let everyone know in a play by play what goes on. If more TI's wrote books then the fake TI's wouldnt be able to infiltrate. Their stories never wash as thier actions dont either.

Oh one more for the road.

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