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Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Human Experimentation in the US: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_experimentation_in_the_United_States

If you dont think that people would stoop to this just becuz its the 21st century you are mistaken.

And what hell is the CIA doing involved in such things? I thought they were just supposed to be about collecting and assimulating data or at best spies for intel gathering. Why do they need to actively do human experimentation? Its like questioning thier role in People's Temple. In the documentary the narrator specifically mentions that it was a dept of the agency involved, and
that was the same "dept" that was responsible for MK Ultra and similar kinds of projects. What exactly is thier role outside of data collection or spying. Why is it so active? And who really are they? It seems covert activity equals we rep the highest special interests as well as do as we please.


  1. I read that, too, that Jim Jones had some connections to the CIA, i.e. friends or associates. Probably they wanted this thing in Guyena, because it was so remote, there was little chance the people would make the "connection" if caught. Remember the senator that got gunned down before he could board the plane? Seems obvious those orders came from Jones, but who was controlling him?

  2. Another thing about 9/11, is that the whole tragedy thing with the loss of lives and the terror of it all. It sounds like it could be a mass traumatization, as 911 is the number people dial to get police or help when attacked. So when the caller dials the number, he or she remembers the whole big scary ordeal, and the traumatizing event that caused the person to call 911 in the first place gets associated with that mass murder scripted by Bin Laden.

    Also interesting that they keep it public that they can't find Bin Laden, that he's probably dead or in a cave somewhere, but they always seem to know where a target is at all times, with great precision.

    I'm not sure what's up with this Bin Laden bullshit, but I'm not buying a lot of this. Oh they can't find him? But they always seem to be able to find me, and I don't have the power and wealth (supposedly) of Bin Laden. You know something's a little out of place when they can't find a major terrorist mastermind, but they can sure keep tabs on a "nobody" like me with hardly any money. Something is wrong here.

    And what's up with all the beheadings? Remember the Al Quada videos of captives being beheaded, sometimes very slowly with dull instruments. I sure would not be surprised if those targets weren't somehow experimentee victims, sacrificed so the perps can monitor their mental and physical states as they were dying. Good job, perps, all those beheadings. Interesting that jounalists were frequent targets of those killings, and journalists are one of the major component of people going along with this, i.e., putting shit in their articles to condition and trigger targets. You can make the connection there: big time journalists are targeted themselves to go along with harassing the target. Again, I'm not Bin Laden, but somehow I'm being targeted to a slow death, and they can't find him.

  3. MKULTRA is needed to interrogate programmed agents.

    Also, I would imagine a lot of CIA field ops are programmed, sleepers, and/or deliberately MK'd so they can do the horrible things they're ordered to do.

    We've opened up a Pandora's Box with this TBMC and synthetic telepathy. I think there is an invisible battle between those who want to expose & stop these things, and those who want to make it all the "new normal" so that when it is exposed the reaction will be, that's old news or so what?.

    And there are those who know about the battle and want to position themselves to be on the right side no matter how things turn out.