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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SMFA Boston moved up in the world around same time as others involved in organized stalking,_Boston
"2000s expansion

In the mid-2000s, the museum embarked on a major renovation project. This includes the construction of a new wing for the arts of the Americas, redesigned and expanded education facilities, and extensive renovations of its European galleries, visitor services, and conservation facilities. This expansion will increase the size of the MFA by 28% with an additional 133,500 square feet (12,400 m2) of space.[4]

The new wing was designed in a restrained, contemporary style by the London architectural firm of Foster and Partners, under the directorship of Thomas T. Difraia. Groundbreaking for the addition took place in 2006; CBT Architects of Boston was the Architect of Record. In the process, the present garden courtyard will be transformed into a climate-controlled year-round glass enclosure. Landscape architects Gustafson Guthrie Nichol have redesigned the Huntington Avenue and Fenway entrances, gardens, access roads, and interior courtyards. The opening of the new wing is scheduled for late 2010. "

Around this approx time period many businesses and persons moved up in the world in this area that seemed to be involved in 'organized stalking and harassment' campaigns. MSFA, St Elizabeth's Hospital, WGBH's large new building in Brighton are just a few of the large business entities that seemed to get major renovations. Private citizens involved well gained opportunities it wasnt logical for them to gain under normal circumstances.

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