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Monday, July 5, 2010

Ironically as I end this blog, I have found what might be the most important link to its existence

The following link may not change anything for those of us targeted. There is an elite out there in the military, the intelligence factions and other areas that are obviously not concerned with human rights or human life just getting results. Many of us are expendable in these experiments or research programs.

Many of us already knew what they were up to just by living it. Often there is alot of daily remote viewing involved even if many TI's dont talk of it. I often can get a quick flash of whoever is on the other side and from many different cultures around the world. This of course has resulted in years of torture and will eventually along with everything else that was done will result in my early death if not madness. I get the impression that these bastards are so damn greedy that they would have a TI kill themselves so that they can see what that is like first hand has well.

For many of us this link comes far too late to do us any good or give us any comfort. But leave it to India to tell it outright, tell of the spiritual angle involved and also to call it on it being unethical for human life. They havent lost it all to money....yet. Hopefully their ancient indigenous culture is too rooted in the land beneath thier feet as well as has to many angles for Western civilization to grasp to destroy.

Here is the link:
"Science is breaking into a realm where achievements can soon look like curse. As the new contemporary Physics hovers around higher dimension where Quantum Physics fails, a new set of research is taking place all over the world to understand how human and other living beings communicate without any medium.

Scientists have started understanding that plants and animals communicate between each other through a strange medium that makes the entire living species share a common goal.

What is astounding is the fact that telepathy exists between different species and plants in the subconscious levels. We may not realize but our subconscious mind is communicating at different frequencies with different other beings, plants, animals and even other humans or extraterrestrials.

Taking clue from the above phenomenon, some defense scientists all around the world are experimenting to influence and dominate beings through subconscious programming.

Programming is really an instruction set. It can be to let a microprocessor know what to do. It can also be to a let a mind know what to do. In China recently scientists have inserted a microprocessor in the brain of mouse to remotely control the mouse. The remote device can make a mouse move right or left and so on. The experiment is not what we are talking about. It probably is crude way of torturing the brain to make it obey certain instructions.

But the actual classified research for defense purpose involves domination and influencing the subconscious part of the brain without causing any pain or lack of comfort to the brain. As a matter of the techniques may not even let one know that they are being influenced.

Scientists are focusing on spatial structures in higher dimensions that easily open the gate in the human brain. Brain sends electromagnetic energy though a dimension still unknown to us. That is how healers create miracles. That is how prayers and positive thinking can also influence outcome in this Universe. The energy emission through brain is powerful. Scientists are experimenting if the brain can receive energy signals through the subconscious mind using the same methodologies.

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It doesnt help knowing that I was right. It doesnt change anything or return to me my future. It does however validate what I suspected. There was also an article that was disturbing on how the CIA had not yet been able to break some code having to do with the DaVinci code or similar content.
Its obvious that those f*ckers are trying to break into 'heaven' or what is considered by humans God's domain via the geometry and math of Masonry etc. I knew it was another Tower of Babel and it seems I was right.

What is frightening is the trend towards getting rid of such archetecture, symbols etc within cities and not only destroying them but replacing them with buildings that eminatge being souless or dont eminate anything at all.

Would YOU trust the afore mentioned parties to hold the Grail in thier hands? I wouldnt. None of these bastards has a very good track record on human rights. Even Seth's people should be offended at how brazen this is..if it werent for that juicy promise of enslaving mankind.

So this blog winds down with me feeling very validated yet helpless to fix my situation. At least once and for all we know none of us TI's were imagining things. But Americans are such prisoners of the culture. They wont read this article, nor understand it and we will all still suffer having to live with the ignorant view that we are mentally ill. If it wasnt for my having dirt on criminals I would have probably been labeled outright a long time ago. My circumstances are so suspect with that federal investigation and how greedy my mother is that it raises questions that no one wants asked so they leave me the fuck alone and the public believe I was screwed by rich connected assholes.
THIS story I dont think they would believe and if they did it would drive them mad. They would probably sheepishly go along with it anyway. One thing about the Christians is that they would disagree with this based on it being thier God's domain.
OK they hate on gays and that sucks least they also disapprove of idiot scientists playing god in thier labs like children. Its amazing to me that people think they have the right to do this just becuz they have the means.


