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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting beat the sh*t out of here. It ends at 11 or 11:30 pm and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. Its almost as bad as St Louis. That is becuz I started working on a project for my expose involving documenting how media is used against a TI. The system became very civil to me as of starting this project but then the harassment got intensified- like inducing suicide very heavily.  I almost bought it today.  

I keep thinking I can beat Cambridge, Brookline and Boston. Brookline is just horrendous as its essentially a 'little Isreal' neighborhood.  The anti terror that can be abused there must be intense, and indeed it felt that way.

After much torture today into a depressive stupor I finally took a look at a ritual abuse website again.  THIS is what I need to be focusing on, even though it gets the most criticism. I realize now that every diversionary comment, insult or criticism was most likely to keep me feeling afraid to disclose this the main motivation for my harassment.  I need to become fully comfortable with that as it IS the main motive for the campaign.

(A group of kids with Yamaka's on walked by and one said 'suicide' very loudly in his conversation.  I looked to be sure and he was tall and skinny and his shorty was looking up at him smiling. I am more than 50 % sure it was a dig but not 100%. So for good measure [for potential measure] I shouted out "What? SUICIDE bomber?!" It went through him slightly and but it was mostly ignored.  I now officially distrust Jews. I used to have a warmth for them but the f*ck overs have been so overt and its just insulting. And I dont like the sound of my grandmother telling me to stay out of Cambridge and Brookline concerning GS. Anything Brookline IS Jewish.  It seems to mostly be  people like that who are into thier religion not just their culture as well as rich ones. Whatever they dislike about me or however I was a threat its on now.  Really this whole campaign shows how ugly they can be- that whole stereotype, I have gotten a full view of it.  I am not one to blame the Jews for world strife as I dont believe they deserve that much credit.  But thier way of operating so that their asses are covered, and they believing they are more clever than anyone else as well as untouchable makes them seem actually less powerful.  There is something in me that is familiar with Jewery and it just doesnt offend me that much. They have been around for so long that its hard to take them seriously as a threat still in this modern age. There are other factions who pull sneaky bs and gain dominance in world affairs, they are hardly the only ones. And if they need to be murderous to get over on an enemy that doesnt surprise me either.  

But what does intrigue me is this theory that keeps getting kicked around- of a grail, or a bloodline connection to the grail, and that grail possibly being a bloodline or even a person.  Forget the idea of Jesus becuz like aliens I dont deal with certain concepts.  

I am simply saying that the Jews may indeed have a history of ritual abuse for sacrificial purposes and that human sacrifice may just be murdered by RA or covert means. What did I ever do to them is the interesting question? 

I cant hate the Jews- its passe. Too many people hate on them anyway it would be redundant. I dont hate them I am smart enough however to distrust them, which is enough to survive.)

RA must remain my main focus. And its interesting that its the subject matter in all this thats the most discouraged for me to talk about or seek help for. Thats why they have to kick my ass so hard. I never had a therapist for this and my case also ties into documented human experimentation connected to MK Ultra as well as crime rings. 

Socially speaking GS is used to develop the NWO via 'divide and conquer'. 

So I must remember that its a ritual abuse and all those smirks are from cult members most likely or the general public is ignorant of RA.  

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Anonymous said...

"I now offically distrust Jews".

LOL Where in the fuck have you been whilst Goldman Sachs robbed your country blind?