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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dirty cops Boston/ the Spotlight God


Well at least now its more obvious why people go along with corruption and if you're involved the methods to make you cooperate even in murder or ruining an innocent person's life.

"Officer Roberto Pulido boasted that he knew how to test the loyalty of officers he was recruiting to help protect cocaine shipments being trucked through Boston: threaten their children....
"In a conversation secretly recorded by the FBI on May 24 and played by prosecutors during a bail hearing yesterday in federal court, Pulido said he approached three officers about helping him guard drug shipments and told them, ``You're my family, but as family does, family sticks to their own."

He said he warned them, ``If something goes bad and they're at fault, somebody is going to pay, either with their life or their children's lives, and as soon as they hear that, they're like, OK -- they back off. The only ones that step forward are the ones that I trust."

I looked up the police chiefs and reports from around the time I was heavily targeted at my apartment in Brighton, the biggest perpatrators of harassment were Brookline, Cambridge mostly Harvard U police and of course Boston. Also heavily involved were cabs most notably from Boston. It looks like they were getting a good amoung of grant money from Homeland. It was mostly to deal with anti terror but still govt funding as well as recieving hard to get grants, awards, etc seems to be part of the reward system involved in covert warfare campaigns.

What is so creepy about this old news article is how much support they had from people within the public- the community-
"Defene lawyers, backed by a courtroom filled with supportive relatives and friends of the officers, argued that Pulido and Pizarro were decorated officers and longtime Boston residents who deserve to be free while defending themselves against bogus charges."
Longtime Boston residents. That is typical of the train of thought here. Its not WHAT you do to people its WHO you do it too. You can be a total f*ck up here and as long as you are tight with the community it doesnt matter what you've done. Conversely if you are basically innocent or not a player you can be destroyed anyway due to not being buddy buddy with 'the community'.
I still cant figure out how much was local bs to do with me and how much was from higher up sources having to do with the radiation experimentation. I cant really tell. It could be that locals tried to get cute and the higher system decided to protect one of its programmed assets. Sometimes I wonder if its the other way round, such as the people connected to programming came after me, it was that time, and local forces who knew me for years decided to step in.

Pine St Inn was full of idiot informants trying to mislead me into doing stupid things to get myself screwed during this sensitive time period. But also you've got people in there mentioning or dropping comment pertaining to lawyers and citizens going behind closed doors and plotting against me as part of thier deal with the citizens who were in trouble. Someone actually mentioned that. Also it sticks with me the comment that its different when the govt does campaigns agaisnt people compared to "social groups". The off thing about that comment is what kind of mere social group has access to technologies that advanced? No govt entity would allow mere social groups to have such access- they would then be considered terrorists. Unless its a 'social group' consisting of the extremely wealthy or thier kids, and connected to something like DOD contracting. I suppose its logical that the makers of the tech or non lethal weapons could use them for private purposes, especailly if we are talking about private corporation's people. But that comment about 'social groups' could be disinfo to cover for contracted mercenary outfits performing torture domestically just as they are documented to have been hired to do in foriegn countries, hired by military.

Locally there was something going on with Jake my ex who got busted, his little buddies in NA and Julie, the career criminal. Like local forces protecting them and trying to destroy me or utilize me for diversion. It could however have come from higher sources that offered that the investigation would go much differently than it could if only local cooperation was given in regard to destroying me. Julie has so much dirt on very important and influencial men that her life and the lives of her children are definately always at risk, but at the same time her clients are always under her power due to what she knows about them.

What happened to me is the run of the mill treatment for the survivors of the human radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra and subprojects, as well as survivors of RA/programming. I dont think the local police have a fleet of white vans(Boston) or black helicopters (St Louis). The most ridiculous example was a helicopter flew so low near my hotel room window in Waltham that it was visible through the window. Is that even possible? And it was right when I was calling a Watertown detective to see if a friend who helped me out gotten sucked into this which he hadnt.

What pisses me off is all the excuses for the cover stories. Its all focusing on drugs, of which the article above illustrates. The entire mess was used as a perfect cover story for actions connected to MK Ultra human experimentation. What amazes me about all these things I have experienced is the timing. The really scary factions,the ones that seem to have endless resources and total access nationwide, they have perfect timing. They show up at key moments, things happen at key moments and the one question remains: how is it that they knew I would go through suicide programming at a certain time that the local federal investigations could be used to cover for what was really going on with me or to involve me in to attempt to frame me? I still do NOT understand why suicide programming was simply not allowed to just take its course, why was there interference to keep me alive, just to destroy me further? Its got to be that whoever did this wanted something and got it from me being kept alive past suicide programming time frame. I highly doubt if my apartment wasnt moldy or in the location it was in, that the suicide programming sequences would have even been activated. So why induce them? It may have been the only way to start a breakdown process, then MK Ultra methods of reformatting the person after breaking them down.
It might be along the modern thinking of 'bloodless warfare', the use of non lethal weapons and psy ops offer an alternative to killing or death. And at that timne as now there were behavior modification programs for suicide bombers being used on enemy factions. It always follows suit that the military tend to be fashoin victims. It always follows suit that certain factions involved in war tend to utilize domestically what they are doing in foreign countries, outright warzones or in wartime.