  1. Now that is starting to make a lot of sense. There is the connection right there: look at how many intelligent and talented people who also have those extra-dimensional thinking capabilities, like you pointed out, to "see" or "sense" when people are looking at you. That is part of trying to break into the Gates of Heaven, that they are trying to see how those aforementioned types think. Like your mom said, she wanted to see how your mind works. It seems like she was being controlled when she said that, as though she were channeling the experimenter perps' sentiments.

    Some of these gangstalkers, when I see them, I can also feel their dark/malevolent energy coming from them, like there's something I don't like. I start to feel uncomfortable, like those have said how they can "feel" when a thunderstorm is about to approach, that's how I feel when some of these "darkies" approach. I've kind of wondered if that was the idea: to have those types of dark energy (who appear to radiate evil) gangstalk me, while monitoring my sixth sense to see how my circuits and bio functions are detecting their evilness.

    Also, they do play mind games with respect to the TI's abilities to perceive the future. They've been conveying to me in various forms that they can really tell what I will be experiencing in the near future. For this to work, one has to have the ability to perceive the near future in the first place. And then, they have to tap in to the correct circuits/bio functions that allows one to perceive the future. They've done this thing where they can tell what my eyes will be seeing hours in the future. They when I look at the scenery around me, I realize that they could already "see" it in the past.

    Of course, they have shown me in various forms that they have recorded scenes from my dreams. Like, there is this building with windows that look a certain way, and then, I'll see a person posing next to this picture somewhere, like on a myspace page or whatever. That goes on a lot with me. They must be recording my images (both awake and dreams), and channeling this info to people who are blackmailed or conned into going along with this.

  2. I feel validated by that article too. But not helpless. However, I got away from them long enough to develop my psi abilities. It's hard to stay grounded but damn when you tap into this shit you realize what the perps fear most: an empowered psychic.

    The impression I get when I remote view your perps is they are far less organized now compared to when your journey started. I don't even think they read your blogs as closely as they would have a few years ago. You must realize the baton has been pased a few times in regards to you, that's a strong impression I get and the perps aren't that INVESTED anymore. They think they have won (psychos and narcissists always think they outsmart everyone). It's not as intense now, they are TIRED, you need to know that and I hope it comforts you (and I won't blame you if you don't publish this comment. Sometimes stating these kinds of facts RILES them up a bit, it's your call as I don't want to stir that hornets nest).

    YOu'll get your work done. That's all I can say.

    Your perps are pathetic actually and NOT from the 3 letter agencies....I totally sense more of a corporate vibe (but nevertheless they are always in cahoots with the fed goons).

    You have the ability to fuck them up with your psi abilities and it's 100% self defense and I highly recommend it (again, don't announce it before you do it). My abilities are the reason I'm so free (yes, there is still remote influence. I struggle some days, but mostly I have too much strength to let it in).

    When you really wake up and realize what is going on behind the scenes (and I mean behind this physical reality) so much more of your life will make sense. This system and it's true nature will start to make sense and I guarantee you have nothing to worry about on the soul level. Your perps are the ones who won't have enough self awareness or voltage to make it in the "spirit world".

    And what the fuck "matters" more, the spiritual or the physical?

    Cause these materialistic PHONIES do not have souls, they sold them. They are living on BORROWED ENERGY from souled people like ourselves due to the fact that they abdicated their spiritual connection (to various degrees) in order to have physical comfort (and much of the time they don't even get it).

    It's that simple and it explains why they support the parasitic system that not only feeds them, but feeds off them too (even in their low voltage state most of the public is still just "food" for the top of this PYRAMID SCHEME).