I know one thing- I did NOT deserve what I got living in Brighton. And so many people locally were involved, its unthinkable the way it was done. But then I am not a 'long time Boston resident' am I? I am not connected nor do I have anything of value to barter with, except first hand witness testimony against Jake and Julie and even my mother, but I am now discredited I am told due to footage of me acting crazy in public. Of course this is due to mold sickness and being terroized and traumatized over a period of time.

So thats it right? Its all over and everything is fine and good with everyone in the community. Its over and it was a long time ago and no one cares or remembers. Its such total bullsh*t that anyone involved in this get away with anything especially the way I was treated and given a "total railroad job" or railroaded as was said by a woman in St Loius of my situation, of course I never discussed it with her she just knew. Its a good description of what took place. I still dont know all of the attempted frame up but cant wait to hear one day, exactly what kind of nonsense they came up with.

Of course the whole con is to convince people I am lying to get out of trouble, like our friend the policeman in article above, who calls all those charges bogus and makes a claim he was trying to infiltrate the drug ring to bust it. Yet the difference between that kind of real career criminal and a person like myself is that THERE ARE DOCUMENTED FBI TAPES OF HIM ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT HIS CRIMES AND BRAGGING ABOUT IT. The public needs to stop wasting my time by trying to make me out to be this guy or anyone like him. You little bastards produce documentation just like the feds did on this guy and then accuse me. You done accuse me without that.

Also the insinuation over time that I did something to children or I am a pedophile needs to be clean up as well. Jake attempting a sloppy frame up cuz he's a rich kid, one of Julie's former clients as well as his dad was the head of the teacher's union is NOT evidence. Julie possibly claming I did something to her kid who I babysat is NOT evidence. You want to solve that mystery then ask her why he screams when you try to change his diapers as if its scary for him. Ask her what went on in that ghetto daycare center she had him in. Any reasonable person would become a nervous wreck having to deal with her for years and living with her is a nightmare. But her kids are off limits in all battles, becuz I HAVE MORE MORALS THAN A BOSTON POLICEMAN, SEE ARTICLE ABOVE.

The public know that this is all bs and its the same pieces of shit that stuffed that courtroom protecting guilty pieces of garbage that would destroy a person like me instead.

By the way Jake showing me a slightly offensive Japanimation porn graphic novel featuring girls drawn to look way underage, and me not freaking out on him due to not quite knowing how to deal with it in the moment (DUE TO THE FACT HE HAD NEVER HAD SUCH MATERIALS IN HIS POSSESSION BEFORE THEN IN THE 4 YEARS I WENT OUT WITH HIM) does NOT make me a pedophile. It makes him a pawn of the system that seeks to destoy me as well as a real stupid idiot when it comes to a frame up. So that also indicates that somehow there was video being shot in his attic apartment of his parents house and who knows where else. That incident was mentioned to me as part of the attempt to frame me up as an extremely bad person BY A ALLEGED FELLOW TARGET ON ONE OF THE CONFERENCE CALLS OF THE TI COMMUNITY. He repeated it like it was a well known piece of footage, or common knowlege.

SO...am I to understand that methods used to solve crimes like phone tapping and hidden camera's are routinely used to frame up people being investigated? How self indulgent is that? Its the worst production I have ever seen. Someone out there thinks they got the ultimate talent at producing plays and controlling people's lives.

As long as the public believe that corruption peaks at a govt level with simple cover ups, money, power, sex or drugs or that local corruption is something totally seperate they will never have a full grasp of how far this goes. It seems that what I experienced was a connection to factions so powerful that all the rules go out the window. There are no parameters, rules, or ANY kind of respect for civil or human rights.
This goes way beyond some drug running cop. Those are new covered, exposed drama's that the truly depraved criminals can hide under or even use to lose someone in the shuffle on purpose.

The payoffs I saw consisted mostly of hard to get grants, much sought after artist's housing, protection from exposure, ease of opportunity in the media industry and--gag me: awards. I think that is the most tacky of all, giving out awards that are simply payment for compliance with a set up. Its probably the most laughable form of payment.

SO let me get this straight. Its not the crime that you do its actually inverse (big surprise)- its what you do to comply with the system that can either systematically ignore your crimes or put them on display depending on what its needs are. SO..then there is no such thing as justice and laws are meaningless. A victim is systematically ignored, the crimes of her perpetrators are not exposed as well as they are exalted. It seems like in reality, the world is simply controlled by a spotlight. It shines on you with either a positive or negative light, it keeps you blacked out in darkness, depending on what you can sacrifice to it.

SO that above article is just a mind game, a tinkering with the machine that actually operates at a much higher level. Its meaningless.

I heard that the mob guys involved in the lottery scams that used Joe Malone as a human sacrifice to take the heat for them retired to Florida basically untouched. And I know of many people who remain untouched while a few scapegoats are thrown out into the cold or paraded before the ever idiotic, naive public to make them believe some sort of justice exists.

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  1. Here we go, this smacks of perp assholedom, taking one bad reaction to a stupid drunk asshole and taking it all out of context:


    Of course, perps and informants are famous for such fuckery. He was probably pushed to the edge by some asshole harassing him and interrupting his show, and retaliated by using "fighting words". Of course, the perps targeting him are trying to make him out to be a racist.

    Haha, I actually like Michael Richards. I strongly disagree with the way he handled it, especially using N-words that the media can use against you. And then you get asshole black racists leveraging it to your advantage. I say Richards should've said to the guy, look, you want to interrupt me, let's go outside and who the real badass is.